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Holly Holiday and the Christmas Forest

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This is a thoughtful,  lovely picture book that outlines a wonderful way to enjoy a beautiful natural tree for the holidays and still be entirely consistent with ecological values. It should be noted that the the tree may not thrive where it is placed without some additional care . This may be a long term project that could be more than most people want to do and still may not  be successful despite a person's  best efforts.  It is an idea more charming perhaps than practical in some circumstances. 

Still I really love the idea as well as the way it is expressed.  I also love the cookie recipe.
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What a cute story!! Holly loves everyone about Christmas and wants to keep the magic going all year. This is an easy read, perfect for the holiday season. The pictures are beautiful and add a lot to the story. Any young child would love this story!
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Cute story about Holly, who is concerned when she sees their old Christmas tree carried out to the trash. The following year, she convinces her parents to get a live Christmas tree. There is also a cookie recipe, and instructions on how to care for a live tree.
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A very cute Christmas story for children. A great length for bedtime stories. My children both really liked it! Would recommend.
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This book was so sweet! My six year old loved it. She smiled the entire time we were reading it and said that Holly was just like her. I do wish that the story had been a tiny bit longer. I don’t think that this is a story my girls will want to read over and over again, but I could see possibly reading it yearly during the holidays.
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Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for the eARC!

A cute story about how a young girl loves Christmas and does not want the Christmas magic to end. The author shows how you can reuse a  potted Christmas tree (by replanting it). Doing this over the years allows for Holly to visit her own forest.  This story had colorful yet simple pictures make the book inviting.
I also liked how at the end of the book, the author provides a recipe for cookies seen in the book, along with visual pictures on how to replant a tree. Great after reading connection activities for young children.
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Holly Holiday and the Christmas Forest is an adorable Christmas that you you enjoy reading with your children year after year! The illustrations are wonderful and whimsical. The story is fantastic! 
Thank you, Netgalley and the publisher for allowing me an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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This was a cute Christmas book that once again if my children were still young I would most definitely be reading it with them 😊

Holly Holiday is a little girl 🤶🏻 who loves Christmas and she especially loves the Christmas tree 🎄 Oh, how I can relate and can't every child! They seem to always be drawn to the magic of the tree with all of the colourful ornaments and lights.

Well, the day after Christmas Holly's parents are taking out the tree. Holly is distressed because they say it is dead. So Holly has an idea to use a live tree the following year. From this a Christmas forest grows.

It's a sweet story with a great message. The illustrations are beautiful and full of Christmas magic. The story even depicts a growing Holly over the years. The last pages are filled with a recipe for, Holly's Chocolate Chip cookies as well as instructions with illustrations on how to-plant-a-tree.

It's a lovely Christmas book that would make an excellent addition for any child during the holiday season.

I'd like to kindly thank NetGalley and Greenleaf Book Group for granting me access to this Advance Reader Copy.
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Holly Holiday and the Christmas Forest is a delightful story with many subtle lessons included.

Holly loves Christmas with all her heart. Most of all, she loves decorating the Christmas tree. When she realizes they have to throw out the tree on the day after Christmas, she is devastated. So using ingenuity and perseverance she devises a plan for the family to implement the next year.

They buy a live potted tree for their holiday season, then afterwards, they plant it in their meadow. We get to follow along with the joy the family receives by planting their very own Christmas forest.

The author also includes a delicious chocolate chip cookie recipe and the illustrator shows us the best way to plant the tree after the holiday season.

The words are written to be easily read by young readers. The illustrations are vibrant and tell a story of their own. I enjoyed seeing Holly grow through the years.

It’s never too early to begin introducing ecology and conservation to children. The story opens the path to many areas of discussion between adults and children.

Holly and the joy she finds in life and especially Christmas will delight many families for years.
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Holly Holiday and the Christmas Forest is an adorable picture book about spreading the 'magic' of Christmas. Holly doesn't like that her family throws out the Christmas tree after the holiday is over. So she gets the idea to decorate a potted tree and to replant it when Christmas is over. I love that idea so much and I'm sure it will help many children understand the importance of trees. But make sure it's okay to plant the tree in the location you choose and make sure it's a place the tree can thrive without messing with current ecosystems. I know. I know. I should just be enjoying the Magical beautiful children's book for what it is. Which I also do! But I was an Outdoor Education teacher at one time so I can't help but care about all the other stuff too.
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Considering there are tons of Christmas/ Holiday related books, I wasn't going into this read with a ton of hope. Oh boy... was I wrong! This was adorable and full of LOL (laugh out loud) moments. I too NEVER want Christmas to end, but I know it has too! Holly (love the name) makes me want to wish for magic and wish to never have to stop being a kid at heart. My students will want to read this (especially my girls) because it lets you know that fantasy books can take you ANYWHERE! I couldn't help but think of fabulous writers (like Katie Anderson) as I read that make me think of being anywhere else as I am reading. NO--- you're not stuck in your house on a rainy day--- you're in a place full of magic where Christmas can LAST foreverrrrrr (if you really want it to) :)
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My six year old loved this book and asked to read it again immediately after finishing!  I also loved it because it’s such a great message to preserving trees and taking the time to do things better! 

Definitely a good option for those who love Christmas and want a eco-friendly option to Christmas trees!
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Holly Holiday loves the winter holidays and find decorating the tree to be the most magical part, but every year she is so sad to see the tree taken down and discarded. So when Holly has the great idea to use live trees instead, she realizes how much better it is to take the opportunity to put the trees back into nature where they can continue to grow. 

A really good message overall.

Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for the opportunity to read and review this title.
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Holly Holiday and The Christmas Forest by Katie Anderson brings us the vibe of Christmas holiday . The illustrations are adorable and easy to read for kid
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First I want to thank Kate Anderson, Art Mawhinney, GreenLeaf Book Press and NetGalley for providing me with this book so I can bring you this review.

Kate Anderson and Art Mawhinney make an incredible team in Holly Holliday and The Christmas Forest. Not only is it a beautiful story with a meaningful message but the graphics are so colorful and joyful. What starts out as a sad event turns out to be a beautiful life lesson for the whole family. 

Kate blesses us with a yummy cookie recipe for the children to make with their families. Plus, Art shows you step by step on how to plant your own tree. This is definitely one of a kind Christmas book that should be on everyone’s wish list this year. It has something for everyone in the family-even the young at heart.
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This was such a sweet holiday read! Holly loves everything about Christmas, from the lights to the presents to the tree. When she realizes that the tree dies after Christmas, she decides to come up with a better solution for the following year. Her family gets a living tree the next year and goes to plant it after the holiday is over so it can continue growing.

I love the idea of a living tree and how that solves the issue of wasting trees at Christmas time, and am intrigued to know more about this! The book was thought provoking in this way. The pictures were beautiful and brightly colored, and I liked the age progression of Holly over the story. As a fellow Christmas lover, I’m always happy to read a sweet book that will put us in the holiday spirit.

Thank you to NetGalley and Greenleaf Book Group for the great holiday read!
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This was a super cute story with great illustrations. Very clever, I will recommend our library get this title.
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*Thank you to NetGalley, Katie Anderson, and the publisher for my ARC in exchange for review*

My daughter and I really enjoyed reading this book together, we love Christmas and I liked how the book promoted a positive message.  The cookie recipe was such a cute touch, and the illustrations were vibrant and beautiful.
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I agree with Holly Holiday.....the spirit of Christmas should never end!!  It should be all year round.  So, Holly decided to ask her parents for a live tree for Christmas and then after Christmas was over, the family takes the tree and plats it in a meadow.  They start doing this every year and eventually, it turns into Holly's Christmas forest....Christmas lives all year long!!  I loved the illustrations and they will capture and keep the attention of children.
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Holly Holiday and the Christmas Forest is the story of a girl who can’t stand the idea of cutting a Christmas tree and throwing it to the curb after Christmas.  She makes a plan and convinces her family to buy a live tree.  Even though it was smaller than trees they had in past years, Holly decorates it with “lights and love”.  After Christmas, the family takes the tree and plants it in a meadow.  They do this every year and eventually Holly has her own Christmas forest.  There is even a recipe and instructions on how to plant the tree in the back of the book.  I love the concept.  The illustrations are amazing.  The only issue I have with the book is it is listed for six to nine year olds.  My six-year-old grandson was bored after one quick read.  It won’t be a book he asks for again.  I think younger children are a better audience.
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