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Holly Holiday and the Christmas Forest

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Oh my god. Why did this make me cry? I loved it so much. I thought it was so sweet and I love her enthusiasm for not only Christmas, but for sustainability. I thought that that was really subtle, but it was very clear if you were paying attention as an adult. It's a great way to teach kids about planting trees WHILE ALSO being about Christmas. And I loved that we followed her year after year! It was so sweet.
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Thank you so much to NetGalley and Green Leaf Book Group for my copy of Holly Holiday and the Christmas Forest by Katie Anderson in exchange for an honest review. It published October 12, 2022.
This was such a beautifully illustrated book, and very sweet story. I love the idea this book conveys, and I love that it can inspire children with its message. I think this would be a fun book to give as a gift to any children in your life!
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A cute holiday story on how to help the environment and preserve our trees. A great holiday tradition to start with families.
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4.5 Stars
Holly Holiday loves Christmas, especially the tree. When she sees that her family throws out the dead tree after Christmas, she decides to change things. Why not use a live tree instead? And this leads to a forest of Christmas trees over the years. 
The book is simple, sweet, and adorable. There are one or two lines of text on each page. These are more than enough to continue the story. The illustrations are computer-styled but vibrant and eye-catchy. Each page has a Xmas-y vibe. 
My favorite part is the recipe for choco chip cookies at the end, followed by detailed instructions for planting a tree. A good touch, I say! 
To summarize, Holly Holiday and the Christmas Forest shares an important lesson in a handful of words accompanied by cute illustrations. Sometimes, less is more. ;) 
I received an ARC from NetGalley and Greenleaf Book Group Press and am voluntarily leaving a review.
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Thank you so much to Greenleaf Book Group and Netgalley for the ebook to read and review. 

Holly loves Christmas, she loves everything about it, most especially she loves her Christmas tree that fills her house with lights and magic each year. Then disaster strikes after the holidays as her parents take her tree away, so she comes up with a better solution. 

This was so visually beautiful the illustrations were absolutely stunning and I loved that we even got an age progression of Holly within the book. I loved all the bright and perfect Christmas illustrations on each page. 

Holly was adorable and so filled with so much Christmas magic and you could feel it within this book. It was sad what her parents did, but it’s great how she was clever and found her family a better solution. 

This is a really adorable Christmas book, it will be a really cute read with your family, children will love the illustrations as well as the sweet story. It also gives you a cookie recipe at the end you can try which is awesome.
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I really enjoyed this short story but mostly loved the simple fact that the lead character's name is Holly!

A better review is coming soon!
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Holly Holiday and the Christmas Forest by Katie Anderson is a wonderful holiday book about a little girl that decided because they had to throw their live tree away in the garbage that they should buy a tree at a nursery so they could plant it afterward. A very cute fast paced holiday book.
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This was the cutest Christmas tree story ever, I loved everything about it. The colorful illustrations were on point . The story line is just adorable.
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I thought that this was a lovely book

We don’t have a real tree for the reason that they do die and we just use one that was passed down to us from my parents around 15 years ago but this is a great alternative!

The book has some lovely bright images and I really liked the way that the story was told

It is well written and the book has a nice natural flow to it and it’s a positive book too

It is 5 stars from me for this one – very highly recommended and I can’t wait to read it again with my daughter in December when we are in the festive season
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This is such a cute Christmas book that we will be adding to our yearly list. The concept of having a living tree for Christmas is actually such a great idea that makes me want to look into doing something similar in our area. My kids loved the bright colours and Holly's ideas.
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This is a cute book about Holly Holiday and her love for all things Christmas, The illustrations are bright and engaging. 

The story has a great lesson to be learned about wasting less and being stewards of the environment. I love that she was able to encourage her parents to start planting the trees each year! 

At the end there is a recipe for chocolate chips cookies and tips on how to plant a tree.
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Holly Holiday and the Christmas Forest contains all the things I love about Christmas! The illustrations were beautiful and cute and the story has such a great lesson to save the trees and plant them instead of just turning them into Christmas trees then throwing it away every year.
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Holly Holliday and The Christmas Forest is an illustrated children’s book about the magic of Christmas and its environmental cost. Holly loves all things Christmas, but she’s heartbroken when she finds out her beloved tree died after the celebration and needs to be thrown away. Luckily, she’ll have the most brilliant idea to save her beautiful trees year after year.

A cute story with a meaningful message.
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This book is about Holly.  Holly doesn't like the fact that her Christmas tree is thrown away each year, and takes matters into her own hands.  This is a great book for those looking to help kids understand conservation and bettering the environment during the magic of Christmas.   I only wish that the book went into more details about how Holly came up with her idea for her forest.  I love how the book includes instructions on how to plant a tree (along with a recipe for yummy Christmas cookies.)
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