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One day during Junior High School in Florida while changing class there were lots of people, even teachers, walking out in the lawn looking up at the sky. The Russians has put a satellite in orbit!. It was both exciting and, to some, a blow to national pride.  As the Space Race took off there was obvious competition, but the need for any legal structure to regulate what was to come never made it to the nightly news.  Now multiple countries as well as private companies operate in space and have big plans. So there are a growing number of possible conflicts and lots of questions as to how to deal with them.  Marshall is writing The Future of Geography: How Power and Politics in Space Will Change Our World.  This extract from his previous book  The Power of Geography is a preview and it addresses these questions and possible outcomes. Who has the right to regulate the use of space? How is enforcement possible? How can cooperation be encouraged?  It's thought provoking to say the least.  I look forward to his more detailed book to come.   Thanks to Eliott & Thompson and NetGalley.
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