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This book is told from 3 different point of views. Every point of view and setting deals with survival of an apocalyptic pandemic. It was gripping, chilling and kept me turning the pages as fast as I could read them.

I kept wondering if these 3 storylines would intersect at some point. There were so many questions and so many big shocking moments.

You know those authors, that you will pick up anything they write without even knowing what the book is about? In this genre, Tudor is one of those authors for me.

I'm never disappointed, always surprised and always eagerly awaiting the next book!

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Maybe If we had all survived a worldwide pandemic, we would have some clue as to how to survive the next one. But, the thing is that the next one is always different and the lessons we learned on stocking up essentials are not the lessons needed for the next event. I guess we will find out, won’t we?

Drift offers us a glimpse of one pandemic inspired future, one where there is a vaccine, but no cure. Those that get the disease and survive are shipped out to farms where their precious blood is harvested and they are quarantined. Others escape quarantine and survive as lepers in the woods. We don’t know enough about how most of society has made out though.

Here we get three interconnected stories of survival, each a story of a small group, isolated in suffocating conditions. We learn how desperate survivors interact and what it takes to survive, particularly who to trust, if anyone.

One group is on a school bus, heading up to a retreat when the bus crashes and they are trapped inside with seemingly no way out. And there’s the mystery of whether everyone is who they are supposed to be and whether their is a mastermind testing them all. Mostly it’s a story of people at each other’s throats.

Another group is trapped in a cable car, an even smaller prison where the stakes might become even more desperate. Again, who do you trust and what are they up against.

The third group is in a lockdown retreat away from everything barely in contact with the outside world. Everyone has secrets and no one can stand each other. How would you fare locked up with strangers as the world collapses around you and there’s nothing much left but infected monsters and wolves out there and in here?

Drift is a chilling portrait of a world under siege when there’s no one left to trust

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I have really enjoyed all of Tudor’s novels, so I was thrilled to receive an ARC of this one! The Drift by C.J. Tudor is a post-apocalyptic/dystopian thriller. It is told from three different perspectives, Hannah, Meg and Carter. I thought this book was written very well, I really enjoyed the way the author brings the three stories together. This book is full of twists and turns and the ending was fantastic!

This was such a good book, I could not put it down. I definitely recommend picking this one up!

Thank you to Ballantine Books/Penguin Random House and NetGalley for an advanced reader copy in exchange for an honest review!

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This is a fantastic horror book and given the current times it's almost sure to give you the creeps. CJ Tudor has done a fantastic job of setting and holding the tension in this book, a great read!

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This is spine tingling, bone chilling, blood freezing fun at its best!

A group of students leaving their academy due to an outbreak by coach crashes on a snowy road, students that haven’t died are trapped, and they beginning of their dilemma.

A cable car, rising high into the mountains toward the Retreat, suddenly stops, stranding six passengers in the air with no hope of rescue. And the body count is somehow rising.

At the Retreat, things have gone from bad to worse as power failures increase in length and frequency. People are dying, and there’s something being kept in the isolation cells that shouldn’t be released.

Set during an apocalypse, following a viral pandemic (too close to home you say? Never ) these tense situations become more and more grave, until crashing into each other for the final thrilling conclusion.

This was a full throttle, cat and mouse, thriller with such chilling connections that you won’t be able to stop reading for fear of the impending frost bite.

Grab a hot cocoa and be ready to grab this icy thriller due for release in Jan of 2023. Oh yes, you have to put those paws on freeze until then, but don’t get left out and stuck in The Drift come January. Pre-order this one now!

Thank you to #NetGalley, the publishers and author for an ARC in exchange for my honest opinions.

My full review will be posted to all social media sites, blogs and retail after publication date.

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Since Hawk Mountain, my October reading pile has been an absolute non-starter, so when I got notified that I was pre-approved for this title I went ahead and downloaded it yesterday despite the fact that thrillers are not often my thing. This suffers from a touch of overkill, to make an understatement; there are three separate groups of people struggling to survive in harrowing conditions like "stranded cable car in a howling snowstorm", society has all but collapsed because of a deadly virus spread through blood, spit, airborne contact, and infected tissue wherein one has 98% of being symptomatic after exposure and a 75% chance of dying, the other 25% of being turned into a zombie-like rage creature, and as if the harrowing conditions are not enough, in each scenario someone is trying to/succeeding in murdering their fellows. When at some point it turned out that a gravely injured character was pregnant with a secret baby and also in labor, I had to set my phone down for a bit. But it is not Tudor's fault that I don't usually hang with thrillers, so if this is your scene there is certainly much for you to like here, and an extra star for the fact that she <spoiler>.</spoiler>

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I was so excited when Ballantine offered to send me a copy of The Drift! I had heard great things about CJ Tudor, and I was so excited to read this book. I liked reading it, but some parts didn't work for me.

This story is told from the POV of 3 different people and all of the storylines are so cleverly intertwined. Tudor was able to give each narrator a different and distinct voice, which helped keep easily keep up with the switching POVs.

My biggest complaint is that I was able to guess the twist so early. Some of the writing seemed underdeveloped, which I think led to easily being able to figure out what was happening.

Despite that, I did still enjoy reading the story. It was very fast paced and even with knowing where the story was headed, I still wanted to continue reading to see how all of the plotlines came together.

I will still pick up some of this author's other books because I can see myself really enjoying some of their other writing!

Thank you to NetGalley, Ballantine/Random House Publishing, and the author for an advanced copy of this book!

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“The Drift” by C.J. Tudor is a post-apocalyptic, mystery and adventure thriller. I enjoyed it and believe that fans of Stephen King and after-the-end-of-the-world tales like “War of the Worlds,” “The Omega Man,” “World War Z,” “The Road,” “The Book of Eli,” and the like may well enjoy it too.

I’m going to try, very hard, not to give any of the plot away because asking readers to figure out its many mysteries is a big part of this book. Right from the beginning, Ms. Tudor throws us all “into the deep end of the pool.” While we quickly learn that this is a three-plot story set in blizzard conditions—and that each plot involves 5 – 10 people stranded in a world where things have gone seriously awry—we have absolutely no idea who any of the characters are, where they come from, what country they’re in now, or when or how they came together. The answers to these and other questions are revealed slowly, and gradually. Of course, each revelation leaves us wanting to know more and eagerly turning pages.

Along the way, “The Drift” includes lots of action and adventure. Ms. Tudor—who writes well—knows how to put her characters into dangerous, nail-biting situations. I found some of her more perilous scenes as gripping as anything Ian Fleming wrote for James Bond.

And while “The Drift” is as plot-driven as anything written by Mr. Fleming, it is not as strong regarding character development. Part of the problem lies in the fact that there are so many characters that it's sometimes difficult to tell one from another or to remember who’s who—especially during the first half—and that can cause confusion. And unfortunately, the characters are just not that interesting, especially since most of them have survival as their only objective. We never do get very much about their backgrounds, or hopes and dreams, or disappointments caused by the end of the world as we know it. So, it’s tough to become invested in any of them. Indeed, there probably isn’t a character that I’m going to remember by the end of the week.

A word of caution: for those who are offended by gruesome and/or scatological and/or just plain gross material, this novel has a fair amount of it. I realize this is a tale about surviving the end of the world, but the “yuck factor” can, in places, get pretty intense. I might have preferred the author to leave some of that to my imagination.

Nevertheless, on the whole, I found “The Drift” to be a well-written, tension-packed tale of action and adventure that likely will keep many readers absorbed and turning the pages late into the night.

My thanks to NetGalley, the author and the publisher for providing me with an electronic ARC. The foregoing is my independent opinion.

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The Drift is a dystopian horror/thriller that, considering we are just barely post-Covid, might have cut a little too close to our recent pandemic experience. In C. J. Tudor's newest novel, three groups stranded in a post-apocalyptic world during a raging snowstorm provide the framework for a story that is both chilling and terrifying. The way that the author cleverly brings the three stories together at the end is nothing short of brilliant. Dark, gripping and very well written.

Thank you to Random House Publishing Group/Ballantine Books and NetGalley for providing an advance copy in exchange for an honest review.

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In this very dark, apocalyptic novel, there is a raging virus with seemingly no cure, a crazy scientist bent on saving only himself, and a dystopian world where nobody is safe.

Hannah is on a coach headed to The Retreat when it crashes and she finds herself surrounded by dead students, others infected with a deadly virus and yet others with secrets. Who will survive and make it to The Retreat?

Meg awakens in a stalled cable car wondering where she is and who she’s with. They were headed to The Retreat when they were drugged and thrown together in this cable car with no supplies and a storm raging. Who will survive and make it to The Retreat?

At the mountaintop retreat, Carter is an employee who is searching for his friends and finds that things aren’t quite as they appear. Who will survive and make it out of The Retreat?

D.R.I.F.T. stands for Department of Research into Infection and Future Transmission. But are they good or evil? You’ll need to grab yourself a copy of The Drift to find out.

Although I enjoyed this book, I struggled to keep up with its many characters. I found myself having to write down names and tidbits about them to follow along easier. For this reason, I give this book 3 stars. Thank you, NetGalley and Random House Publishing Group for the ARC. This is my honest review.

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I love all of Tudor’s novel so I was super excited to start this one. It was very different than her usual genre, being more sci-fi and apocalyptic, although still in the realm of horror. The plot involves three different story lines: a group of students traveling in a bus which has crashed on the way to “the Retreat”, a group of people in a cable car that is hanging stuck in the air en route to “the Retreat” and the final group at the actual “Retreat” facility. All of characters are in danger, as there is a pandemic and risk of infection is imminent as the struggle to contain and come up with a vaccine for the virus is ongoing. (At the Retreat) In usual Tudor fashion, there is a lot of disturbing and very descriptive horror throughout that makes this an intense and hard to put down novel. The climax brings all three timelines together and brings the novel to satisfying ending. Another great read!

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“The Drift” by CJ Tudor is a post-apocalyptic mystery/thriller book. If you are one still struggling with books based around the COVID-19 pandemic (a few people I know still are), then be forewarned before reading this book; it can be a lot too close to home. I won’t get into the plot except to say that there are three different points of view and they all occur near the same place. I found this book to be more about survival but also using your wits and puzzling things together. There is a bit of gore in this book, which if I’d been reading it during the day I woudn’t’ve minded, but at night before turning in - I started skimming a bit (I didn’t need those bits to infiltrate my dreams, thank you). I did like how Ms. Tudor fit the stories together in the end, though the little bits of potential supernatural weren’t my cup of tea (though was it supernatural, maybe they were hallucinations or wishes?). I did like a number of the action scenes - especially those with the cable car (or maybe I’m just a sucker for closed room who-done-it cop mysteries). In summary, if horror, mystery, and post-apocalyptic are your jams, this might be a book up your reading alley. This is definitely an engaging and fast-paced read.

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Hannah and a group of other people are traveling to the Retreat, a super secret destination that required they surrender their cell phone before boarding the bus that would take them to their destination. A traffic accident has caused the bus to veer off the road and down an embankment, killing and wounding many of the passengers. As a blizzard roars in, they seem to have little chance of survival. Trapped on a stalled tram, thousands of feet in the air, Meg and a group of people destined for the Retreat, where they will be working, are horrified to discover one of the passengers on board is dead. Meanwhile the wind begins to howl as the snow falls ever faster. At the Retreat, Carter and other workers who keep the facility running, are dismayed when their only source of power, a generator begins to fail. As these characters struggle to find a way to survive, they must also face the reality that the end of the world as we know it looms ever loser. Five years ago, a book about a worldwide deadly pandemic would have been either a thing of the past or pure science fiction, in the wake of the Covid pandemic, Tudor’s book is too close to reality to be anything less than terrifying. Tudor is remarkable and should be on the shelves of anyone who enjoys intelligent thrillers

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Wow! This post apocalyptic and claustrophobic thriller makes you shiver and sucker punches you with its brilliant twists and entertains you a lot with its pure dark sense of humor!

There are three different storylines with bunch of different characters make you think this book takes place in near future with a huge crowd of characters like Stephen King’s apocalypse thriller Stand where the virus keeps affecting the nation and only a few people are the survivalists! Well, there are some similarities but a huge twist make you think about that entire story’s execution again! So give your full attention not to get tricked by ultra intelligent author!

Welcome to the Department or Research into Infection and Future Transmission a. k. a DRIFT if you don’t hate acronyms! And let’s quickly meet with Hannah, Meg and Carter who are trapped in different places in the middle of Choler pandemic which is dangerously infectious and turns into people into Whistlers ( a kind of zombies who lost their extra status at after the last season of Walking Dead, are named after whistling sound they make through their lungs) .

Unfortunately the traditional vaccine trials fail. So the government’s special scientists extracting blood plasmas from the survivors who are used as volunteered Guinea pigs to provide the immunity. Scientists’ trial centers such as Retreat is mostly used that incarceration of the people who are infected and extracting more blood plasma.

Hannah, medical student of a genius professor father finds herself locked in a coach that has careered off the road with a bunch of survivors/ boarding school students including a sarcastic annoying girl, a German MacGyver, a short-nerdy- infected boy, a bulky brother and his highly injured sister. Somebody sabotaged their ride and all of the students hiding big secrets. Could they find a way to get out of the coach?

Let’s meet with another main character Meg: ex police officer, locked in asylum for months after committing suicide several times. She is grieving her little girl Lily’s lost and she is volunteering for the tests that will get practiced at Retreat but now she is trapped in a cable car that stopped in the middle of nowhere, dangling from wires, with a bunch of strangers. And there’s a dead man in the cable car. She knows who he is. That means one of the people in the car is a murderer.

And Carter, whose faced blown away, working at bizarre ski chalet with his companions. When he returns back from grocery store, he realizes there’s an electric outage and two of his companions were brutally killed. Why and who? There are dangerous things in the basement caged behind locked doors. What if somebody set them free?

You keep asking what’s the connection of those different characters? You’ll get very pleasant and satisfying answer to your question. So keep reading patiently and enjoy the ride!

Especially the last chapters of the book made me scream WTF loudly! I giggled several times and jumped from my seat with pure adrenaline rush! This book is a little different from the author’s other works! I think this is so far my favorite book of hers!

Many many thanks to NetGalley and Random House Publishing / Ballantine for sharing this amazing digital reviewer copy with me in exchange my honest thoughts.

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Woah! What? Wow!
This could have taken place during the pandemic at any point! It is just that incredible!
The retreat that people have been invited to and will be attending, is not quite that! But will the group ever even arrive?
There is a massive blizzard that threatens to kill them all before they can arrive to the retreat.
Then- there are people stuck in the same snowstorm that are in a cable car that has quit!
Are these people infected with this virus? Can they get the proper medical attention?
Is this really a planned way to dispose of people and by whom???
The answers all lie within the pages of this very descriptive, well thought out, intense novel.
I honestly had no idea what I was going in to, but I will say that I wanted out real quick!
If you enjoy mystery, Sci-fi, and horror then you will love this book!

Thank you to NetGalley and to Random House-Publishing Group- Ballentine for the opportunity to read this ARC and to provide my own review!

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This one wasn’t quite my cup of tea. I enjoy some end of the world books, but this one was a little close to home after the pandemic and it freaked me out.

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A horror story in the middle of an apocalypse! In The Drift, we meet three different heroes trying to survive in or around a place called "The Retreat." Hanna is in bus with other students headed to the Retreat, Meg is also on her way with a group of adults via a cable car. Carter is an employee at the Retreat searching for his colleagues and friends. All have been cut off from the world during a dangerous viral outbreak (overturned bus, dangling cable car and abandoned facilities.

Take on this book if you dare! It's dark and daring and on the tail of COVID 19 maybe a little too close to home. CJ Tudor has done an excellent job of creating 3 interesting protagonists that are connected but not revealed until the end of the book. There is some gore, some shocking moments and like all apocalyptic novels, lots of death.
If you like your dystopian, locked room stories, or just interested in a new snowy thriller, The Retreat is for you!

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Three different groups of people stranded during a snow storm. Working against a sinister force outside while worrying that not everyone is who they may seem to be, this one keeps you on the edge of your seat the entire time. The first thing that comes to mind when reviewing this is how incredibly well this author writes her stories. I don't even know how to explain exactly what I mean by that without spoiling it but I am highly impressed. The beginning was a bit confusing to me and I felt like I had no idea what was going on but don't worry, it's supposed to be like that. When reveals are made, you won't be questioning anything. Forewarning, this is not an uplifting read. This is dark, sinister and honestly quite depressing. But it works and it works beautifully. This one is one of my more favorite from this author and it definitely sticks out. I can easily see this as a future series or movie. Four Stars.

Thank you to Netgalley and Random House Publishing Group - Ballantine for this ARC.

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This book follows three groups of people in different settings and in different dangers, all with the goal of not becoming infected and dying of a virus or even worse, living after having been infected. This is an end of the world adventure. Every minute counts and everyone is hiding something.

The three groups are tied together and that will come out as the story unfolds. This book was creepy, suspenseful, filled with twists and turns and brought out some of my own phobias while reading it. Very creative and the ending should surprise everyone.

I could barely put this book down. It was that good.

I want to thank NetGalley and Ballantine Books for the opportunity of this early read.

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This was a real page-turner! It tells the story of three separate groups of people following an apocalyptic viral outbreak (which hits uncomfortably close to home). They all face dire situations in the fight to survive in a dystopian world.

I really enjoyed (if that's the right word to use for such a dark book) the switching of stories among the three groups--even though there were a lot of different characters, it was easy to follow. And because each group kept facing different crises, it really kept the action moving, but in a believable way.

I loved the ending--it took me by surprise but made sense.

Would definitely recommend (although probably not right before bed, or you'll be up all night reading to find out what happens next)!

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