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The Story of Tutankhamun

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For anyone interest in Egypt, or this history of King Tut, this book is a must read. Told in a very accessible way, the average lay person with an interest in this subject will be able to enjoy this narrative. Author Gary Shaw is obviously very educated on the subject and is considered one of the foremost experts in Egyptology. For anyone looking to learn about Tut and this period in history, I would highly recommend this book. The story flows like a novel, keeping the reader's interest.

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Well written and informative. I was able to breeze through this book while enjoying the writing. Some books about ancient Egypt are slow and dull, but I enjoyed this story. This book is appropriate for any reader, from adult to younger readers. I was also able to find a few bits of info about Tut that I didn't already know, and believe me, I've read everything about ancient Egypt I can get my hands on.

Great addition to my collection of history books.

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This is a biography of the Boy King. It very well-researched and comprehensive! My only gripe is that there is no new information about him from what I have learned in previous biographies of King Tut! Nevertheless, I recommend this for fans of Egyptian history!

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An interesting insight into the life and times of Tutankhamen. It is a subject that has been tackled by many, but this puts a more interesting view than previous works,

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With his impressive funerary mask, the pharaoh Tutankhamun is a well-known image, almost a pop star. On the other hand, due to a series of fortunate circumstances described in the book, his was the tomb in the best preserved condition ever found by archaeologists. Using the most recent interpretations of the artefacts found inside, Schaw brilliantly describes the events that brought the very young pharaoh to the throne, his life, his achievements, his reforms, and his early death. Equally vividly described are the subsequent events, which led him to be forgotten, and the discovery of the tomb. This is an easy-to-read but truly exciting book for those who simply want to know more details about the boy pharaoh, but which, thanks to the extensive notes and rich biography, becomes a useful working tool for Egyptology enthusiasts.

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This was a well researched and well-written book. King Tut has always fascinated me so I was thrilled to be able to read an advanced copy! I learned some that I did not know. I highly recommend this to history buffs!

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Writing to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the finding the tomb of Tutankhamen. Garry J. Shaw takes the reader on a journey through the life and death Tutankhamen by using the objects find in the tomb.

The book does not provide any new information however it was an easy read, and a interesting way to look at life of the Egyptian pharaoh.

Enjoyable and highly recommended

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This is a biography written to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of the discovery of King Tutankhamen’s tomb. The tomb was discovered by British archaeologist Howard Carter in 1922. The discovery of Tutankhamen’s tomb fascinated the world then and it still does. King Tutankhamen became famous by chance. After Tutankhamen died, his dynasty disappeared and a new royal line took over. The ancient Egyptians attempted to erase Tutankhamen’s legacy and name. His tomb disappeared under the desert sands of time. He was forgotten. Until the day Howard Carter unearthed a small chamber in the Valley of the Kings. His tomb was crammed with golden artifacts. Despite King Tutankhamen’s short reign, he has become one of Egypt’s most famous pharaohs. This is because of all the golden treasures that were found in his tomb. His tomb was not plundered like most ancient tombs. It had remained mostly intact. King Tutankhamen remains one of Egypt’s biggest tourist attraction still to this day. Tutankhamen’s tomb is a time capsule from 1300 BC. The illustrations and photographs that are included are bright and beautiful. It details the majestic elegance of ancient Egypt. This book takes you through the life and times of King Tutankhamen. He ascended the throne and became Pharaoh at the age nine. He reigned until his death at the young age of nineteen. I have always been fascinated with Egyptian history. In 1976 as a child, I remember King Tut’s exhibit traveling the United States for the first time. In 2006 I was able to finally see King Tut’s exhibit. If you love Egyptian history this is a book you must read. This is a well written book that held my interest from the beginning. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley and I am voluntarily leaving a review. Reviews also left with Kobo, Barnes & Noble, and iBooks.

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"The Story of Tutankhamun" by Garry J. Shaw is a fascinating and well-researched exploration of one of the most iconic figures of ancient Egypt. The book takes readers on a journey through the life and times of King Tutankhamun, from his rise to power as a young pharaoh to his mysterious death and the discovery of his tomb by archaeologist Howard Carter in 1922.

Shaw's writing is engaging and accessible, making complex historical concepts and archaeological discoveries easy to understand. He skillfully weaves together the various threads of Tutankhamun's story, including his family background, religious beliefs, and political struggles, to create a compelling narrative that captures the imagination.

The book is also filled with beautiful photographs and illustrations that bring the world of ancient Egypt to life. From the intricate details of Tutankhamun's golden death mask to the sprawling grandeur of the Valley of the Kings, the visuals in the book are stunning and immersive.

But perhaps the greatest strength of "The Story of Tutankhamun" is its attention to detail and its commitment to accuracy. Shaw draws on the latest archaeological discoveries and historical research to paint a vivid picture of life in ancient Egypt, providing readers with a glimpse into a world that has captivated the human imagination for centuries.

Overall, "The Story of Tutankhamun" is a must-read for anyone interested in ancient history, archaeology, or Egyptology. It is an engaging and informative book that will leave readers with a newfound appreciation for one of the most fascinating and enigmatic figures of the ancient world.

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A lively new biography of Tutankhamun—published for the hundredth anniversary of his tomb’s modern discoveryThanks to NetGalley and the publisher for an advance copy in exchange for an honest review. This was a creative and absorbing tale! Definitely recommend this one!

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This book is a biography that explores Tutankhamun’s youth and his life as well as his reign. The author attempts to make this more of a look at the person. It is an interesting read.

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✨ Review ✨ The Story of Tutankhamun; An Intimate Life of the Boy who Became King, by Garry J. Shaw

I requested this book on a whim -- something about it just caught my attention. I really enjoyed the writing style of this book -- it made what we know about the life of King Tut accessible and even fun to read. Stretching from the reign of his parents + his childhood, through his life and death, his mummification and burial, the raiding of his tomb, the discovery of his tomb, and his memory today, this book covers a vast stretch of topics.

Admittedly, the book veers toward the speculative, based on what we know, but for a more accessible narrative of this history, I thought this made the book more engaging. Presumably well documented (as an outsider to this field) and filled with photographs to illustrate the text, this was an excellent quick introduction to Tut's life, death, and memory.

Genre: nonfiction; history; biography
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This was an amazing history book that I learnt so much from. I got so engrossed while reading this book as it was so very interesting and flowed seamlessly. I actually had to finish reading it in one day as I just couldn't put it down. I was up very late to finish it. It was well worth it, though. It was so well written and kept my interest throughout. It really was fascinating reading as I didn't know all that much about Tutankhamun. It was so interesting learning about the flood that came through the valley of King. I also became involved in all the excitement surrounded in looking for his tomb. I really couldn't believe how long it took to remove all the artefacts I was shocked. I definitely recommend reading this book, especially if you love Egyptian history and archaeology. I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

Only the highest of praise goes out to the author and publishers for bringing us this fascinating history in such a wonderful, none heavy and readable way. I will definitely be looking out for more books by this fantastic author.

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This is all encompassing. It goes into the history of Egypt, including environmental history. I learned alot about egyptian history, beyond the scope of Tutankhamun. This extensive background, I felt, was important for a deep dive into the young king.

It is a heavy read, and very academic. It takes time to make your way through it, but it is well worth it. I would highly recommend this to anyone with an interest in Tutankhamun, but also in Ancient history or archeology.

Loved it!

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With the 100th anniversary of the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb, it’s only natural that there should be a renewed interest in him and his times. The Story of Tutankhamun: An Intimate Life of the Boy who Became King by Garry J. Shaw, although a relatively short book, provides an excellent overview of the boy king’s life and the context in which he lived it.

This was the short-lived Amarna period instituted by his predecessor Akhenaten, who upended the previously stable structure of Egyptian life, particularly in religion, replacing the multitudinous deities of Egypt with the Aten, embodied in the disk of the sun, in one of the first recorded instances of monotheism. Upon the deaths of Akhenaten and his wife Nefertiti, who may have reigned on her own for a short time, there was a push to restore life to the way it had been before and the old gods to their former glory, and the new king, only about ten years old at the time, was the one to undertake the task, which he seems to have done willingly enough.

Shaw tells the story of Tutankhamun and his world, including the ceremonies he would have participated in and incorporating many of the personal items found in his tomb, in an almost novelistic way, unencumbered by the invariable hair-splitting over various interpretations of events that can be found in more academically oriented histories; these are relegated to endnotes for those who are interested. Relationships between the various characters are particularly tricky, even with DNA testing. This makes it easy to follow, especially for the general reader, who tends to find qualifications such as “must have been,” “is thought to have,” etc., to be distracting and annoying. Tutankhamun, his predecessors, his tragic wife and sister (or half-sister) Ankhesenamun, and the successors who benefited from their association with him and later erased him and his family from Egyptian history, are portrayed as living, breathing human beings with very human emotions and failings. Tutankhamun: An Intimate Life of the Boy who Became King is an enjoyable introduction to an intriguing period within an already fascinating history.

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The Story of Tutankhamun by egyptologist Garry J. Shaw is short but satisfying biography of the iconic boy-king, spanning from his birth and early life under his father Akhenaten's new religious regime to his death and the subsequent treatment of his mummy and burial goods in the twenty-first century. Anyone interested in learning more about the reign of Tutankhamun and the interesting history of ancient Egypt will enjoy this book.

The book by Shaw is a synthesis of what we know and don't know about Tutankhamun, utilising the most recent scholarship and scientific evidence to develop a hypothetical account of the boy king's existence. Beginning with Amarna, Shaw combines archaeological data, photographs, writings, and all relevant scholarship to reconstruct Tutankhamun's life. In addition, he explores the complexities of Tutankhamun's rule, including his difficulties to administer an empire, navigate important courtiers, and endure the loss of at least two children before he turned nineteen. Shaw's narrative approach makes the book accessible to readers of all levels of expertise.

Overall, this is an interesting biography of the renowned boy-king which will appeal to anyone interested in learning more about Tutankhamun's reign and the intriguing history of ancient Egypt.

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There's a lot of books about Tutankhamun out now and this is the one I would choose to recommend if you want to learn about this pharaoh, famous for the discovery of his tombs and the riches.
There's more in the story, there's a complex and intriguing historical time..
It's easy to follow and entertaining.
Many thanks to the publisher for this arc, all opinions are mine

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Garry J. Shaw takes us on a journey through the life of Tutankhamen - both before and after his death.
While there was not really any new information portrayed in this book, it was an easy read, and a fun way to dive back into the life of the Egyptian pharaoh that captivated the world when his tomb was discovered in 1922.

Enjoyable and easy to read!

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With thanks to Net Galley and the Author for providing a free copy in exchange for an honest review. A very enjoyable account of the boy king, with some rather interesting takes on certain details and engaging prose.

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*I received a copy of this e-book in exchange for an honest review*
Pharoah Tutankhamun was only ever extraordinary because of his tomb being discovered in the 20's, but if someone who was actually interested in Ancient Egypt was looking back, they would comment on the fact that he was a young boy who had to adjust from his father's heretical reign back to the "old faith".

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