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This wasn't my favorite, and though I am a picky reader I don't think we will get a copy for our library's collection. Doesn't seem to be a necessary addition.
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I started reading this book because it is partly set in Belgium and written by a professional writer/editor who lives in Belgium; as another writer/editor resident in that country, I felt an immediate affinity. 

I enjoyed reading a book set in a familiar place, but I also found myself increasingly enjoying the book for itself. 
It probably qualifies as contemporary, low fantasy, with the fantasy aspect (magical realism) handled lightly, without it dominating the story... let's say it adds 'une certaine légèreté" - and humour - and moves the plot along nicely.

One of the main characters is Maximus Biggs-Dickson, surely, SURELY based on Boris Johnson? Although I imagine Brussels has more than its fair share of regular visitors who are both aspiring political figures AND complete wankers, so he may well be based on an acquaintance of the author. I guess she'll keep that under her hat. The other characters are all considerably more appealing (even the wicked stepmother) than Mr B-D.

Mr B-D is pushing a 'Back to Great Britannia' campaign, purely for egocentric reasons, and a Belgian journalist is plotting his come-uppance. In parallel, the aforementioned wicked stepmother is plotting to get rid of her unwanted stepson. Violet, the eponymous shade, is providing a helping hand, or rather a gentle nudge, so that good prevails over evil.

The two plot lines don't really come together, but it hardly matters. The novel is for entertainment, and succeeds very well. Overall, it's about women taking back control of their lives and punishment for evildoing. 

The two main characters, Callum and Erin, are a sweet duo and there's plenty of scope for further adventures. I'd read a sequel, definitely.

It's no doubt clear by now that this Shade of Violet is not high literature. It's a bit of escapist fun. However, it's also well written, well structured and with strong characters. I could well see this author going from strength to strength. In short, it's a good yarn, well written and well worth a read.
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It felt really choppy and disconnected. I know each group is loosely connected but I had a hard time holding the thread.
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This was a lovely read that I really enjoyed. It was well written with a fastpaced story and well developed characters and a good amount of mystery
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I found this book witty and charming. I fell in love with our protagonist and enjoyed watching her try to overcome the troubles she faced. I really enjoyed this book.
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I loved the cover art for this book and the synopsis sounded interesting. Personally, I had a hard time getting into this book and did not really see the humor other reviewers saw. Thanks to the author,  publisher, and NetGalley. I received a complimentary copy of this ebook. The opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own.
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