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The Tapestry of Tales

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This is a second book in a series, and while it doesn't read as a stand-alone, it isn't fully necessary to read the first to follow the plot. This is a middle grade that appeals to younger kids even though the main character is a teenager. With the mash up of fairy tales. I was reminded of The Land of Stories series, though this book doesn't draw me in quite as much. The friendship in this book is admirable, but I'm not a fan of the mother-daughter relationship as the mother must be saved by the daughter. Overall, it was a fun story, but with so many MG books in this same fashion, it wasn't a favorite.

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What a fun story. I love fairytale retellings that place fairy tale characters into modern settings. Cia learned last year that fairytales are very real so real in fact that the characters that we know and love are living among us. So, when she hears that the Evil Queen is up to her evil tricks, she knows she can’t sit by and watch kids lose their talents. Luckily she has an amazing friend in Romy who supports helping her take the Queen down. John well for being cursed last year and now being kidnapped on accident he is taking things really well. These three friends a quickly swept on an adventure that leads them from Paris to the Tapestry of Tales. Can they stop the Evil Queen in time. Or is there a more devious villain lurking out there bent on making sure that no one can ever escape their fairytales.
This is a very fast paced book. Perfect for any fairytale loving kid. I personally didn’t read the first book in this series and I don’t think that you would have to if you wanted to start with this book. That being said I am intrude by Cia’s past adventures and might need to go back and find out how her story starts. I think the author did a great job tying in all the different characters that Cia and her friends meet. I also love that they acknowledge that fairytales are not just those found by the Grimm brothers. So many of the tales we know have been passed down to us from so many different cultures.
Thank you so much to Simon and Schuster Children’s Publishing and Netgalley for allowing me to read an advance copy of this tile.

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Disney fans will love this book that is part action and adventure and part mystery. Cia is a typical middle schooler, obsessed with boys, crushes, what to wear, oh, and also battling fairy tale characters. But Cia isn't sure that what she does makes her cool, despite what her best friend, Romy, believes. Cia doesn't want to go up against fairy tale villains, she just wants to be normal. like everyone else at school. But her mind changes when she uncovers the plot by the Evil Queen to steal talents from kids. She knows she must stop her and she embraces her true purpose to protect the world. A wild adventure middle grade readers will love.

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