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Performance & Purpose in Dying & Death

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As a nurse who has worked in emergency care, palliative care, and now intensive care, this book resonated well with me. I always strive to learn more about what my patients and families go through and how I can better myself to help deal with the process of death and dying. 

This is a first for me by the author and one I enjoyed and would read more of their work. The book cover is eye-catching and appealing and would spark my interest if in a bookshop. Thank you very much to the author, publisher and Netgalley for this ARC.

The E-Book could be improved and more user-friendly, such as links to the chapters, no significant gaps between words some text written has been typed in red and a cover for the book would be better. It is very document-like instead of a book and the photos do not match the recipe.
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I found myself disappointed by the first chapter of this book and did not feel inspired to read further. The premise of the book has great potential but the execution is greatly let down by a reliance on lengthy quotations; particularly of the author's previous book; as well as a tangential writing style. I have no doubt that there are some valuable and interesting points to be made within the author's argument but I would strongly recommend a revision before bringing this book to the public.
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Didn't rate this at all, there are much better options out there in a similar vein but less preachy. I struggled with this a lot.
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Performance & Purpose in Dying & Death by CK Hogan

A very interesting read to a part of life we are unable to opt out of !
  I'm all for not shying away from the inevitable but understand many feel if it's something they chose to ignore hoping  it will never happen to them. 
 Having said that - practice the act of dying ? No thanks I might be good at it and never wake up !
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