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Spiritual Writing From Inspiration to Publication: 2nd Edition

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"Spiritual Writing From Inspiration to Publication: 2nd Edition" by Deborah Levine Herman is an indispensable guide for aspiring spiritual writers seeking to navigate the literary world. Herman's comprehensive and insightful approach covers the entire spectrum of the writing process, from nurturing one's creative voice to securing publication. 

The book offers practical advice on developing a unique spiritual perspective, crafting compelling stories, and handling sensitive topics with grace and authenticity. Additionally, Herman provides invaluable tips on finding the right literary agent and publisher, as well as promoting one's work in a competitive market. 

A must-read for anyone with a spiritual message to convey, this book is a beacon of inspiration and guidance in the often-daunting journey of spiritual writing.
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Spiritual Writing From Inspiration to Publication: 2nd Edition
by Deborah Levine Herman
Pub Date 05 Dec 2022 | Archive Date 17 Feb 2023
 Micro Publishing Media 
 Nonfiction (Adult)  |  Religion & Spirituality  |  Self-Help

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If you are looking for an inspiring book, that will motivate you as someone who writes Faith and or Spirituality books then I'd recommend Spiritual Writing From Inspiration to Publication, 2nd Edition.

This book is based on the premise that there are writers who write because they want to and those who write because they have to. Spiritual writers are drawn to the process by a sense of mission. However, the spiritual writer’s mission and the realities of publishing are often at odds. This unique book provides the nuts and bolts and dos and don’ts of how to get published in this often misunderstood arena. The author updated this second edition to include the digital world and the expanded opportunities this brings for nontraditional publishing.

I give Spiritual Writing five out of five stars!

Happy Reading!
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This book is as real as it gets. I have always believed that there is something out there that will explain one's journey (of the soul) and this book is definitely it. If you are asking yourself what your purpose is, where you are headed, why you go through what you have - this will provide you answers.

Definitely, a must read!
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