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Learn to Read: CVC Words Storybook

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My son will be 6 and we are working on reading, especially CVC words so I was eager to work through this with him. Unfortunately I do not have text accompanying the pictures so he cannot read anything, we can just look at the pictures and make up stories.

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I will give this book 3 stars, because I can see the idea behind it and it looks promising - but when I open to actually read and complete with my 4 year old, the pages only have illustrations and no words. So, all her and I did was talk about what she thought the story would be based on the pictures.

Thank you to Callisto Media, Rockridge Press and NetGalley for this ARC

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Perfect for my kindergartener learning how to read and CVC words in his class. This is a great at home book that he can practice with. Kept his attention which is hard to do!

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Most of the words are Decodable words. There are some high frequency words but not many, I enjoy how this book also has some activity pages for each story.

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Excellent stories using the CVC words. My son enjoyed them! Looking forward to reading more of your learning books.

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I love this series, and I have bought all of them that Learn to Read has published so far. The stories are great for new readers, and I am dying to know if they will be making more for all the other syllable types. I’m a curriculum director, and I am always looking for resources for the six syllable types. Most resources stop after cvc words, and I need something like this for all of the six syllable types and beyond. So please Learn to Read keep going with this resource! All my teachers and I love it.

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My daughter is so proud when she reads the Learn to Read CVC Words Storybook! CVC Words Storybook by Crystal Radke (Rockbridge Press, 2022) helps her build confidence, and while I find the stories a bit simplistic, it nicely matches her interest and abilities.

She’s in first grade, and when we first started with this book, sounding out CVC and short vowel words still felt a bit difficult for her. Now that she’s been practicing at school for three months, her confidence has grown. She and I take a look at this book and she loves that she can now read the short stories comfortably.

Each story focuses on two main CVC words, such as get/wet, big/pig, dog/got, and so forth. Each page of the following story features two illustrated panels with one sentence each. Each sentence per story has the focus words, as well as other CVC words that the student can likewise sound out. So each story provides plenty of review for those keywords or phrases, as well as practice with other common CVC words.

The stories themselves are not high-interest, in my opinion. This is not uncommon in early readers like this, so it was not surprising to me. These dull structured stories are somewhat annoying for parents to read, I’ll admit. But, my 7-year-old was not surprised and phased by this at all. She expected simple sentences and appreciated the formulaic structure. Most of the stories restate the same phrases with new nouns or settings. In the wet/get story, for example, multiple things get wet (Cam, Sam, van, rat). It does end with “I will not get wet!”, with the illustration featuring a child inside. That made my daughter laugh.

While the CVC Words Storybook is not truly intended to teach a child to read, this storybook-workbook provides lots of reading practice and engaging workbook pages. Activities after the stories include word tracing, word mazes, color-by-word, sentences to copy, and so forth. I’ll be honest, though: it’s such a gorgeous book that I don’t want to write on the pages! The illustrations are simply adorable. They perfectly fit the age of the intended readers. I cannot imagine parents wanting to use such a pretty book as a consumable workbook. But, that is a mom of multiple children talking. Maybe other parents would enjoy the combination of early reader and workbook.

So, for parents of young ones getting started in the CVC reading journey, the Learn to Read CVC Words Storybook (with workbook activities) would be a nice choice. It certainly matches the age intended it is for and helps those early readers strengthen their confidence in their reading abilities.

Note: I received a digital copy of CVC Words Storybook for review consideration.

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Kids just beginning to learn basic reading skills can practice with these simple stories and activities. The stories are relatable and pleasant to read. They build on each other throughout the book, slowly getting more complex and incorporating previously featured words while introducing new ones. Even as they develop, they still remain manageably bite-sized so kids aren't intimidated or worn out while getting reading practice. The accompanying pictures are cute and engaging. An excellent resource for pre-K and early elementary!

Many thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review!

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As a special education teacher, I am always looking for books for students to read at home. For beginning readers, it is important that they have books that they are able to read independently so that they can build their confidence as readers.

"Learn to Read: CVC Words Storybook" has a collection of twenty stories that focus on CVC words. Each short story focuses on two specific CVC words which are highlighted throughout the text. The remainder of each story is comprised of additional CVC words and simple sight words. In the beginning of the book, the sentences for each story are short and succinct. By the end of the book, sentences have grown in length, while still written using simple language. At the end of each story, there are two activities that the child can complete. The activities specifically focus on the 2 CVC words that were highlighted in the story. The illustrations complement each story nicely and there is diversity depicted in the illustrations as well. The simple stories and fun, colorful illustrations are sure to appeal to young readers. Children are sure to be proud of their ability to read the text aloud to their friends and families.

At the beginning of the book, the author includes an introduction and a note to caregivers in order to explain different ways that this book can be used with early readers. It will be extrememly helpful to many parents and guardians to have a guide as they may not know how to approach learning to read with their children.

The only part of this book that may be difficult is the story "Fun in the Sun". In that story, the author uses the words 'gal' and 'pal'. Those words are a bit tricky for early readers to sound out. While they aren't the focus CVC words of that story, the sentence that has the word 'pal' also has a picture of a young boy with a shovel and pail. I can see many children misreading the word 'pal' as 'pail', which could be confusing for them. There is a story later in the book called "My Pal Likes to Hug", which does focus on the word 'pal' and will allow for more practice with that sound.

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