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A hood read but I wasn't aware that it is part of a series so feel I would have enjoyed it more had I read the earlier books in the series.

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What a wonderful story! Robert Bryndza’s Devil's Way is a crime thriller about Kate Marshall’s investigation into a young boy’s disappearance. This book with its twists and turns will keep you on the edge of your seat until the end. I voluntarily read and reviewed a complimentary copy of this well-written book. Looking forward to the next book!

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This is another book in the Kate Marshall series and another brilliant story told by Robert Bryndza. I’m a massive fan of his so was very excited to read this and once again he didn’t disappoint.

From the first chapter he had me hooked and I couldn’t put it down. I love the relationship Kate has with Tristan and the trust they put in each other and how it’s developed over the series. They investigate the disappearance of a little boy called Charlie after Kate met his grandmother whilst in hospital. Lots of twists and turns which in turn gives a great read.

Thank you to Netgalley and Raven Street Publishing for the opportunity to read an advance copy in return for my honest review.

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This was a great book. I loved every paragraph, every sentence and every word of this masterpiece! I read it in 12 hours, which is a lot for me to do! It had everything and more laid out in the novel! I sure hope There is more to come from this author! I am totally hooked!

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Robert's books are consistently well-written, with deep characters and believable storylines. A must-read for any crime fan.

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Thanks to Netgalley, Raven Street Publishing and Robert Bryndza for this ARC. I’m a big fan of this authors, so I’m always excited to get to read one of his ARC’s. I’m playing catch up here, but Kate Marshall is alway a good read, whether in the series, or also as a stand alone. Adding Tristen to the storyline is fun, a newbie who makes some mistakes. I mean, who can’t relate to that ?
I gave this story 4 stars, only because I was pretty sure Charlie was alive and the minute David was mentioned and his age, I was certain. But that doesn’t diminish the great storyline I continued to read non stop…Robert Bryndza is one of the very few male authors I read , also one of my favorite authors.

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This is my first time reading a Kate Marshall thriller, which I wanted to try, after liking the latest Erika Foster thriller.

Kate Marshall is still trying to make a go of her Detective agency, which she is running along with the help of Tristan, who was her research assistant when she was working in a college. Kate meets a woman Jane when she is recuperating from a near fatal accident, in the hospital. Jane asks Kate's help in finding the fate of her grandson Charlie who has been missing for the past 11 years.

Kate and Tristan's investigation takes them to one dead after another and many bizarre people and places, What had happened to Charlie and how they manage to find it forms the story.

The story, though it takes the reader through many unusual venues, is just not new enough. I had started to guess what had happened to Charlie almost about forty percent into the book. Hence, though the writing was gripping and the narrative tense throughout, I still didn't feel the urgency of the situation. If was definitely enjoyable but just not engaging.

I would recommend this book to those people who don't mind a story which has twists and turns that we can see coming.

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Really enjoyed this - will definitely be recommending and looking forward to the next one by this author!

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I didn't realise when I started this book that it was part of a series. I don't think it mattered as I think it works just as well as a standalone title. The story fairly raced along and was an enjoyable read. Great story with plenty of twits along the way to keep me guessing. Quite sad in places too - and that ending. Robert has done it again with this great book.

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Devil's Way by Robert Bryndza is a good thriller. I've always loved books by him & have read all books in the Erika Foster & Kate Marshall series both starkly different!
This book starts with a dark ominous chapter that reels you in. Having read the previous books and kinda familiar with the writing style I liked settling down into the chops of this book because Kate & Tristan are my fave crime solving duo! While all other books in this series have always been 5-star, I will with a very heavy heart be taking off 1 star from this one - just because I didn't find the plot to be unique. About 60-80% the plot felt a bit familiar and I could totally see where this was heading. I kept hoping that there would be a twist that would throw me & that would have been nice but there wasn't any. Nonetheless this was a good book and parts of the story were riveting & so very spooky. Hence the experience was overall positive!
If you're new or just love reading mystery/thriller books I 100% recommend the Kate Marshall series!

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DEVIL’S WAY is the fourth novel Kate Marshall Crime Thriller Series by international bestselling author Robert Bryndza. The novel’s central character Kate Marshall, is a police officer turned private detective.

Novels In The Kate Marshall Series Include:
1. Nine Elms (2019)
2. Shadow Sands (2020)
3. Darkness Falls (2021)
4. Devil's Way (2023)

This is my review of Devil’s Way.

This is the story of a young boy’s disappearance, and the investigation of a cold case file by private detective Kate Marshall and her associate, Tristan.

Kate Marshall had been hospitalized after a swimming accident. In order to past the time, she spends her time talking to her roommate, an older woman, Jean Julings, who tells about the horror of her missing three-year-old grandson. Charlie Julings disappeared during a family camping trip eleven years earlier. Kate, caught up in the story, agrees to take on the case, working with her associate, Tristan.

What happened to Charlie? Could he still be alive?

After further investigation and reviewing the case notes, Kate and Tristan must look elsewhere for more information. Then Kate learns that a social worker who had been looking into Charlie’s well-being was brutally murdered two weeks after the disappearance.

Slowly Kate and Tristan start piecing things together, in hopes of bringing some peace and resolution to the family. They soon discover that Jean has a dark past that could have affected Charlie’s disappearance.

Was Charlie abducted? Or did he fall into Devil's Way?

Clues are disclosed on a need-to-know basis, and this gripping novel will keep you hooked until the very last page.

Many thanks to the author, Raven Street Publishing and NetGalley for my digital copy.

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Wow, what a ride! This book grips you from the first chapter and I devoured it in one sitting. This is my first time reading anything by this author. As this was an ARC, I wasn't aware this was fourth in a series. I will definitely be reading the others as soon as possible. I really loved Kate and Tristan's characters. Eleven years ago a 3-year-old boy went missing on a camping trip. The grandmother of the case decides to hire Kate and Tristan as PIs to see if they can get anywhere on this cold case. What followed was just mindblowing with so many twists and turns.

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Interesting premise, great characters, twisty clues and satisfying finish. Robert Bryndza has written an engaging story that touches you long after you are finished reading. I will definitely look for more by him. Thank you to #netgalley and #ravenstreet for this book to read and review, all opinions are my own.

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Devil's Way is the forth book of Kate Marshall series.

Kate is in hospital after almost drawning experience. She was saved by some surfers and must spend some time under observation. In the ward, she met older lady, who tells her her lifestory and it seems to have a case for Kate to solve.

This time, Kate is going to investigate a case of missing boy, who went camping with his family and something gone definitely wrong... Years went by and there was no clue what happend to Charlie. Has he fallen into the Devil's Way or has he been abducted? The question is not simple to be answered and Kate is steping into a very dark, secretive chapter of the past...

It is dark. It is full of secrets, full of unimaginable things to be discovered. Isolated places can be dangerous and hid things we would like to be hidden forever, but Kate is determined to finally find out who took or where is Chalie or his body at least.

We have disfunctional families, we have people who cannot find their moral compas and secrets that aren't meant to be unfold...

I imerse myself into this world. This atmosphere is mesmrizing, compelling.

One of the most engaging stories of Kate Marshall so far.

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Prior to this great read, I wasn’t aware of the protagonists from previous tales and I'm so glad I got to meet them and that I will get to meet them again.

Those characters are Kate and Tristan who have a Private Investigation business.

If you like dark TV dramas set in grim landscapes, this book is for you – and with a main character that has a history (not sure if it was covered in the previous book). Her therapy, if you like, is cold water sea swimming and that’s where it all begins.

She has a mishap, ends up in hospital and another woman in there ends up hiring her to get to the bottom of what happened to her grandchild many years earlier.

As in films and TV, I love in books when you have a sense of landscape and geography and the author does this so well. The story unfurls beautifully and I found myself unable to put this down – and when life stopped me reading, I genuinely couldn’t stop wondering what had happened all those years ago on Dartmoor on that camping trip.

Flawed characters. British landscapes. Flashbacks and mysteries unearthed to be solved. It really is a great read. I highly recommend Devil’s Way and I WILL be checking out other books by the author.

Five stars.

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Part of a series featuring Kate and Tristan,private investigators. An old mystery to solve,lots of action and plenty of twists. A good read.

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This is an amazing thriller, which I loved. I have read quite a few of Robert's books now, and I have loved them all.

The story is about Kate and her assistant Tristan who set out to find a little boy called Charlie, who went missing near Devil's Way. His gran Jean shared a hospital room with Kate after Kate had a sea accident, and she asked her for help finding him.

This whole book reeled me in, and kept me reading. It was just so fantastic and I highly recommend this book, and all of the other books in the series! They are all terrific.

Many thanks to the author, publisher and NetGalley for a copy of this book.

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Devil's Way is the 4th book in the Kate Marshall series. Although I have only read the first in the series, I easily enjoyed this one and had no problems following the story. The premise behind the case Kate is working on is a parent's nightmare, a young child disappearing on a family camping trip. Kate has a swimming mishap and is in the hospital, sharing a room with Jean, a grandmother whose three-year-old grandson disappeared eleven years ago on a family camping trip. Jean was supposed to be watching him. His body was never found. Jean hires Kate and Tristan to find out what happened to Charlie. They take the case, although they aren't sure what they will find so many years later.

Kate is a Private Investigator, a job she took on after her last, case as a police detective that was horrendous and almost cost her life. Being an ex-detective, she has excellent skills of deduction, observation, listening, interviewing/questioning, researching and putting all those pieces together. Tristan is a great partner, keeping her reined in, prodding her to put the pieces together and is a great sounding board. I love how well they work together. Because she is not at 100%, Tristan does a lot of the leg work in this one and it was nice to see his skills as well. This was an interesting mystery, with lots of clues along the way. It was more of a suspenseful mystery than a thriller that I was expecting, but it was still a great story. I had my ideas along the way and boy was I wrong, every time. Cold cases are always interesting to me, especially as they were able to find evidence from that long ago. The secondary characters were a bit shady with alcoholism, murder and plagiarism in the past, but how Kate and Tristan used that information to solve the case was so intriguing. This was a well written story that I recommend.

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Thank you to NetGalley, Robert Bryndza and Raven Street Publishing for the free e-book in exchange for honest review.

I love Kate Marshall and every time there is a new book with her I worry it won’t be as good. But this one moves quickly and keeps you guessing right up to the end! I really enjoyed seeing more Ade in this one and of course Tristen!

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I loved this book so much although i had an inkling he was with the farming family, I just couldn't work out how or why. The murder of the social worker was brutal and I thought the crazy cruise lady did it so that was a shock! The were shocks and surprises all the way through I loved it!

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