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Young Forever by Dr. Mark Hyman is a revolutionary and practical guide to living longer and healthier. The book challenges the conventional wisdom that aging is inevitable and offers a 7-step plan to slow down and reverse the biological processes that cause disease, frailty, and decline. The book is based on the latest scientific research and the author's experience as a functional medicine doctor. The book covers topics such as nutrition, fitness, relaxation, sleep, detoxification, and supplements, and provides easy-to-follow strategies and tips to optimize your health and longevity. The book also features inspiring stories of people who have transformed their lives by following the book's principles. Young Forever is a must-read for anyone who wants to take charge of their aging and enjoy a vibrant and meaningful life.

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Young Forever by Dr. Mark Hyman provides guidance in how to live our longest, healthiest lives. Dr. Hyman’s researched-based book with advice on exercise, supplements, food should help us age gracefully if implemented. I voluntarily read this well-written complimentary copy of this book that I will come back to as I continue on my health journey. Well-done Dr. Hyman!

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Thank you to Net Galley and Little Brown Spark for the ARC in exchange for my honest review. This book contained good information and new therapies that are on the horizon. The author lays out basic information about good health, things that make our body age and what lifestyle practices are good and bad. He then has a plan that the reader can follow at the end of the book along with other recommendations for specific injuries or ailments. I have spent alot of time looking into healthy practices and follow the work of Drs. T. Colin Campbell, John McDougall, Caldwell Esselstyn, Dean Ornish, Michael Greger and Alan Goldhammer. Based on these doctors there is some information that seems questionable regarding diabetes and the need for animal protein along with several things he recommends in which in owns the company providing the product (must have a subscription to get the lower price). Also, many of the treatments seem over the top or most likely high priced which many could not afford. Yet, he doesn't push anything and specifically says it's up to the reader to make decisions based on what feels right and what they can afford.

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Big fan of Dr Hyman. I recommend his newsletter that comes out every friday. He is always introducing new healthy stuff. His holistic approach to health and wellbeing is timely.

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As I've grown older I've enjoyed reading research on aging and what I can do to slow that down. Young Forever was very informational and I will most likely refer to it again in the future.

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Publication date: 21 February 2023

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Young Forever by Dr. Mark Hyman is a revolutionary and inspiring book that challenges conventional beliefs about aging. With its wealth of evidence-based insights and actionable guidance, this book is a must-read for anyone seeking to extend their health span and embrace a vibrant, youthful life. Whether young or old, this book provides a roadmap for embracing the full potential of a healthy, happy life for years to come.

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I follow Dr. Hyman and own several of his books. They are all wonderful and this one is no exception.
I recommend this book and any others by this Dr.
He knows his stuff!!

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Young Forever
Author: Dr. Mark Hyman

I have read a couple books from Dr. Mark Hyman (The Blood Sugar Solution, The 10 Day Detox Diet) and enjoy his podcast. However, I thought that Young Forever was just fine. I feel like if you listen to wellness podcasts/do other research and reading, this book won't offer much information that would be new for you. It did give some actionable, easy to implement steps that you could start on immediately which was great.
Overall, I would say it was a fine read (not bad, not great) and would be good for someone who is trying to start their research into longevity and health.

Thanks to NetGalley, Little Brown + Co, and Dr. Mark Hyman for an advanced copy of the book. All thoughts in this review are my own.

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I love Mark Hyman. I have been following him forever and always find his health insight to be highly valuable. As a physician, I respect the work he has done to practice HEALTHcare instead of SICKcare. This was great and applicable to my OWN life.

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This book offers a deep-dive into the latest longevity research. Fortunately, the information is written in a way that someone without a medical background can still easily understand. Fans of Peter Attia and David Sinclair will appreciate the information in this book. The author provides actionable steps to improve longevity using diet, supplements, exercise, sleep, and focusing on a sense of purpose. He also covers more experimental treatments that may be more commonly used in the future. I appreciated that the author specifically listed his personal regimen at the end of the book. Although he promoted his own company's services, he also mentioned many other unaffiliated products, which made the book feel less like an advertisement. A solid book for readers interested in longevity!

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Young Forever: The Secrets to Living Your Longest, Healthiest Life by Mark Hyman is packed full of well-researched information. But to do all of the things he suggests would be a full-time job and I feel also cost a lot of money, therefore making it not feasible for a large portion of the population. Dr. Hyman does acknowledge this and suggests that as many of the tips are done as possible for each person's individual situation. This makes it seem possible to get started on this healthy lifestyle, for which I'm appreciative. He points out that even making some of the changes will be beneficial and we can each strive toward more. One thing he points out is that we all consume way too much sugar and that should be cut out, for me cutting it down works. He also suggests that the bed should not be a place for reading and/or watching tv. I'm fine with cutting out tv, but no way am I giving up reading in bed! There are many tests he suggests and I'm working through them to figure out which I've had done within the past year and which are attainable to schedule. I also realized in listening to this book that I would love to have a functional medicine doctor, something to work toward! This book will be one I refer back to often.

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I requested this book because I was feeling restless in my body and unable to do serious narrative reading--something had happened that my brain was distracted and needed an informational text to steady it. This book was fine--it hit what I needed, which was encouragement to make healthier choices and develop better habits--and I appreciated the anecdotes and stories that helped build this book, but I can't say this would be a book that would encourage me to pick up others by Hyman.

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I first saw Dr. Mark Hyman since I saw him on a documentary with Joe Cross. Stunned that a doctor was attempting to fix the problem rather than bandaging the symptoms, I have been following him ever since,

I agree that this is a bit informerically, but it was very informative. Who wants to live a long life if you aren't healthy? If you can barely walk or stand on your own? My guess is very few people.

I like how he doesn't dumb down the science. He does his best to tell us what he means in layman's terms without assuming that the masses wouldn't understand. Much of the information helpful and easy to implement into the daily use.

Thank you to NetGalley and Little, Brown and Company, Little, Brown Spark for an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review.

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While I don't agree with all of Hyman's ideas, I did like his discussion of healthspan vs lifespan. That's the goal for everyone, not just living a long time, but living a long life with the ability to enjoy that life and not be sick. There are some interesting topics discussed, though overall, this wasn't the most exciting read.

Thanks to Little, Brown and Company, Little, Brown Spark and NetGalley for the eARC in exchange for my honest review.

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I've been following Dr. Mark Hyman for a few years, so I wondered whether I would learn anything new in his latest book. The short answer is: yes. Young Forever by Dr. Mark Hyman contains a lot of practical health advice accompanied by scientific background explained in simple terms.

I appreciate that his premise of living longer is tied to also being healthy; after all, what is the point of living longer in a state of disease or decline? The information is also empowering as it explains that people have a lot more control over their health than they may realize. It is unfortunate that our modern diets and lifestyles have left us in dire health, but Dr. Hyman gives some tips to counteract all of that.

One could argue that this book is somewhat self-promotional, as it promotes some of the doctor's own services and products, but that does not detract from what is shared in the book. Even if readers purchase none of his products, they are given some great advice on how to live a longer and healthier life.

I will recommend this to readers who are looking for ways to change their lifestyle to benefit their health.

Thank you to Little Brown and Company and NetGalley for the digital ARC in exchange for my honest review.

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Young Forever is a book about living longer but also about being healthy until death. I only want to live long if I can stay healthy. The theory of this book is all about balance - not too much or too little. I think it would be great to be young forever and this book gives you ways to do that. It is so neat to think that we can make changes that make us feel younger than we are today.

This will be a reference guide to use when things go wrong to make them better. Then we can stay as young as possible as long as possible. Mark Hyman's advice in seminars, emails, website and books are all focused on making us the best we can be at any age.

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I had hoped to get some good information on health. Instead this turned out to be more of an informercial in book form. It always seemed to hint at things but never gave any concrete steps.

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Thank you @littlebrownspark and @netgalley for my advanced eCopy of this fantastic book by one of my favorite authors, @drmarkhyman. My thoughts are my own.

“Learn how to get biologically YOUNGER while growing physically OLDER!”

I have been reading the work of Dr. Mark Hyman for years, so I was very excited to get early access to this book. Dr. Hyman has a great way of explaining scientific/medical processes in a way that the reader without a medical degree can easily understand.

This well-written and well-researched book is divided in three parts. In the first part, Dr. Hyman explains “How and Why We Age”. Yes, some paragraphs may take a second reading as you absorb what he is explaining, but I believe the explanation is critical to understanding the WHY of the program! (And, the explanation is what ultimately motivates me to make changes in my eating, movement, and lifestyle habits!) Dr. Hyman explains the breakdown of systems in our body causing chronic disease and inflammation. He discusses obesity and lack of sleep, as well as other issues.

Before you get overwhelmed with what may already be wrong with your body, in Part 2, Dr. Hyman discusses “Optimizing Your Health Span and Life Span”. He explains how you can begin to eat, move, and improve your lifestyle in order to balance your biological systems and activate your repair systems.

In Part 3, Dr. Hyman explains the Forever Young program. Dr. Hyman calls this is your step-by-step guide to “diagnose the imbalances in your system and to implement a radical change in your health.” (p. 163) Dr. Hyman discusses foods, the best diet, supplements, and more. Your daily habits influence how you age and with this program you can begin today to take steps to reverse this.

I am implementing these changes in my life today!
I can’t say enough how much I enjoyed this book and truly plan to implement changes in my daily habits.

This book is out now!

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📚 Book Review 📚
Title: Young Forever: The Secrets to Living Your Longest, Healthiest Life
Author: Mark Hyman, MD
Genre: Non-Fiction / Health & Wellness
Date published: February 2023

A huge thanks to @netgalley and @littlebrownandcompany for providing me with a digital ARC in return for an honest review.

Dr. Mark Hyman delivers a thoroughly researched and digestible book on break-through medical innovations currently in practice and on the horizon that have the potential to extend our life-spans in the near future. This book focuses on the importance of understanding and integrating science into your healthy life-style choices in order to activate and optimize the body’s natural healing systems. Dr. Hyman outlines an extensive list of suggestions and guidelines that can help to prevent, repair & reverse the negative affects of aging.

✍️ My review:
While reading this book it’s clear to see and feel Dr.Hyman’s passion and excitement for what he calls the transformative revolution in medicine, which he supports with an array of amazing current and near-future treatment options. I’ve followed him on instagram for awhile and have always enjoyed learning from him. If you keep up on health & wellness innovations, as I try to, then a lot of what he shares as “to-do” won’t be new, but the science behind the “why” and what these changes mean for your body were a great addition to my understanding and motivational for change. Be prepared for the book to mention the “Young Forever Program” countless times and for there to be so many suggestions you might feel overwhelmed. I’ve chosen two changes to start with: I’ve ordered Vitamin D3 with K2 supplements and I have started to research foods with phytochemicals. Can’t wait to continue on my Young Forever journey 😊.

💕You might like this book if:
🔹you want to know how you can be be biologically younger and healthier than your chronological age
🔹 you like to keep up on the latest medical research
🔹you are interested in Functional Medicine
🔹you want to feel as young and healthy as possible while you age

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If you are looking for ways to 'next level' your healthy lifestyle, or want to extend your healthspan into your 80's, 90's or beyond, this is the book for you. Dr. Hyman put his extensive research and personal experiences into a deep-dive explanation of practices and therapies designed to optimize health.

I always find Mark Hyman's work relatable, with specific recommendations and product endorsements. As someone who is deeply interested in longevity research, the description of Young Forever was intriguing, and I knew that I would learn a lot from this book. I was not disappointed. I read an e-book, and will be purchasing a hard copy for personal use as soon as it publishes. The book has a chapter of quizzes that help diagnose imbalances, and follows with a chapter of specific recommendations to optimize each of the areas diagnosed. I want to be able to reference these chapters specifically as I continue on my health journey.

I am not sure, however, that Young Forever is a book for beginners. The recommendations are numerous, many are cutting edge or require work with a functional medicine doctor to implement, and just the sheer volume of practices might be overwhelming. Dr. Hyman encourages baby steps, though, and Young Forever offers lots of ideas.

Thank you to Netgalley and Little Brown and Company for the digital ARC of Young Forever: The Serets to Living Your Longest, Healthiest Life. The opinions in this review are my own.

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