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Whoa talk about action packed?! This book had everything! It had high suspense, intrigue, action packed, murder, mystery, bloodshed , gore, and great battles and great mind games! The storyline was crazy interesting! It had me glued to my Kindle! I highly recommend reading this book! I sure hope there's going to be more! I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book! Definitely don't miss out on this one! Thank you Netgalley and the publisher for sharing this book with me!

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OMG! I’m addicted to action packed, adventurous, riveting writing style of M. W. Craven. I also adore his brewery choices as well!

As a devoted fan of Washington Poe& Tilly Bradshaw, I was so excited to get introduced with his brand new, badass, new hero Ben Koenig!

Koenig is eccentric, enigmatic, complex, extra layered character with full of surprises, reminding us Jack Reacher meets Jason Bourne kind of tight lipped, damaged loner who likes to do things in his own way. You have to peel his layers to learn more about his past, his secrets which is exciting and intriguing exploration.

Once upon a time he was the head officer of U. S. Marshal’s elite Special Operations Group. He resigned to lay low for his own personal reasons. But when he sees his face on TV, mentioning as the most wanted, he realizes something is terribly wrong!

His path crosses with his former boss who requests his corporation for a very special job that can be only done with his superior skills. Koenig has no intention to accept the job but he finds himself drawn into the missing woman’s case which leads him to a small town in the burning heat of the Chihuahuan Desert. The townies are adamant to do anything to keep their secrets hidden, threatening Koenig who is digging through things that shouldn’t be exposed! Luckily, Koenig has a special condition to not get scared easily. ( let’s make a correction: he never scares at all)

The heart pounding, brutal action scenes, fast pacing writing style, unexpected twists make you scream WTH! As you read more chapters, you realize things are getting even more heated. It’s amazing wild ride you never want to skip!

Overall: I need more Ben Koenig books ASAP! It’s wonderful to meet with this unforgettable character!

Special thanks to NetGalley and Flatiron Books for sharing this wonderful digital reviewer copy with me in exchange my honest opinions.

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How to stay off the grid is a task that Ben Koenig was able to do the past six years. But suddenly his face appears on a television in a diner where he is eating as one of the Most Wanted! This former US Deputy Marshal wonders what is up.

He doesn't have long to wait as pretty quickly he is picked-up and now the adventures begin. It was not so much that he is wanted for any crime although that seems like a possibility. A former boss has a special and delicate task for him that will use all his skills and causes him to relive some of the reasons he left the Marshal Service to begin.

Adventures and more are explored in this book with an intriguing character sort of like Jack Reacher. Koenig has been a wanderer but now it is no longer possible if he is going to help his friend and former boss. The story has some amount of violence and possible plays on the ends justify the means.

Fast paced and complete with several unexpected plot twists. One of the more enjoyable stories I've read in a while. Definitely a high recommendation to any potential reader. Just be prepared to find it hard to put down and the story and writing is compelling.

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this was a really well done thriller series, it was a great debut of Ben Koenig. I was invested in the way the characters were written and how they worked in the story. It does a great job in being a thriller novel and I enjoyed the plot of the book. I enjoyed the way M. W. Craven wrote this and am excited to read more from the author.

"When I woke, we viewed what we’d done. I was happy. Job done. The film and evidence would have fooled me. But would it fool Peyton North?"

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