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I love Teresa's writing and this book was no different. Riveting and immersive. Intense and scary. I just love what she does.

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This is an excellent read. The chapters are short making this a fast paced read. The characters are well developed and believable. It is atmospheric in places.

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Tell Me Lies was a great mystery with a twist that I did not see coming. My takeaway is be careful who you make friends with.

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I wasn’t sure I was going to like this one but it turned out really good! This was my first read from this author and I found the storyline very intriguing. It was definitely a a nice paced page turner with twists and turns and little bit of drama.

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A creepy and suspenseful read, Teresa Driscoll has done it again! She is the queen of psychological thrillers and I couldn't have loved this more. Highly highly recommend!

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This is a great suspenseful thriller that had me hooked the whole way through. I couldn’t wait to sit down and read on to find out what would happen next. Teresa Driscoll certainly knows how to draw you in and keep the story interesting.
I’ll definitely be recommending this book!

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Psychological thriller about a couple who rent a holiday cottage in Cornwall to try and mend their marriage after the husband has an affair. The cottage is in a beautiful but isolated location. As soon as they get there, strange things start to happen, with dead owlets appearing on the doormat and knocks on the back door without anyone being there. All the stress has made the wife's nightmares following a childhood incident restart. Slightly unbelievable ending but enjoyable read nonetheless.

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Tell Me Lies is the sort of book that keeps the reader at the edge of the seat, it has mystery, deceit, lies, misinterpretation of facts because of said lies, and proof that not everything is as it seems. For those who love the genre this is a must-read!
I thank Ms. Driscoll, her publisher and NetGalley for the free copy of this book.

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It was supposed to be a nice relaxing break for Hannah, Sam and daughter Lily in lovely Owl Cottage in Cornwall. A last minute ditch to save their rocky marriage. Of course it was nothing of the kind! I would have liked this a lot more if there were less attempts to scare the family. Much too much and after a while it becomes boring and repetitive, as was the going over of the same things. Hannah was irritating, wringing her hands, opening her eyes wide. There were several twists and turns but they didn’t quite make up for the many lacklustre parts. You might enjoy it if you’re a fan of nervous/shivering wrecks main characters! As always though can’t fault the Cornish setting.

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Thank you for the ARC of this book.

It took me 3 attempts to read this and finish it. The storyline was good but I found the characters very annoying at times and the book was a bit simply written for me. Hence the 3 stars.

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Hannah and her husband Sam decide to go away on a holiday to Owl Cottage in Cornwall. Hannah has recently discovered that Sam has cheated on her with a coworker named Sophie, and she is hoping that time away for him with their 8 year old daughter Lily will ultimately help them reconnect. The problem is when they arrive, Hannah starts to hear strange noises and she falls down the stairs when the power is cut and a few dead owlets appear on their doorstep. Is Hannah losing her mind? Is her husband doing all of this or could it be someone else?

TELL ME LIES was another fantastic book by Teresa Driscoll. I have read all of her books and this one may be my new favorite. I loved the creepy isolated cabin and the past and present timelines. I don't want to say much more, but to enjoy TELL ME LIES and all the surprises that are in store for you. I really enjoyed the ending and how everything came together.

Many thanks to NetGalley and Amazon Publishing UK for my ARC in exchange for my honest review.

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Being a huge Teresa Driscoll fan I didn't hesitate to download Tell Me Lies this book is a slow paced thriller withlots of twists and turns that I couldn't put down. I have put this book on my Christmas wishlist so I definitely recommend this to thriller fans.

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A book that will leave you intrigued to find out if Hannah is really a reliable narrator and discover what is behind the mysteries of Owl Cottage. Quick and enjoyable reading!

Thanks to Netgalley and the publishers for the opportunity to read this book!

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A delicious story that deals with one characters paranoia but she may not be paranoid but her secrets may be coming out to haunt her.

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Thank you netgalley for the advanced copy for review

This was a suspenseful read with lots of creepy goings on. It kept me guessing and reading on to find out what was happening.

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Sam and Hannah are having a week away at Owl cottage with their daughter Lily trying to get there marriage on track. When Hannah begins to find dead owls each morning and hears knocking she starts to question what is going on. This also brings back nightmares from when she was a child. A great psychological thriller.

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Hannah and Sam's marriage is in peril after he had an affair. They have tried counselling, so now they have decided on a holiday at Owl Cottage in Cornwall, in an attempt to try and fix their broken relationship. They have an eight year old daughter Lily.

When strange things start occurring at the tranquil cottage, Hannah is plunged into dark memories and she can not help but think someone is playing with her.

A great dark and disturbing thrilling read that will keep you hooked from the start.

Thank you to Netgalley for my copy in exchange for an honest review.

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So, here’s the deal with Tell Me Lies by Teresa Driscoll. Hannah, Sam, and their daughter Lily want a fresh start after a betrayal that sent their marriage into freefall. They decide to seek solace in the picturesque Owl Cottage in Cornwall. However, the holiday home triggers dark memories for Hannah.

Things get really weird when Hannah starts finding dead creatures on the doorstep and hearing mysterious knocks at the door. She starts wondering if someone’s messing with her or if her past has finally caught up, messing with her sanity.

As all these messed up events start affecting the local community and the police get involved, Hannah turns to Sam for help. Disappointingly, he brushes off her worries. Now Hannah’s questioning if she was wrong to ever trust him. Are her memories driving her crazy, or is something way more sinister going on?

Now, let me tell you what I thought about this book. First, that cover is totally on point! It sets the mood for the wild story inside. And boy, did I enjoy it! The writing was top-notch and kept me on my toes with its fast pace and unexpected twists. Plus, the setting of Owl Cottage added some serious atmosphere to the whole thing. The characters were fascinating, and the ending left me satisfied. This was my first Teresa Driscoll book, but it definitely won’t be my last. Can’t wait to dive into more of her work!

**ARC Via NetGalley**

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After a betrayal that sent their marriage into freefall, Hannah and Sam are desperate for a fresh start with their eight-year-old daughter Lily―and where better than picture-perfect Owl Cottage in beautiful Cornwall. But something about the holiday home stirs dark memories for Hannah…

When she finds dead creatures on the doorstep and hears mysterious knocks at the door, Hannah can’t help wondering whether someone is messing with her―or whether the past she’s been running from has finally claimed her sanity.

As the disturbing events at Owl Cottage seep out into the local community and the police become involved, Hannah turns to Sam for help, but when he dismisses her worries, she wonders if she was wrong to ever trust him. Are the memories making her paranoid, or is this something more sinister than she dares imagine?

Another slow burner that hits you with twist after twist after twist. Driscoll is the queen of suspense and after reading this story you will find it hard to disagree.

Driscoll turns the mundane, sinister, leaving you with a constant feeling of paranoia and unease as you follow Hannah’s storyline and her nerve wracking endeavours to discover who has it out for it and what they want! A great, tense mystery that definitely delivered.

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Book Review: Tell Me Lies by Teresa Driscoll
Published by Amazon Publishing UK and Thomas & Mercer, April 18, 2023

★★★★☆ (4.25 Stars)

I've heard a lot about British mystery writer Teresa Driscoll but had never previously read her books.

When I first opened "Tell Me Lies", I thought , no, I'm not the audience for this suspense thriller.

Presented in the first person, Author Teresa Driscoll portrays a wife's fawning reportage to her husband, almost as though in a confessional. And, alternatively, in third person omniscient, the story from the perspective of the husband.

Then, as "that" horrible twist unfolds, I understand, feel utterly enlightened how the author's writing style for this novel perfectly fits the gripping finale.

And quite cleverly so!

- - - - -

// "Tell Me Lies" by Teresa Driscoll (2023) //

"Owl Cottage"
Cornwall, West Country, England

Hannah's a trust fund baby. Resolutely romantic so as to forego a prenup with the man she loves.
Against everyone's advice.

Sam's a lawyer. Who turns out to be an unfaithful spouse, caught cheating.

If they divorce, he gets a windfall. Half of the couple's conjugal property.

They have a sweet little girl named Lily.
So Hannah and Sam try to reconcile.
The marriage counselor suggests a family vacation trip.
And they find an idyllic place. In Cornwall.

The first vacation lie comes promptly. On Day One. Dead owlets on their doorstep.

Then she hears him whispering on the phone in the next room, unbeknownst to himself.
"...I don't have access to the trust fund..."

The stage is set.

Seven days in historical, quiet, scenic West Country. Of secrets and deceit.

Utter terror. And death.

And no. It's not what you think....!


Thoroughly enjoyable, well-written psychological "English cottage" mystery thriller of the first order.

Review based on an advance reading copy courtesy of Amazon Publishing UK, Thomas & Mercer and NetGalley.

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