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The Journey of The Little Prince

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The Little Prince was read to me in 5th grade and I read it again in my French class. I also watched the film for this one. This illustrated story is like a re-telling of the original book by Antoine de Saint-Exupery.

I always loved this story so much, even more so as an adult, because I'm reminded of my childhood and the lost of innocence that comes with adulthood. With each person he meets, he also learns something new. The book may seem like it is for children but the lessons it teaches is for kids and adults alike.

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What a beautiful book! Following on from the original Little Prince book, this one showcases different things such as wealth, knowledge, appearance, inner beauty and power.

Some are good, some not so. Seen from the Little Prince's perspective, it gets you thinking about what is important in life and what makes you happy.

All well and good being rich but does it make you appreciate what you have? Do compliments help you or them feel better? Do you want to learn about something and experience it too - try it out for yourself?

Enjoyable read! Cute illustrations too.

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A short version of the classic The Little Prince geared to younger children. I enjoyed how reflective questions were included to guide parents and children in discussion about different character traits. Ideal for younger readers.

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Really enjoyed the Journey of The Little Prince by Corinne Delporte with Antoine de Saint-Exupery's illustrations. The Little Prince is one of my all time favorite books, and this is a great way to introduce Children to it! I of course love the classic illustrations. My only complaint is that I think it could have been a bit longer!

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Thanks to NetGalley, the publisher and everyone that contributed to the existence of this book for providing a free copy in exchange for an honest review!


I personally haven't read "The Little Prince" as a kid, but this cute little book encouraged me to get to the original novel soon. Despite being a book for little kids, this retelling is packed with lessons to learn and things to consider.

😍 The good:
The book is adorable and summarises well the key ideas of "The Little Prince", encouraging discussions on it. The addition of the original illustrations is also a great thing.

😅 The not-so-good:
Not much to say, as I feel that it's rather hard to go wrong with such cute books. The story itself lacked depth though, as the summary was really simplified and the emphasis was on the lessons. I believe that the original book should be read before this.

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Very cute book. I love the classic, “The Little Prince.” This book explains some adventures as the prince travels, but also shows how some traits in people are not good. While the information on traits takes a little from the story, they are a great way to spark conversations with children.

Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for the Advance Reader's Copy in exchange for my honest review.

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This book is a follow-up of the original "The Little Prince". It contains reflections for each of the men that The Little Prince had visited during his journay, what they symbolize, and it came with a reflection/journaling prompt.
This is a good book for children and adult to start journaling with The Little Prince as its reference.

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Classic, must-read book. It would be a great night time story that is simple yet deep.
This illustrations are lovely. Thank you Net Galley.

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I loved this book! I love that it includes some of the original characters, and that it explains after each encounter why the little prince was displeased/disappointed by the adults.
The only thing I disagree with is calling it a retelling, where it mainly just mentions some characters and explains the prince’s disdain for them/why they were of no interest to them.

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I am a big fan of The Little Prince and I think people should rather read the original, than this retelling. It's not a retelling per se, as it mostly extracts the lessons from the original work and presents them in a less lyrical way.

It uses the original illustrations, but the story is lacking that touch of magic that the original has. It fell flat for me.

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I absolutely loved this book. The way it takes you through the different types of leaders on each planet and gave you a pause to be able to discuss each type with your child. This book allows for so much introspections, even as an adult.

I love how this book expresses that some of the most important things in life, are intangible. This book is a great conversation stater to share with your children.

I am definitely going to purchase a copy of this book for my kids. I loved it and would reread and gift this time and time again. The illustrations are beautiful.

I volunteered to read a copy of this ARC through NetGalley.

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i adored the little prince when i was a kid and seeing a redone version was super cool! i think this is super cute and i hope it brings the story to more kids now

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A short and sweet story. I have always been a fan of the little prince this is one further step ahead in journey of the little prince.

This little book teaches us how the essential things in our life are mostly invisible to us.

Sweet and cozy, it was a good read. Thank you Netgalley and the publishers for the ARC in exchange of an honest review.

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Follow the Little Prince as he leaves his home planet in search of adventure. Along the way he meets a King, a man wearing a very big hat, a strange businessman, a geographer and a fox. By meeting each one he learns an important lesson.

This book through the little Prince’s adventures teaches your child a number of different lessons in a very engaging way. The use of questions to the reader was very effective and encouraged active conversation. At times however I felt it may have been a bit advanced for the age group targeted.

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The Journey of The Little Prince is a lovely and well written interactive discussion/activity plan with questions for analyzing The Little Prince written and collated by Corinne Delporte. Released 4th April 2023 by Chouette on their CrackBoom Books imprint, it's 22 pages and is available as a boardbook.

This excellent small book features the timeless beloved illustrations from The Little Prince. Referring to the original book, this book features questions inviting readers/facilitators/teachers to help their students explore their own feelings and interact at a deeper level.

This is not an alternative version of the original. It's set up more as an interactive lesson plan with questions inviting readers to contemplate their own feelings about things which happen in the original story.

Five stars. Obviously beautifully illustrated, as it uses some of the original illustrations, but additionally it's full of introspective questions and prompts to involve the youngest readers in learning to appreciate great classic literature.

Five stars. It would be an excellent choice for public or school library acquisition, homeschooling use, home library, and gift giving. Text throughout is in English.

Disclosure: I received an ARC at no cost from the author/publisher for review purposes.

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The Journey of The Little Prince pays homage to the novella originally written by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. With stunning illustrations that highlight some of the key parts of the story, this book does an excellent job of portraying various lessons surrounding power, wealth, and knowledge.

The Little Prince was one of the first books I have ever read, and one of the only books that would immediately come to mind whenever someone would ask for quick-read recommendations. At five years old, I never read between the lines and missed all the important takeaways that I've only come to realize after re-reading it a few more times as a teenager and into adulthood. The Journey of The Little Prince is the perfect introductory book to engage children in the meaningful concepts in the eye-opening story of The Little Prince and all the other characters he encounters in his journey. And even though this is primarily catered towards a younger audience, I think everyone of all ages will be able to appreciate The Journey of The Little Prince as we visit the questions that make you think while basking in the beautiful illustrations.

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"The Little Prince leaves, increasingly disappointed with the adults he is meeting."
i’m an adult yet i agree with this 🫢 12 pages of this little book contains a lots of wisdom in its word.

thanks to netgalley for the copy!

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The illustrations in this book are very pretty, but it's essential a summary of the story and its morals. I think the themes and morals it summarizes might be too advanced for little readers. The story itself is quite confusing to someone who's never read the original and might not capture the attention of little readers.

Best for fans of the original book, or as a supplement

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I loved how the character is asking the reader a question. This is a good way to get a child's interest piqued. Kids can learn to think for themselves by asking the questions the book provides to them. The illustrations are adventurous and super cute. I would suggest this book to parents with elementary school-aged kids.

Love Always, Catherine

I received an advanced review copy for free. I am leaving this review voluntarily.

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This is a fun introspective exercise! It follows the original story with some added comments and thoughtful questions about your own life. It reminds me of english classes, except the prompts are more personal and journal-based. I think they're important questions to consider, and I enjoyed reading this!

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