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While I’ve read several of the Pike Wisconsin series, they can be read individually. This latest is the author’s most intricately woven plot yet. There’s the discovery of an old skeleton by local teenage boys. This begins to unravel secrets buried for years with random acts of violence following the discovery. 
The local sheriff is on his honeymoon leaving a status seeking, power hungry mayor in charge. He has no intention of opening an investigation on such an obviously cold case.
Far away in sunny Vegas retired stuntman/actor and heart pounding handsome Kaden reads about the skeleton and immediately knows her identity. She was his late brother’s fiancé and he feels obligated to get the justice his brother couldn’t.
Lia owns a small grocery store in Pike. The gossip is raging over the skeleton and one of the teens works for her part-time. Kaden and Lia feel the same flutters and sparks when they meet. Lia has knowledge of folks in the small town that Kaden lacks, they team up to get answers. The two of them chase clues, follow leads, ask too many questions and stir up a hornets nest of trouble. The skeleton has a story to tell that powerful people want snuffed out. Danger follows them as the murderous villain tries to keep secrets buried like the skeleton was supposed to be. There were sharp turns and endless false leads, greed, power and jealousy, dark lies and secrets. I could barely keep up with the twisted plot .
It was fascinating to follow Lia and Kaden as they developed a connection and the romance simmered and popped. All while trying to solve a mystery decades old and not get killed themselves. It may sound cliché but this is the best yet by the author. Unstoppable action and superb characters, tense suspense and oozing passion, highly recommend.
I’d like to thank NetGalley, Alexandra Ivy and Kensington Books for the digital advance reader copy of “Desperate Acts”. These are all my own honest personal thoughts and opinions given voluntarily without compensation.
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Buried secrets, murder, greed, power, obsession, and revenge all come together in small town politics and gossip combined with a famous stuntman and a small town girl who isn't what she seems. Yea, a complex story that will keep you guessing and add that Cinderella effect to tie it all together.
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This book is a page turner, and I really enjoyed it.  Billed as a romantic suspense, it does justice to both tropes, though I'd say the suspense gets a little more love.

Desperate Acts is the fourth in the series but my first. I think each book is very much a standalone work, though this one makes several references to the sheer number of murders this small town has endured. It also relies heavily on the fact that the regular sheriff--the previous novel's hero--is on his honeymoon and completely unreachable; the town mayor, quite the shady dude, is filling in.

In this book, we have town market owner Lia and former Hollywood stuntman Kaden trying to figure out the mystery of a skeleton found by some local kids. Lia is sure it's the body of a woman she'd seen 15 years before, jumping from a bridge. Kaden believes it's his brother's long-lost fiancee. The two partner up and play amateur sleuths, subsequently poking the bear. As they rattle cages, they begin to realize that they've found the person they didn't realize they'd been waiting for their whole lives.

The suspense is well played and kept me guessing, mostly because several townspeople are shown early on as having something to do with the mess (through their own third-person chapters). While their guilt is clear, their individual levels of involvement aren't. I did ultimately figure it all out, but it took me longer than usual. That said, the big reveal comes with several pages of the guilty party explaining their genius step-by-step in the classic "You're gonna die, so I may as well confess everything in great detail" speech. The author did a great job stringing us along, unfolding bits and pieces along the way, so it felt a little like cheating to finish it all that way.

Overall, I really had fun with this book and would definitely pick up another in this series and by this author.

I received an ARC of this book for free from the publisher and Netgalley. I'm writing this review voluntarily, and it reflects my honest opinion. Thanks!
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Desperate Acts by Alexandra Ivy is immersive, slow-burn and intriguing. A continuation of the established and enjoyable Pike series, it follows the journey of Lia & Kaden. Lia is an introvert who is a well-established businesswoman but keeps this under the radar, away from her nosy neighbours. She is still haunted by the distressing image of a run woman running and jumping. Kaden left Wisconsin for Hollywood and is content with his business in Las Vegas. However, when the skeletal remains are found, he finds himself back at Pike to seek justice on behalf of his later brother. This results in their paths crossing with the mutual aim of seeking the truth. I have been a massive fan of Alexandra Ivy, for she delivers the perfect mix of slow-burn romance and mystery. Desperate Acts certainly did not disappoint. This book is filled with suspense and enough twists and turns that will keep you guessing till the end. I was surprised by the ending and didn't see that coming.
I look forward to reading more books from this series. 

Thank you to NetGalley and Kensington Books for giving me an ARC. This honest review is left voluntarily.
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This book was okay. While I have always heard amazing things about Alexandra Ivy's books this one felt predictable to a point. It started super slow. The characters lacked real development. I think that had we gotten to know more of the main characters early on vs their budding attraction that went on forever it would have made the speed of the book go up a touch. Overall, it still wasn't a bad story. There were a few twists at the end that I didn't see coming that definitely added to the book.

Thanks to NetGalley for the ARC to review this new book.
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I've really enjoyed this series. Pike, WI is a small, snowy town with a lot of secrets. Lia witnessed some suspicious activity 15 years ago that ends up being connected to Kaden's personal search for what happened to his brother's fiance. The pair team up to conduct their own investigation when the local authorities fail to do so. They get embroiled in power and political moves and fight for their lives in the end. Lia and Kaden become closer throughout their investigation and find themselves protecting each other in several situations.
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This story had more twists and turns than a corn maze!  It kept me riveted the whole time.  The two main characters were fascinating people  The residents of the small town were typical rural types.  The plot was well developed and well played.  If you are looking for a fun story that will hold your attention, look no further.

I have voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book that I received from NetGalley. All views expressed are only my own honest opinion.
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Excellent story line with some really suprising plot twists that i didn't see at all. Lia and Kaden are very good together, the pace of the book is very good and hard to put down and i like that there were references to previous books. It is definitely worth rhe read.
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Kaden Vaughn is a former Hollywood stunt driver. He believes the skeletal remains found in Pike, Wisconsin, belong to his brother’s fiancé. Kaden intends to solve the woman’s mysterious disappearance for his deceased brother. However, the authorities’ methods in handling the case seem shady and dubious. Kaden’s only ally is the owner of the local grocery store. Someone does not want them poking their nose into the case and tries to scare them off. Can Kaden protect Lia from the true murderer? What terrible secrets will they dredge up? And at what cost?
Lia Porter runs and operates her family-owned grocery store. When a body is discovered near town, she recalls an incident she had witnessed fifteen years ago. Lia disagrees with the authorities’ conclusion on the case. The only person who shares her suspicions is the ruggedly handsome stranger from Hollywood. She and Kaden start their own investigation, only to learn more than what they bargained for. Someone in Pike wants to keep their secrets hidden, and they are willing to kill to keep them. Will Lia become another unfortunate victim? Will she and Kaden solve the fifteen-year-old case?
Kaden is such a positive inspiration. He came from a rough upbringing with an alcoholic father. Kaden wisely escaped that lifestyle and found his path in life. I admire Kaden’s determination to honor his brother’s memory by solving the case that destroyed him. He may not have liked his brother’s fiancé, but he set aside his differences to investigate her strange disappearance. What I like the most about Kaden is his protectiveness towards Lia. He knows their investigation is dangerous, and he did not want to jeopardize her safety or livelihood.
It took me a while to warm up to Lia. She came off too serious and strait-laced for my tastes. However, my opinion changed as the story progressed. Kaden’s presence allowed Lia to tap into her hidden adventurous side. I understand Lia’s dislike of how others viewed her. She grows tired of being labeled as a dependable, by-the-book killjoy, who refuses to take risks. What I admire the most about Lia is her reasons for keeping her family-owned grocery store open. It is more for the residents than profit.
DESPERATE ACTS is the fourth book in Alexandra Ivy’s romantic suspense series, PIKE, WISCONSIN. This is my first foray into the author’s romantic suspense books. I am more familiar with her paranormal romances. The story can stand alone. The only commonality each book in the series shares is the setting: a small town called Pike in Wisconsin. I like how the story focuses more on Kaden and Lia’s amateurish investigation than their romance. The romance element is there, but it is subtle.
DESPERATE ACTS is a gripping tale of two strangers partnering up to solve a cold case. I plan on checking out the other books in this series. I cannot wait to learn what other dark and dangerous secrets Pike, Wisconsin has.
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Good book! This book had suspense, intrigue, action, murder, mystery, and a good who done it! The storyline was very interesting and kept me glued to my Kindle! I will definitely recommend reading this book as it was well worth reading! Thank you Netgalley and the publisher for sharing this book with me!
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Good story. Lots of twists and turns. Really twisted in the end. Kept me guessing. I loved the chemistry between Lia nd Kaden. They are a down to earth couple even with his career choice.
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This story exceeded my expectations. Any mystery book where I can't guess who the culprit is and why they did it, gets high marks from me. It is a complex story that seems very simple when you start reading. Bones are found and Lia remembers seeing a woman fleeing all those years ago. Kaden sees the story and goes back thinking he finally has a lead on what happened to his brother's fiancee. But local authorities want to sweep it under the rug, only more people end up murdered. Why and what did those people know and have in common. I did eventually figure out part of who the culprit was but not all nor the motive. I was left shocked and ready to read more by this author.
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This ARC was provided to me via Kindle, from Kensington Books and #NetGalley. Thank you to the publishers, NetGalley and the author for the opportunity to preview and review. Opinions expressed are completely my own. 

A wonderful addition to the established series.
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I received an advanced reader's copy of Desperate Acts by Alexandra Ivy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

I enjoyed this novel. The main characters, Lia and Kaden, were a really interesting pair. I liked their banter, chemistry, and story arc. The plot was engaging, the pacing moved swiftly, and (best of all!) the ending was not obvious from early on (something I appreciate). 

Can’t wait for Alexandra Ivy‘s next novel!
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When Lia was a teenager, she saw a woman jump off a bridge. Lia had snuck out to a party and was walking home when she saw the woman with a look of terror on her face. Fifteen years later, a skeleton is found under the bridge. Lia is running the little grocery store that has been in her family for hundreds of years. Kaden was a stunt driver now he has a pawn shop/garage where he makes custom made motorcycles. He heads to Wisconsin when he learns a skeleton is found. His brothers fiancée disappeared fifteen years ago and it drove his brother to an early grave. 
Lia and Kaden start doing their own investigation because the sheriff is gone and the mayor is acting sheriff and he’s not interested in investigating it. When several citizens are murdered and someone is trying to run Kaden off, but he’s determined to find out what’s going on. 

I know it probably makes no sense but it is an awesome story. Suspense. Heart pounding fast paced action. Sex. This is the best one so far in my opinion. Secrets. And a shocking ending.

* Voluntarily read and reviewed this for NetGalley *
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Another great entry in the Pike, Wisconsin series, it does what I was looking for in this series. The plot was so well done and it was what I expected from the previous books. I enjoy the way Alexandra Ivy wrote this, she has a great way of telling a story and how she wrote these characters. It left me wanting more and was glad I read this.

"That was true enough, but Lia didn’t think for a minute that the mayor was worried about Kaden embarrassing the city of Pike. He was worried that Kaden was going to expose something from the past. Something that was a danger to him, or one of his cronies."
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A return to Pike,Wisconsin and more murders. A body is found after being missing for 15 years. Who was it and who was the murderer?  I have to admit I was surprised at the end. Never suspected who did it. I loved the characters of Lia and Kaden and wish I learned more about their future. Guess I was sad to see this book end. I would highly recommended it to anyone who loves romantic suspense. This book could be read as a standalone even though it is number 4 in the series.
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