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Science, Matter and the Baseball Park

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A quick sports meets science read. An unconventional way to look at particle science, that might be more accessible and interesting to kids who are into sports. It's fun to have the text rhyme, and you are learning about particles without even realizing it. My only wish is that there would be just a bit of backmatter to boost the information presented in the text. But that can easily be found with a quick google search, so it's not a dealbreaker.

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I appreciate how the author was able to mesh science and sports. I think this book will help children see the value in core classes and how they are linked to everyday/favorite activities.

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Informative and visually pleasing. But while this is an interesting idea, I wonder if the target audience might be a bit too young to grasp the concepts.

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Wonderful combination of STEM and baseball. The illustrations are excellent. I like the introduction of science terms such as matter, atoms, solid, liquid, and gas told within the story of a baseball game. This book works well for home or classroom use.

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Science Matter and the Baseball Park is useful in explaining the concept of matter through baseball. It will appeal to students and help them better understand by using an engaging topic.

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I do feel this is a well done series to teach children about the very basics of science.
I find the concept representation visualisation with baseball a great idea! Things are shown vividly considering the age group of the readers and in a way the adult reader accompanying the children reading the book to handle the explanation well.

Amazing indeed. Kudos to the team!

Thank you, Gnome Road Publishing, for the advance reading copy.

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For sport loving youngsters, this is a great introduction into the topic of matter.

This childrens books has gorgeous illustrations whilst describing how we can see the three states of matter at play during a baseball game.

My homeschool kids loved it.

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An early reader book that teaches some basics of science via the ballpark.

Though exceptionally simple in the knowledge it’s imparting, the book charmingly uses objects and actions common to a baseball game to teach concepts like matter and the foundational basics of physics and chemistry. It’s a clever way to get kids to take an interest in such things, so in that sense the concept is a success.

I worry a little about the audience for this. Those old enough to be learning this will surely see this book as “too babyish” in its simplicity, minimal text, and lack of detail. Which is a shame, because it could have been adjusted slightly to appeal to a slightly older audience. This feel more like a book aimed at age 4-ish, which is too young to be learning semi-abstract concepts like the science included here. The 6-7 year olds who would be the right age for that sort of information are far too old for a book this simplistic and spare, leaving it a great concept without a real audience.

I loved the illustrations and the concept behind this. Perhaps with some tweaking it can find an audience appropriate spot to land.

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