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A heart worth stealing will definitely steal your heart! A beautifully written book that is a breathe of fresh air. Who couldn't fall in love with Ginny and Jack?! Ms. barker poured so much into this story and probably a little bit more. Well done!
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Thief taker, I had never heard that term. What a fun book with lots of twists and turns. I love when the missunderstood underdog comes out on top. I love when a strong female character is true to herself.  This was a lot of both and so much more. And I hope some side characters get their own books!!!
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Totally loved this book! The Author is awesome at getting you into this captivating and stunning love story and its complications and difficulties but hey, a true love is worth fighting for.
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Thank you Shadow Mountain Publishing and NetGalley for this ARC!

Joanna Barker has done it again. Oh my heart!

This is exactly what I want from a historical fiction novel. A bit of mystery, some overbearing relatives, at least one dramatic ball, some near death experiences, a spurned lover and a couple of plot twists as well as a feisty heroine and a swoon-worthy hero. 

Yes. This was a perfect way to spend a Saturday evening, thank you for asking. Now. Go read it.
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Requested it on NetGalley, seconds after finishing A Game of Hearts because I was so in love with the writing and I was excited at the prospect of discovering a new favorite author. I was elated at getting my request accepted (thank you NG and publisher) but disappointed with the actual product. It felt flat and frankly, unoriginal. 

Who doesn't love a good mystery romance with reluctant partners to something more? Well, the mystery element was very poorly developed. Now, I didn't expect an intricate, complex plot for this genre but I also did not expect to predict the culprit in the first chapter. For a 2023 release and mystery being its centre plot, it should've been a little more innovative and original. Jack Travers, deemed as an incredible investigator yet he couldn't solve this simple case before a reader. He was too sure, too charming and too fake. I was waiting for a plot twist about his double personas but that was the twist. He is exactly who he is, surface level charming and unnerving to an extent. I did not feel a single spark for Ginny and Jack. 

All characters fell flat and I think, a few more chapters would've really improved the shortcomings. Couldn't help but think this was written on a short notice, considering how well thought out and well written A Game of Hearts was. 

Adored the scene with Jack's family and I wish we saw more of his all-female household. Highlight of the book for me.

This book won't deter me from checking out more of Joanna Barker in the future. Hopefully, her next project will be her best.
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I loved this book. 
The banter between Ginny and Jack is perfect, as is the tension. The level of suspense kept my attention the entire time without diminishing the romance. First-person POV solely from the heroine's perspective is my FAVORITE kind of romance format. (So much more intrigue that way!)

Honestly, if you like this genre in the slightest, I think you'll love this book! I thought A Game of Hearts was my favorite from this author, but now this one has stolen the show!

Thanks to the publisher for a copy to review! This is my honest opinion.
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Such a sweet and cute story!

Both Characters are very relatable, loved how the romance was paced. No misunderstandings regarding their feelings, but big obstacles in their way.  The mystery was a little predictable, but still engaging. Loved how  realistic they were regarding their situations, and their honesty with each other!

Would recommend to all clean historical romance fans!
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Once again, Joanna Barker delivers a must read for historical sweet romance fans!

After losing her father, Ginny is determined to care for her family home. But when her father’s beloved pocket watch goes missing along with other strange happenings around the estate, Ginny decides to enlist help to investigate. 

Cue former Bow Street Runner, Jack Travers. Jack is roguish and knows how to catch a criminal.  He’s one smooth talker and enjoys “ruffling feathers”. He’s a tad bad boy on the outside, but trustworthy, dependable, and a genuine good guy on the inside. 

Let me just say I was here for the romance!! I’m not going to say too much, but I’ve never read a book with a first kiss in this location!! It was so fun but also swoony and dreamy! Jack and Ginny had great banter and chemistry. I seriously could not get enough of them together. 

I loved the mystery. I may have guessed who the culprit was, but it didn’t take away any of my enjoyment from the book. And I loved how the mystery concluded and how justice was served in the end! 

Here are a few reasons you should read this book:
*Jack Travers
*strong female lead
*Glove removing/hand touching
*Whodunit mystery 
*Dreamy first kiss
*Jack Travers (yes, I know I’ve already mentioned him, but it needs to be repeated!)

Thank you NetGalley for this eARC. All opinions are my own.
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This might be my new favorite Joanna Barker book! I could not put it down and I had to know how it ended. It was the perfect balance of excitement and romance. We see the characters grow and develop as they try to solve the mystery of the missing watch. I desperately wish I could reread it for the first time.
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I wasn’t catfished by the cover! (Seriously, the cover is stunning). This book was enjoyable with an independent yet relatable heroine and a flirtatious and smirky hero. I would have loved to get inside Jack’s head and his reactions to Ginny. The whodunnit was really easy to figure out but this is a romance and not primarily a mystery so I would have been surprised if I was surprised. Loved the chemistry between the Jack and Ginny, that kiss, and the ending was perfection
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I got "A heart worth stealing" on netgalley. It was wonderful. I love joanna's books because they are calm, easy reads perfect for a lazy afternoon but interesting enough to keep you in the story. This book did not disappoint. The main characters were funny and engaging. The villian, a creep i loved to hate. I want ti see more if this world and i hope Joanna works more in this world.
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This just might be one of my favorite romances of the year! Joanna Barker has created such a masterpiece. This is one book you cannot miss out on. 

Ginny is a wonderful heroine. She is full of business, no nonsense, and has been working herself to distraction following the death of her dear father. She is smart and brilliant and willing to do ANYTHING to save her home and her father's legacy. 

Enter the 'Special Investigator' Jack. He is a tease, a flirt and so full of life. But he also knows who he is and takes his job seriously. Especially when it comes to Ginny. 

Their bantering was a delight. Their forced proximity made me giggle. And their chemistry made my heart melt. It wasn't all sunshine and roses between them, but they were able to figure things out and draw closer together to face this new threat to her home. 

The mystery was brilliant. It added so much depth to their romance, and tension to the story. I loved all the side characters, especially Beatrice and Jack's family. And of course the writing was phenomenal. I was completely absorbed and did not want to put this book down! I already want to reread it. 

You MUST READ this book. It might just be my favorite of Joanna Barker's yet!! 

Romance: kisses
CW: harassment, stalking, arson
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When a precious watch goes missing from her own home, Genevieve must enlist the help of a thief-taker, Jack Travers, to help her get it back. As the mystery deepens and the danger escalates Ginny and Jack work closely together to keep her home safe and soon the sparks are flying.

A Heart Worth Stealing has quickly become a favorite of mine. Not only is it a sweet romance, but it has the added element of mystery and intrigue that kept the story flowing. I was not able to predict the ending, which kept me turning page after page. 

My favorite character was Genevieve. Joanna has masterfully created a strong female lead who is resilient and determined, compassionate, kind, and witty. I loved seeing all of the different sides and parts that make up Ginny. I also enjoyed watching her grow as she let Jack into her heart and let those around her help her. 

Overall I would highly recommend A Heart Worth Stealing and any book by Joanna Barker!
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Read it for the:
- Headstrong Heroine / Flirtatious Hero 
- 'Whodunit' elements 
- Complex family relationships
- Well-paced romance and plot 
- Kiss scenes 

CW: attempted murder 
Final Rating 5/5 

Joanna Barker has created an immersive historical romance with a full cast of well-rounded characters in A Heart Worth Stealing. 

Although this is first and foremost a historical romance, this story has many mystery elements. I think all can agree, a mystery is best told when bits and pieces of information about the characters and plot points are given graduality throughout the story. Barker does this masterfully. She slowly revealed aspects that detailed the scene without giving away the surprise. Even if some might have guessed the final villain, the plot turned enough that I was kept up till the late hours of the night wondering which direction Barker would go. It was refreshing to have such an original storyline! 

The pacing worked so well for the romance between Jack and Ginny too.  The build-up between Jack and Ginny allowed the tension to grow and form a wonderful chemistry which made their relationship believable. Although written from Ginny’s POV, Jack’s mannerisms and reactions were so well recorded that his feelings were clearly known. Also kissing. The best kiss scenes. And the moments of angst? Yes. I was rooting for them. 

Jack may be one of my new favorite characters. Flirty, full of life, and with a drive for adventure, he balanced Ginny’s more pensive personality. I loved that both Jack and Ginny had a level of ambition that played wonderfully into the plot but left room for character growth. Without spoiling anything, I can only say it is difficult not to get attached to them as you learn about their struggles and challenges. Can I also use this moment to highlight the perfect complexity experienced between the main characters and the side characters? Ginny’s relationship with her older half-sister, Catherine, and Jack’s family and status in society, to name just a few, added that extra layer of intrigue. 

I could go on but I will end this review with nothing but my highest recommendation.

*I received a complimentary copy of this book. The opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own.
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What a lovely story! This was the perfect blend of mystery and romance! Clean of course, but with all the chemistry and feels. Highly recommend to anyone who loves regency romance with a bit of suspense!
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This book is everything I was looking for in a Regency romance. I loved the intrigue of what is going on Ginny and her home. I suspected the ending, but it still was a bit of a twist. Loved the heat and banter between Jack and Ginny as well. So sweet! Definitely recommend.
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Thank you to NetGalley for giving this ARC, and this doesn’t influence my review. This was good!!! The plot was kind of stupid and exaggerated everything a bit, but the writing style was great (I also guessed who the culprit was). The book had potential, but  eh.
      Tropes: regency mystery, slow burn, flirty roguish guy, hate to love, whodunnit, witty banter, grump/sunshine, regency romance 
      First line: “my study had been overrun by men”. Gurl that’s how it be 🫣🙄
      Romance!!!! Their witty banter was soo good and mannn he was roguish and hot af. Their witty banter was so good! They reminded me of Usui and Misaki from KWMS. Miss Genevieve would have made it to my top fav FMCS: I loved her easily annoyed personality pessimistic, feisty, feminist personality, she wouldn’t settle for any less than she deserved….But she turned into a simpering swooning fainting-type lady after they kissed, which literally made her whole personality change like sis why??? Romance did get cringy after the first kiss ngl
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Endearing regency romance with two energetic leads, a fun plot, and plenty of kisses.

Genevieve Wilde has enough problems: Ever since her father passed away, she's been managing his estate herself, all while fending off the "advice" of men who think they know better. But when her father's pocket watch is stolen, she'll do anything to get it back - even hire the troublesome and frustratingly attractive thief taker, Jack Travers.

As a romance, this ticks all the boxes for a fun regency romp. Longing looks, gloveless touches, and oh goodness what WILL the neighbors think? Both Genevieve and Jack have complex back stories, and their growing interest in each other felt very natural. Jack's family is delightful (I can only hope his sister gets some focus in another book?), and I found myself pleasantly surprised by the nuance of Genevieve's relationship with her sister (I do not enjoy romances where every other woman is objectively terrible). Spice level for our couple tops out at some very passionate kisses. As a mystery, the plot is a solid one with clues laid out in intervals and several nice twists. I don't think any hardcore mystery fans are going to be that surprised, but even guessing the outcome, I enjoyed the ride all the same. A great read for fans of regency romance, and also a decent recommendation for someone looking for a strong plot to carry the leads.
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Such a sweet story. I loved it. I also loved the ending! You think you had it figured out and then you don't and then....Gosh it was good. I loved how independent but dependent she was. It was a nice balance. I needed a sweet story like this. I always get good romance from Barker. Well written regency romance with not religion. This is a proper romance.
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One of the best books from the Proper Romance series!!!!!

After her father's pocket watch gets stolen, Genevieve decides to hire a private investigator to help her find it. The investigator soon discovers there might be more going wrong at Genevieve's estate than just a missing pocket watch. It does not take long for an attraction to form between Genevieve and the investigator.

This book far exceeded whatever expectations I had for it. The romance was SO SWEET!!!! The characters made the story captivating. I stayed up way too late trying to finish this book.

I admired Genevieve's determination to protect what she cared about. I LOVED her strong-willed nature and willingness to fight for what she loved. 

Jack was just so SWEET!!!!!!!! His banter with Genevieve was fun and endearing. He was kind, compassionate, and a hard worker. He cared enough about Ginny to be willing to let her go (even if he didn't have to). 
I also enjoyed the scenes where I got a glimpse of Jack's methods of investigation. It was fascinating how he was able to use his gift for reading people to help him solve the crime.

Another character I really enjoyed was Genevieve's half-sister, Catherine. The dynamic between the sisters was fascinating. Catherine's motives were totally relatable and made for a great character arc.

I found the plot intriguing, although at times a bit predictable. There were also times where I feel like the suspense should have been raised to keep the mystery alive more throughout the novel.

Overall, I would highly recommend this book to any fan of clean romance!!!

I received a review copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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