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A Heart Worth Stealing features a thief-taker and a mystery to solve which made it an intriguing story. Ginny and Jack are great main characters, both are strong, caring and loyal. I enjoyed everything about this fast paced proper romance.

I received a complimentary copy from the publisher. A positive review was not required and all thoughts are my own.
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I love Joanna Barker's books so much! I loved the mystery of this one! The romance between the two main characters was very well written and the chemistry was so perfect!!
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This book captures you right from the start. Ginny is a modern woman in a historical era, one determined she knows best and is willing to hire a thief-taker to prove it. Even though it could be a danger to her heart. Jack is a perfectly delightful hero, even though he may pester Miss Wilde, well wild.  However, the danger they may find themselves in could be worth far more than a pocket watch. 

The mystery in this story is intriguing and makes you want to keep reading, up into the late hours of the night. I truly appreciate the way Joanna Barker has woven the romance and mystery together and look forward to more from her. This will be a great addition to any book lover of mystery and regency romance!
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Thank you so much to NetGalley and Joanna Barker for providing me with a complimentary digital ARC for A Heart Worth Stealing coming out May 2, 2023. The honest opinions expressed in this review are my own.

Sowerby, England, 1802

Miss Genevieve Wilde lives in an unusual circumstance as an independent heiress. Her late father was a magistrate who left everything to her. She is determined to meet challenges all on her own, just as her father had taught her. So when her father’s pocket watch is stolen, she vows to get it back, even though the local authorities prove incompetent.

After reading the newspaper, she contacts a thief-taker to find the watch. It’s a choice Ginny regrets when former Bow Street officer Jack Travers arrives at her door. He is frustratingly flirtatious, irritatingly handsome, and entirely unpredictable. Ginny wonders if she’ll be able to resist such a man.

But after Ginny discovers that the missing watch is part of a larger plan against her life, she needs Jack’s help to protect her home and reputation. They enter into a risky charade with Jack as her pretend cousin.  He begins his investigation, starting with the household staff. As they work together to uncover the mystery, Ginny finds herself drawn toward her charismatic thief-taker, leaving her heart in just as much danger as her life. 

Overall, I loved this book! I’ve read a few books by Joanna Barker and I love her writing style. I think some of the decisions Ginny was making near the end of the book were a little stubborn. She didn’t seem to want to listen to reason and thought her way was the only way. But besides that, I thought the characters were fun. There was definitely chemistry between Ginny and Jack. I would’ve loved to see more of the interaction with Jack’s family and Ginny. His mother being an actress was different and interesting.

I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys sweet regency romances!
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This exciting story pulled me in and kept me guessing to the end.  Joanna Barker manages to write wonderfully romantic scenes, balanced by thrilling suspense, intrigue and danger.  The whodunnit element was cleverly woven throughout the story and the characters were vibrant.  

I received a complimentary copy of this book.  All opinions expressed are completely my own.
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Thank you Shadow Mountain Pub for the gifted ARC. 

3 words to describe A Heart Worth Stealing: Clever, Chemistry, Suspense. 

This book was a delight and our two main characters, Ginny and Jack, have such great chemistry and banter; I loved watching them fall for each other!

Joanna Barker is one of my go to historical romance authors, but in this book she also brings suspense and mystery, which made this one standout. But don’t worry, the *romance* still takes center stage.

This book lives up to its absurdly gorgeous cover and I highly recommend it!
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4.5⭐️ rounded up. 

Another fantastic novel from Joanna Barker. 
I absolutely loved the banter between Jack and Ginny, the chemistry was strong and the elements of mystery gave this book unexpected depth. 

I really loved the way Ginny especially was written. Often in historical fiction (especially in proper/clean novels as this is) even when a heroine is bold and independent it’s often tempered down because of the time period and conforming to society’s standards. In this book Ginny is strong minded, independent and not afraid to take action when she deemed it necessary. It was very refreshing. 

My only wish was that it was dual pov because I adored Jack and would have loved to see Ginny through his eyes.

I received an advance copy of this book from NetGalley, for an honest review. All views here are completely my own
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This was such a fun, sweet story…a great feel-good book. 

Genevieve Wilde has been left a young heiress at the death of her beloved magistrate father. She is headstrong and determined that she will continue to make him proud and protect and prosper her inheritance. At the theft of his pocket watch (Ginny’s most prized possession), she hires a thief-taker (former Bow Street runner Jack Travers) to find it. But soon more sinister things begin to happen around her, and she and Jack work together to unravel the “who” and “why” of the mystery. 

I had two favorite takeaways from this one…characters and writing. Ginny is such a wonderful heroine. While still grieving for her father, she steps up (at a young age) with determination and spunk to try and fill his shoes. And Jack, well Jack is so charming and engaging as a perpetual rogue and flirt. But what I loved most about him was that he never made Ginny feel invisible or ignored…he helped her but didn’t sweep in to take care of things when she wanted to handle them herself. They were such a good match. The writing was smooth and flowed easily with details and descriptions that were a pleasure to read and imagine. 

Really well-done. 

My sincere thanks to the author, NetGalley and Shadow Mountain for providing the free early arc of A Heart Worth Stealing for review. The opinions are strictly my own.
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Thank you Shadow Mountain Publishing and NetGalley for the ARC of this book! I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are my own.

This is such a good book! I enjoyed the characters. I was swooning over Jack which was kind of a first for me. I kept stealing glances at the cover which I feel like depicts Jack and Ginny SO well! I enjoyed that there is a mystery tied into this romance. 
This book follows the story of Genevieve or Ginny, an independent heiress who is to keep herself up to her expectations after inheriting the family estate. When her late father's pocket watch is stolen, Ginny decides she must solve this mystery. She is not taken very seriously by the magistrate and other officials. She decides to take this matter into her own hands. She hires a thief-taker, Jack Travers to help find answers. He is frustratingly flirtatious, irritatingly handsome and unpredictable. Can Ginny resist this man? As more of the pieces of the puzzle are being put together they realize that there is a bigger plot against Ginny then just a stole pocket watch. Can Jack and Ginny solve the mystery before it is too late? 

Read if you enjoy:
Enemies to lovers
Proper Romance
Strong Female Lead
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I really enjoyed this novel!

Beautiful Cover and a great story! Very simple but well-done plot and characters. The storyline kept me engaged and I loved the banter between Ginny and Jack. Their relationship was sweet and hilarious. Opposites attract romance. A sweet Regency romance with elements of mystery, adventure, and a little bit of danger. WOW! The best swoony kisses scenes I've read. The only critique I would love has seeing Jack's POV and to know what he was thinking especially in regard to his feelings for Ginny.
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Oh my word, this book! I couldn’t put it down. If you like sweet historical romance with a mystery twist, go read this asap. 

I loved Ginny and being inside her head. I was immediately invested in the story for her sake. 

Then we meet Jack 🔥🫠. Flirty and swaggering and sparking excellent banter with Ginny from their first meeting. 

Great side characters! From friends, to staff, to family… I loved them all and wanted more… (formally requesting books for Beatrice & Verity 🤣🤞🏻). 

The mystery and action had me on the edge of my seat. It kept me guessing who the culprit was until the end. 

Thank you to netgalley and the publishers for the chance to read an advance copy. I can’t wait until everyone can get their hands on it. And now I’m off to read more Joanna Barker!
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“Believe me,” Mr. Travers said, lips curving upwards, “If I was trying to kiss you, you’d know it.”


Genevieve Wilde has just lost her father and trying to prove she can handle her estate on all on her own. She soon finds she needs the help finding her fathers stolen pocket watch. 

Jack Travers is hired to help find the stolen watch.  He knows exactly how to get under Ginny’s skin with his untamed humor and personality. They soon find themselves falling for one another.

I loved the mystery along side the love story. You can feel from the pages how much these characters need one another! The flirting and moments throughout the book is the perfect amount. 

The first kiss scene was practically perfect in every way. 💕

I can’t get enough of Joanna Barker’s books!


Thank you to Netgalley, Shadow Mountain Publishing, and Joanna Barker for the opportunity to read and review this book!
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Wonderful book! I loved the cleverness, the mystery and the pacing of this book. It was fun and drew me in from the beginning. The characters of Jack and Ginny were well developed, quick witted and totally charming. 
I never heard of thief-takers, Bow Street runner or a rum doxy, and I love it when I learn new things!

And the recurring quote and lesson of the story: “To be rather than to see.”  Spot on!

This is only my second book by Joanne Baker and both have been wonderful, highly recommend.

Thank you to Net Galley for allowing me to read this book. The opinions are entirely my own.
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This story was captivating from the very beginning. There is mystery (but not *too* much suspense) and wooing and swooning and rescuing. Joanna knows just how to craft a beautiful, meaningful romance that will leave you not only wanting more but also feeling so happy and content with the ending. Definitely give this one a read. You’ll thank me. 😉
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Joanna Barker’s books has been a go to reads lately. I enjoy her well developed writing style and the characters she brings to life. This book is no different. I loved the banter between Ginny and Jack. The storyline kept me so engaged I wanted to find out who the thief was. When I did, that character was on my suspect list! Definitely worth reading. Clean too. Thank you to the publisher for the opportunity to read this. 

I received this copy in exchange for my honest review.
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A sweet Regency with elements of mystery from Joanna Barker, A Heart Worth Stealing is a perfect afternoon read.  I really liked both Ginny and Jack, although I wish we had gotten Jack’s perspective too just to get to know him better.  I was also really intrigued by his family; I’d love to get Verity’s story one day.  All in all, this was a lovely read that I have ALL the cover love for!  4/5 stars 

I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
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A Heart Worth Stealing by Joanna Barker

I love all the books I have read by Joanna Barker. And this one just became my favorite of hers. I love the suspense, the struggles, and most especially the swoony romance.
Miss Genevieve Wilde is struggling keeping up with everything after losing her father and trying to keep the estate running smoothly. When her father's watch is stolen, she decides to hire a thief-taker after the local authorities do nothing. Mr. Jack Tavers, a former Bow Street runner, decides to take the case of the missing watch. But as they delve into the investigation, will they be able to solve the mystery before it is too late? And can these two find love that will overcome the odds set against them?
Jack is seriously one of my favorite male leads and I highly recommend giving this book a read. You won't regret it!
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The magistrate's daughter & the thief-taker!
Or, should that be 'special investigator'!😉
Well, wow loved the premise and the flow of this steady paced, overriding romance, packed with humour, fun and a spot of mysterious nefarious scheming to heighten the thrill of building love under the shadow of encroaching danger.
Ginny and Jack sparked from first meet. They captivated as familiarity breed closeness and shared intimacies shone from admiration and the warmth of shimmering attraction as they sparred, bartered wit and flirtatious banter throughout. Growing ever closer as digging for clues radiated a need that irredeemably brought them together, with such delightful chemistry, they kept me reading and enjoying every moment they came together. Until I was eagerly searching for the next.
Despite, knowing instantly who the culprit was and the assumptions on motives proving more assured by the minute, the thrill of the chase, finding if I was right and how the mystery unravelled kept me absorbed. Where knowing didn't once throw my enjoyment off the book as it was well written, with a romance I became thoroughly engaged and entangled in.
I loved how A HEART WORTH STEALING stressed the sweet bubbling romance as its focus and took me on a journey between two well-deep, intriguing leads. 
Although, written from the point of view of Ginny, I would of liked to be cued into Jack's point of view to hype up the intensity of their mutual feelings. Though deciphering his saucy bold glances, witty flirtations and instinctual protective air sucked me in and created a different level of suspense and tension that allowed me to empathise with Ginny especially. With charming and touching results.
Jack and Ginny were such a perfect blend of bold confidence, strength and fragility they swept me up effortlessly with their likeability. Marking this a fab read by an exciting new author for me... one I will definitely be sourcing more tales from in the future!
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'A Heart Worth Stealing' was my first book by this author.  At times it was a little ponderous for me, I just wanted to get to the conclusion/resolution.  I ended up being very happy with how the book ended as it was in a way that I didn't anticipate.  I will look forward to more from Joanna Barker.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley.  The opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own.
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I don’t even know what to say. Jack certainly stole my heart! I loved how different and yet how familiar this regency story was. I loved the ruse of calling the thief taker, or rather private investigator, Ginny’s cousin. Hello, forced proximity in regency time. Jack was a helpless flirt and I loved it! I really appreciated his character growth and seeing the change from flirting to deeply caring. The danger elements were just right and the whole ending had me literally grinning.
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