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Leila & Nugget Mystery

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Leila & Nugget are such great chapter books for elementary school children. This book in particular is about how Leila & Nugget spend their snow day.
Thank you NetGalley for the chance to listen to this book in exchange for my honest feedback!

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This is a really adorable children's audiobook, which my daughter and I really enjoyed listening to. The narrator was amazing, and she had a really cute voice, which my daughter really liked.

The story is about a little girl called Leila and her dog Nugget, who have to solve the mystery of a local pet going missing on a snowy day. The question is: Who Stole Mr T?

This is a really fun book, which all children will love and adore. If you love secrets, mysteries, animals and children, then you will love this book!

Many thanks to the author, narrator, publisher and NetGalley for a copy of this book.

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Listened to the audiobook (advance review version); approximately 1 1/2 hours.

Story is for young children. My niece is 6 years old old; she wasn't captivated by the story (but she doesn't own pets and was maybe a little too young for a mystery ... and the timing for a story wasn't quite right at the time).

I thought it was a good story; some good friends team up to find a missing turtle and use clues to solve the mystery. The story also cautions against making judgements and accusations too quickly.

Thank you to NetGalley for the opportunity to review the advance audio. Thank you to the authors Dustin and Deserae Brady; great narration by Emily Eiden; and publisher Andrews McMeel Audio (Andrews McMeel Publishing). Publication date 18 Oct 2022.

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Thank you to NetGalley and Andrews McMeel Audio, Andrews McMeel Publishing for this copy in exchange for an honest review.

Leila & Nugget Mystery by Dustin Brade and Deserae Brady is the cutest mystery story. I loved Leila and her friends and the adventure they go through to find a missing turtle.

I feel like this book would be great for children beginning to read chapter books and would love to see this one is physical form. This is sure to be a book everyone will love.

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Are you planning a trip for the holidays? Will you be with a first to third grader (or so) ? If yes, this book could make an enjoyable listen and would pass some time for them.

Here is a story of a girl detective and her dog. Will they discover who is responsible for a turtle napping? Of course they will but the fun is in the listening.

The narrator does a good job and has a child like voice so it feels as if she is speaking directly to kids. She will help them to solve the case.

Many thanks to NetGalley and Andrews McMeel Publishing for this audio title. All opinions are my own.

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Leila and Nugget Mystery #1
I had the audio version. DURATION 1 Hours, 9 Minutes

This one was just plain fun. I was instantly drawn to it by the adorable pup on the cover, plus I know a "Mr. T". I've even turtle-sat for him a few times. So, this one felt very near to me.

I loved the narrator, Emily Eiden. She had just the right mix of fun, sharing, worry, goofiness, and even whine at just the right time. Not only will children enjoy this story (target audience is about ages 6-10) but my hunch is adults would enjoy it, too. Like me, they'll be pondering "How far away could a turtle run?" while admiring Leila's willingness to give up a day off to help a friend find his pet.

Bottom line, one and all will enjoy following Leila and her adorable dog Nugget as they help solve the mystery surrounding Mr. T's whereabouts. Adult readers, you can reassure children that this one has a happy ending, btw, so no worries there. Thanks #NetGalley and #AndrewsMcMeelAudio - #AndrewsMcMeelPublishing for letting me hang out with Leila and Nugget and help with the search.

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I listened to this story with my 6.5 year old, it held his interest, and he liked the story.

We're introduced to the main characters in the first chapter, and it was inviting and I wanted to hear more about Nugget, Leila and finding Javier's pet turtle Mr. T (which is a super cute story, with a great back story too)

The narration was fun, with different voices for each character and some onomatopoeia, we enjoyed the mystery, and couldn't see where it was going.. We're looking foreword to future Leila & Nugget Mysteries.

I like that it teaches a bit about kindness, and not judging people by uncertain evidence or motivations without being heavy handed about it. This was a super cozy mystery, and I think would be especially appropriate for 5 and above.

We listened to this in exchange for an honest review courtesy of the publisher and Netgalley.

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I received a free ARC of this audiobook in exchange for my honest opinion.

My 7 year old and I listened to this yesterday. He enjoyed it very much and didn't want it to end. We sat in the car even after getting home so that he wouldn't have to wait for the ending! So it was clearly that good for him!

The narration was fine. Nothing spectacular; however, it was engaging enough for my 7 year old. There were noises for dramatic effect which I thought was good. I found some pauses between words and noises to be too long at times.

It was a cute mystery book and it had a very good message to it.

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I have mixed feedback about this. Leila was SO annoying early on, but I did find myself invested in the whereabouts of the turtle as the story progressed. It's basically a cozy winter mystery for children. I'm not sure I'd want this as an audiobook, though. The sensory input of the narrator's voice was not good for me.

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This children’s story is an endearing winter-y mystery. The voice acting by the narrator is enganging, entertaining and keeps you hooked. The chapters are short and the story is fast-paced. I work with children and this story seems like one they would enjoy!

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Thank you NetGalley and Andrews McMeel Audio (Andrews McMeel Publishing) for accepting my request to audibly read and review Leila & Nugget Mystery -- Who Stole Mr. T?

Author: Dustin Brady; Deserae Brady
Published: 10/18/22
Narrator: Emily Eiden
Genre: Children's Fiction

The narration was spot-on funny, whiney, and annoying. I could feel the tears, laughter and the anger. Quite frankly, a beautiful performance by Emily Eiden.

The title says it all, okay, not really. There is a dog, a turtle, a cold room, a five inch rule (I think, I didn't write it down -- Don't judge me, I wanted it to happen). And, so much more packed into this short audiobook. I'm not spoiling.

I enjoyed the premise. The children are mannered. The cover illustration gave me a cute visual, and confidently I could say to a little one, it's not sad, everything works out as it should. Let's read. A great introduction to the mystery genre.

I would gift this to everyone. Of note, this could be the fun book in the babysitter's bag.

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Finally a snow day! Mr. T, Havi’s pet turtle is missing. This is not the first turtle-napping but it will be the last. Leila and Nugget, Leila’s dog, is on the case. This book is a great introduction to mysteries.

This is such a cute story. I fell in love with all of the characters. I love how Nuggets helps the kids along the way. I can’t wait to read the next book in this series.

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Leila & Nugget Mystery is a cute cozy mystery for young readers and adults alike. It's a quite short and fast-paced story. The audiobook is entertaining and easy going with quality voice performance. Recommended!

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It is a story about Leila, who helps her friend to find his pet—Mr. T—the turtle. He thinks maybe Mr. T runs away from the house. But, they can't find it anywhere. It is a turtle, there is no way it can get away that fast, right? Does someone steal it?

This was a really fun book! It had a good mystery vibe, even I, as an adult, couldn't guess where Mr. T went, or if it truly was stolen, who stole it. It was also enjoyable to follow Leila and her friends in finding clues and solving the mystery. They were so cute! And the narrator did a good job in capturing the nuance.

If you are looking for a fun-cozy-mystery book for this fall, I recommend this. Although this book is for younger children, but, I love it and maybe you would love this too!

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