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Billy Chapata’s work is beautiful to read, but after a few poems I generally felt like I’d gotten the gist already. There are definitely individual pieces that I really liked, but overall the collection was pretty repetitive and very similar to his other work. It probably didn’t help that I listened to all three books right around the same time. I do really enjoy his voice on the audiobook, as always.

I can definitely see giving this as a gift, as it would be a great thing to have out on a coffee table to pick up and flip through occasionally.

Thank you to Andrews McMeel Publishing and NetGalley for the ARC in exchange for my honest review.

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Loved the uplifting words and the audiobook was perfect to hear the phrases exactly how the author intended. It made it so much more personal to hear the words read to me by the author.

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“Something can not be fixed not because they must remain broken but because they're meant to be replaced with something stronger”.

Full of affirmations, sweet phrases, and valuable reminders. I loved and enjoyed this book as well as the narrator. The poems are profound and fascinating. I was so sure that I'm going to love this book and I'm glad I did.

Special thanks to the author, publisher, and netgalley for this free audiobook.

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WOW! I didn't realize that I NEEDED this book of poetry as much as I did. As soon as I listened to the first 20 minutes of the audiobook, I knew I definitely needed more of this kind of mindset in my life. I immediately downloaded 2 more Billy Chapata books: Chameleon Aura, and Velvet Dragonflies. I can't wait to dive into those VERY SOON.

The topics include: personal growth, emotional healing, loving yourself (even with ALL your flaws), letting go of things AND people that are holding your back in life, and much more. This book is brimming with positivity about who you are and who you are becoming. I am so impressed with it overall! I can see myself reading this book again.

Billy Chapata also does a superb job of narrating the audiobook version. I definitely recommend that experience if you're into audio.

Content: In my listening experience, I did not notice any vulgar language or mature topics.

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this is some of the best poetry I've ever read. I was able to relate to almost every single excerpt and that usually never happens. I highly recommend for people in their late 20s although I think a lot of people can relate to these poems.

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Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for this e-arc.

I love poetry and so I was excited to read this collection from Billy Chapata. I consumed this via audiobook, and I think that hindered my experience. I love audiobooks, but I don’t think I enjoy them when it comes to poetry. I love to really dissect what is being expressed on page, and I did not have that experience with this book. SO while I enjoyed the stories, I don’t think I got the most out of them without the physical copy.

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In <i>Flowers on the Moon</i>, Billy Chapata is back with another beautiful collection of poetry with themes on self-love, recovery, and growth. I loved getting to hear Chapata narrate his own poetry again with this collection. I would strongly recommend this for younger readers who struggle with self-confidence.

Many thanks to NetGalley for providing me an audio ARC of this book.

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I really enjoyed this modern poetry audiobook on self acceptance, love, resilience and more. "you have to remove dead roots so you can plant something that actually has the ability to grow". I found his words deep with so much meaning and his fresh point on view on these topics were so inspiring and carried so much truth to it.
I would definitely recommend it!

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Billy Chapata's words were moving and helped with my healing journey. I recommend this book for anybody who is going through a hard time in their life. The book teaches you the importance of self-love and self-respect and how to handle yourself in the midst of life's ups and downs.

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I enjoyed reading Billy Chapata’s first book Chameleon Aura so I was excited to read Flowers on the Moon. I listened to the audiobook narrated by the author and it was great to hear his inflections and pacing. These poems have much of the same themes as his first book which is self love and empowerment. I’m curious to read his third book too to see if the same themes continue.

Thank you to Andrews McMeel Publishing via NetGalley for my ALC!

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Beautiful and thought provoking poetry. I did not have time to listen to this before the archive date, but I did once the book was published. Enjoyed the audiobook and narrator!

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I really really tried to listen to this audiobook. ultimately I made it to 26% before I just could not do it anymore. The constant music in the background was just so overpowering that I could barely hear the poetry. From what I heard of the audiobook the actual poetry wasn't bad and I will probably get the ebook and read it that way.

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It hits hard, but was relaxing at the same time. I enojoyed listening to the poems being read by the author.

5 stars.

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Flowers On the Moon was such an empowering lovely read. It is filled with beautiful thought provoking poems that promote to best kind of self love. It was a quick read, enough to jump in but still feel the satisfaction of finishing it I thoroughly enjoyed reading it!

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(from my instagram): flowers on the moon by Billy Chapata (audiobook). Listening to this was interesting, I was drawn in by the simplistic yet captivating cover art and I was curious about the title name. I liked the pieces for the most part. But it made me think about how much content is tied to form. If I see this around or others works by the author I’ll definitely pick them up because I kind of wish I’d read it visually. The author’s audio delivery is completely fine and it’s always nice to hear the grain one one’s voice, how they use it to decorate their work with tone and cadence. But the intermittent use of second person and reflective nature made me wish I was reading it with my own voice. The writing at points seem a bit like a middle draft but I still found it very enjoyable and I look forward to the author’s future works.

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Billy Chapata is a Zimbabwean writer, author, and creative based in Atlanta, Georgia. Flowers on the Moon is his second major publication.

This poetry collection serves as a collection of statements that you can nod along to in agreement. Described as a social media sensation by his publisher, Chapata’s collection focuses on affirmations, advice, and healing - topics that are popular on most corners of the internet in 2022. Flowers on the Moon is entangled with new age-y vocabulary and phrases. For example:
-Space you need to heal
-Know your worth
-Your authentic self
-Step into my truth
-Be so committed to your growth

The book has more popular phrases like the ones listed above than it does unique ones. This collection also relies heavily on repetition, to the point where it feels like you’ve already read the same poem earlier in the book. Most of these poems could’ve been combined. The imagery and figurative language would have also been stronger with more editing.

Stylistically, this collection is in the style of basic sentences broken down into different lines in an attempt to make the statement deep and poetic.

But a broken line
Does not
A Poem

At least not in my opinion. This might just be a stylistic difference between the poet and the reviewer. It’s a popular style of modern poetry, so surely people out there must enjoy it. I’m just not one of them.

At the end of the day, this is a pleasant coffee table poetry book. Easy to read. Not controversial. Not revolutionary. It’s a quick read that won’t have an emotional impact on your day.

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Thank you NetGalley and Andrews McMeel Audio for accepting my request to audibly read and review Flowers on the Moon.

Author: Billy Chapata
Published: 11/08/22
Narrator: Billy Chapata
Genre: Poetry

I am enjoying the author as the narrator. Chapata has a clear and well-tempered voice.

The audiobook has instrumental music in the background, and it was disruptive.

I enjoyed previous works by the author. Flowers on the Moon does not work for me. I'm grateful this was not my first by him. I don't think I would have gone onto two others.

The text is repetitive; ...... cutting ties, cutting ties, cutting ties. In another spot, nothing headed four thoughts within 20 seconds. This is mind-blowing, water dripping, and YouTube content creators who repeat themselves back-to-back.

Sadly, I would not gift this.

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First, I adored the actual poetry. It felt like a love letter to myself, hard reminders, and a thoughtful personal reflection all at once. I will definitely be picking up more Chapata.

However, I did think the music in the audiobook was distracting; I would rather the natural musicality of the poems and the narrator's pacing - the music was just a bit too much, too distracting, and I think took away from some of the work.

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I loved everything about this collection. It flowed so well. & was truly beautiful. I will read anything by this author in the future. I enjoyed the vivid description and the lyrical writing.

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I loooove reading or in this case hearing poetry about self love. Poetry is my favorite way to connect to others and find words that resonate within myself. These read like a story and it really was inspiring to feel like I was hearing Billy’s thoughts.

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