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Following Jesus in a Warming World

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Sometimes it takes an "border-traveler," someone who started skeptical on the inside and journeyed outward, to say the message in a way that gets the insiders' attention. Meyaard-Schaap gives a compelling look at his journey from being a classic evangelical conservative (skeptical of environmentalism, against fossil fuel regulation) to discovering his brother was a vegetarian to exploring climate discussions for himself and developing a worldview that saw eschotalogy, soteriology, and evangelism in a new way. Excellently researched and well-written.
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I care deeply about the stewardship of our planet.  I care very little about getting into political banter about climate change and prefer to focus on small, sustainable, practical solutions that I can implement in my own life.  Unfortunately, this book was a little too philosophical and,at times, argumentative, for me.  I appreciate the author's passion and his wrestling, but I was hoping for more practical tips of how to honor God through how I steward the Earth.  This is what I found in the 'Spiritual Disciplines of Climate Action' in the Appendix, but I had really hoped that it would have been more of the book's thesis.

I believe that some readers will really enjoy this book and resonate with it, especially those who have more interest in political/legislative/governmental involvement in climate change.  For me, it just wasn't a great fit.    

Thank you NetGalley and IVP for providing a free copy in exchange for an honest review.
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Not only is this book extremely informative but it’s also so easy to read and understand. The writing is very well done. I definitely would recommend.
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