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This is a good book. The two main characters are Tammy and Ethan. Tammy owns a hair salon. Ethan is a hotshot firefighter. There is an instant attraction. Ethan has a secret identity, until the stove at the fire station blows up and he has to shave his beard,his identity is revealed. The trouble with that is someone is trying to kill him. He doesn’t want to put Tammy is harms way but someone kidnaps her. But Ethan saves her and they fall in love.

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Jonathan Canterbury IV family is a big deal but when an accident occurs he assumes the identity, Ethan, after someone he knew and leaves other to presume he's dead. Now he's living the life he always wanted to live as a Hotshot Firefighter. After a explosive incident now he's questioning if something is going on. Tammy is a hair stylist who figures out Jonathans identity and now theres an issue of his identity being shared that could lead to someone making another attempt at his life.

This was a pretty enjoyable read. I enjoyed getting to know the characters and seeing why Jonathan was going by Ethan at the restart of his life. Jonathan was worried about a family curse but it might just be more then that when its revealed who he was and someone clearly wants to take him down. It was interesting seeing how the person would strike out at him and others around him. Then there was the question of if what was happening to him because of this curse/person after him or was there something larger at hand. I liked the connection between Jonathan and Tammy, it felt rushed but I still enjoyed it just the same. Overall really good book if you like mystery suspense type of books you'll enjoy this one.

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HOT SHOT HERO IN DISGUISE Hot Shot Heroes Book #8 by Lisa Childs
This story gets going when firefighter Ethan Sommerly goes to start the stove in the firehouse and the stove blows up. Tammy is the local hairdresser who has been flirting back and forth with him. She has had a crush on him. After his injury, he has to cut his hair and beard that he grew as a disguise since he is actually Jonathon Canterbury IV, a millionaire in hiding. He had been convinced he was cursed and had been targeted by someone who was trying to kill him in the past, and the person is still trying to. This story has plenty of suspense, drama, deception, intrigue, twists and turns. I give this 4 stars.

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Very good mix of romance and suspense. The story opened with a bang, as the firehouse stove exploded when Ethan turned it on. He is injured and taken to the hospital, where he finds out that his long hair and bushy beard have protected his face from severe burns. However, the flames have destroyed said hair and beard and need to be trimmed/shaved. Ethan only trusts one person to do it.

Tammy owns the only salon in town. She isn't surprised when Ethan shows up to have his hair and beard taken care of, and she doesn't expect to recognize the face under all that hair. Why is the heir to billions hiding out in the backwoods of Michigan and using someone else's name?

I liked Ethan and Tammy. Ethan has been the quiet one in the previous books in the series. He works as a forest ranger in the deep woods when he isn't fighting fires. When unexplained accidents happen to the hotshots, Ethan wonders if the team is the target or if someone has figured out who he is. We learn that Ethan walked away from a plane crash that killed other hotshots and used the chance to make the world believe he was dead. He'd had several close calls in suspicious accidents and thought someone was trying to kill him. If he can remain undercover for a few more weeks, his family can declare him dead, and he will be clear to live on his terms. But when a journalist in town recognizes him and publishes his picture, Ethan's life becomes much more complicated.

Tammy is a popular and vivacious woman with a reputation as a flirt. After years of bullying at school because of her looks, she took control and is now happy with who she is. She flirts because it's fun, but she has no interest in any relationships, preferring to protect her heart. Ethan is one of her favorite targets because he plays along. Tammy refuses to admit that she has had a crush on him for years, insisting they are just friends. But her heart feels otherwise when she hears of his injuries.

I enjoyed seeing the relationship develop between Ethan and Tammy. Discovering his true identity threw her for a loop and made her question his motives. When Ethan discovers she knows who he is, he fears that she will expose him. Instead, the sparks of attraction that have simmered under their flirting burst into flame. But there are obstacles to any chance of a future for them. Now that she knows who he is, Tammy feels that he's way out of her league. Ethan fears that being around him puts Tammy in danger. But both feel stronger when they are together than when they are apart. Matters become even more complicated when Ethan's family shows up in town. I fully understood why Ethan put distance between them and himself. There were some interesting interactions, many of which fed the idea that one of them was behind the attacks on him. I liked that Tammy had an outsider's perspective and helped Ethan look at them differently. I was pleasantly surprised by the scene with Ethan's mom and Tammy and laughed out loud at their antics.

As the attacks on Ethan escalated, Tammy could no longer deny her feelings for him, but she still believed nothing could come of them. I wanted to shake her when she tried to push him away, hoping to protect her heart and his life. Ethan worried that being around him was dangerous for her, but he couldn't stop wanting to protect her. I ached for his hurt when she tried to send him away and was glad that he didn't give up on her. When everything was over, Ethan had to decide whether to stick with what and who he loved or return to his old life. It was no surprise to see which one he chose.

The suspense of the story kept me turning the pages. The stove explosion was one more unexplained accident in the litany that has plagued the hotshots for months. After an anonymous note claimed that one of them "wasn't who you think they are," hotshot captain Braden worries that the saboteur is one of them. But when Ethan's identity emerges, the attacks are suddenly more focused. One episode after another makes it clear that Ethan's life is in danger, but who is behind it? There are several prime candidates, and the tension ramps up as Ethan and the others try to figure it out.

The final confrontation comes when the bad guy abducts Tammy as bait to finish Ethan off for good. I cheered as Tammy didn't wait around for rescue and took things into her own hands. The resolution was well done and solved the mystery of the attacks on Ethan. However, the problems plaguing the hotshots are still unsolved, and the crew is left waiting for the next shoe to drop. I can't wait for the next book to see if the mystery is finally solved.

I'm intrigued by the tv reporter whose arrival in town kicked off Ethan's troubles. She did not make a very good first impression with her pushiness. Someone has been feeding her information about the attacks, and she is determined to learn more. However, as the book went on, her attitude softened a little. Her support of Tammy surprised me and earned a little respect. She plays a vital role in resolving the attacks on Ethan, but the initial story has her staying around. She has an unexpected connection to the hotshots outside whoever her source is, and it will be interesting to see what comes of that.

I loved the closeness of the hotshot team. Because of the danger of their work, there is a special feeling of family among them. I loved the teasing that goes on between the various members. The revelation of Ethan's deception could have torn them apart, but they had his back instead. But they are all on edge because of the sabotage and wondering who it could be.

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This is a Romantic Suspense, and this is the 8th book in the Hotshot Heroes series. I have read and reviewed a few other books in this series. I am thinking that I may go back and read the first book in this series then read all the book in order. I really enjoyed the storyline in this book, and the characters are so great. This book's suspense was so great. I really enjoyed reading this book. I really want to have the big mystery that this going on in this series come to an end because I really want to know who is behind all the stuff that is happening to the hotshots. I was kindly provided an e-copy of this book by the publisher (Harlequin Romantic Suspense) or author (Lisa Childs) via NetGalley, so I can give an honest review about how I feel about this book. I want to send a big Thank you to them for that.

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I want to thank the author and publisher for the opportunity to review Lisa Childs' <i>Hotshot Hero in Disguise (Hotshot Heroes, #8)</i> prior to publication. I am always thankful for the opportunity to read advanced review copies, but the following review is not impacted by their generosity.

<i>Hotshot Hero in Disguise</i> is the eighth book in Lisa Childs' series. This story starts with a bang... literally. There's an explosion in the kitchen and Ethan Sommerly is injured an taken to the hospital. The local entrepreneur and salon owner, Tammy Ingles, has a crush on Ethan, but she has pretty much sworn of romantic entanglements. After Ethan gets out of the emergency room, he heads to Tammy's salon because his his hair was pretty badly singed. Unfortunately, Tammy can't save his beard. After giving Ethan a quick shave, Tammy recognizes Ethan and quickly puts it together that Ethan is actually a billionaire playboy, Jonathan Canterbury IV, who was presumed dead for almost five years after a tragic plane accident. Of course, if Tammy can put two and two together, it's not long before a journalist does too and Jonathan Canterbury IV has magically risen from the grave. Unfortunately, Jonathan has a target on his back because someone isn't too keen on the idea of Jonathan back from the grave and able to claim his inheritance.

As a whole, I really enjoyed this book. I found this book highly enjoyable. There were a few places where the jumping between character viewpoints was a bit confusing, but this wasn't horribly distracting.

A final note, I must admit that this was my first time reading a book from Harlequin. As an MM romance author myself, Harlequin has generally not been a go-to publisher. However, I know that Harlequin has been expanding into MM romance, so I really wanted to check out one of their top-tier novelists.

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Hotshot Hero in Disguise (Hotshot Heroes, #8) by Lisa Childs
I gave this book 5 stars - even though I haven't read the earlier books. (Which I plan to do.)
This is Ethan aka Jonathan Canterbury IV and Tammy Ingles' story. There is plenty of drama from the earlier books, murder, deception, wonderful friends, enemies, a saboteur, some laughs, tears, love and plenty of steam to get to their HEA. I can't wait to find out what happens next.
Reasons I enjoyed this book:
Witty Haunting Wonderful Characters Page-turner Happily Ever After Romantic Informative Steamy Entertaining Action-packed Unpredictable Tragic Tear-jerker Easy-to-read Scary.

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4 1/2 STARS!

Intense drama and danger around every corner! The eighth book in Lisa Childs' Hotshot Heroes series was my first in the series and I had no problems following along with the character list of past couples in the series and picking up on what has been going on in Northern Lakes. The danger is still lurking, but a new discovery has thrown them all for a loop. I enjoyed Ethan and Tammy's story!

Ethan is hardworking and sincere, but his past life is coming back to bite him as his secrets unravel and danger comes knocking!

Tammy is loved by all and watching her crush on Ethan come to fruition with some drama behind it is rewarding.

I highly recommend this book to anyone that enjoys a good mystery with a brotherhood of friendship rallying around as one team member after another finds love.

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I have to admit Lisa Childs has me not really sure what to review. The story is ok. The characters are ok. The story is what you expect from Harlequinn Suspense series. All in All Hotshot Hero in Disguise is a ok read. If you need something to read while waiting for a doctors appt, flight, or like me waiting for my kids be done with many different activities they are in. This book works.

Thank you to Netgalley for advance copy of Hotshot Hero in Disguise by Lisa Childs.
3 1\2

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Hotshot Hero in Disguise is an entertaining and well written romance. The plot and characters are well developed and believable. I received an advance ebook from the publisher and Netgalley. This is my unbiased review.

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I need to read the other books in this series right now!! I loved this book and it was hot in more ways than one.

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