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This spicy Aladdin inspired fractured fairytale was. such a fun and entertaining read. Julian and Yasmin hate each other but know the best option is each other to get what they want. 
I had a lot of fun reading this story and love what Emily McIntire does with her never after series.
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Another interesting take on a fairy tale that we all know and love - this time being the story of Aladdin, but focusing on the characters of Jasmine and Jafar. Written as a dark contemporary romance, the tension between the two characters was superbly written and it was a fun journey to see how their story goes. I look forward to the next in the series!
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Twisted by Emily McIntire
This was a 4 star for me. 
Non-spoiler review - This is a dark retelling of the story of Aladdin. Be prepared because the villain definitely gets the girl. 

I really enjoyed this retelling as Aladdin is one of my favourite Disney movies. This story follows Yasmin, the heiress of a diamond company, and her father’s right-hand man Julian. Her father is ill and decides Yasmin must marry as “ a female can’t run the company” and Julian is angry that after all his hard work his boss doesn’t even consider leaving the company to him. Julian blackmails Yasmin into marrying him as a way to get the company. Little did either expect that they will end up falling for each other. 

While I didn’t LOVE the characters I did like them, Julian more than Yasmin. I did not expect to relate to him and his family trauma! 

“Some people say that family is family, blood is blood. But I say that toxic is toxic, and no one is more important than my inner peace, even if it means I lose them for good.”

If you like dark Disney retellings you need this book. Emily McIntire is an amazing author and her stories never disappoint. There are twists and turns, strong female friendships (always a plus in my books), good spice, and it the whole thing keeps you turning the page to find out what is going to happen next.

Troupes: mafia, forced proximity, forbidden romance, age gap
Spice: 4/5  
Plot 4/5
Pace 5/5 
Character Personality 3/5
Character Growth 3/5 
Writing Style 5/5
World Building 5/5
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Twisted was a fun, quick, spicy read. I think Emily McIntire’s writing has definitely improved since Hooked, I’m really happy to see that the potential I was seeing in Hooked is being full developed! It’s amazing to watch an author’s growth and development. I enjoyed this plot and the characters in this novel a lot and overall it was a good read that I would recommend for any romance reader.
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Twisted is the fourth book in Emily McIntire's Never After series. The books are all stand-alones that are retellings of a classic fairytale. This book is a retelling of Aladdin. 
Yasmin is the daughter of a very rich man. However, when her father falls ill, he becomes to marry her off as soon as possible. Her father's advisor, Julian, steps in to fill the role and makes a deal with Yasmin to not tell her father about her relationship with one of the servants. 
This has been my favorite book in the series so far. I loved the build up between Yasmin and Julian. I also loved the playlist that the author includes at the beginning of the book.
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4.5 stars

"It's amazing what we're capable of overlooking - what we're willing to do - when it comes to those we love."

I still read fairytales - they're just spicier now! These are the best fractured fairytales I've read! It takes the story we already know (Aladdin here) and turns it inside out. It was really fun to find the hidden Aladdin Easter eggs! Don't go into this thinking it's a fairytale retelling.

Julian is everything we love in a villain. He's morally grey, almost black, and he knows what he wants and will do whatever it takes to achieve it. And the spice is spot on!! I kinda wanted to strangle Yasmin a few times but overall enjoyed her character! The plot was well done and not just a smutty fairytale. I can't believe I haven't read the rest of this series! You best believe I'm doing that now!! Can't wait to see what Emily comes up with next!!

Thank you Emily, Netgalley, and Bloom Books for review e-copy!
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emily mcintire has done it again! i was anxiously awaiting the release of twisted, and it definitely did not disappoint. this was a new take on aladdin and i am literally obsessed with how well it was done. i loved all of the characters so much.There were some good moments in this book. The last quarter was full of action and those proclamations of love Emily McIntire does so well. The dark romance aspect was done well, with Julien being just dangerous enough to still love.
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Yasim and Julian take center stage, and let me just say that Julian is the epitome of the perfect gentleman. With nods to Aladdin woven throughout the story, I was constantly delighted by the little Easter eggs sprinkled throughout. This book checks off so many of my favorite tropes - the slow burn, enemies becoming lovers, and arranged marriages - and I was absolutely here for it. The tension and chemistry between the characters builds to a fever pitch, and the steamy scene on the coffee table had me fanning myself. Emily has outdone herself with this one, and I highly recommend it to anyone who loves a good dark romance read.
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I read this book basically as a stand alone. And loved it. I attempted to read Hooked a few months ago and just could not get into it (probably a me-thing). I would say that this is closer to an enemies to lovers than most books that claim and the arranged marriage trope only added to the tension. The only reason why my rating is not a 5/5 is that the book was very predictable and I knew the end twist would happen from the beginning. Also the snake part was not believable and pulled me out of the story. Overall though it was an enjoyable read and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for these tropes in a dark romance.
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This was my first time reading Emily Mcintire but I am hooked. She does a great job of taking a story we all know well and breathing new life in to it.
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Thanks to NetGalley and the publishers for the chance to read this great book. I couldn't put this book down. Sexy, fun and addictive 

Recommended for those who love a good romance. A great read just like the authors previous books. A fun remaining of the classic tale. Looking forward to a reread when the book is published
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This could've been good, or at least average but no, this was horrible.

A white woman took a brown/ethnic woman who is strong and confident and turned her into an oversexualized mess, and makes another brown character a borderline domestic abuser. 

I had such high hopes but this did not measure up.

Even if you skip to the spicy scenes, the author didn't even write that part well.
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Yasmin and Julian were the perfect enemies to love, marriage of convenience couple. They had such sweet moments in this story (the driving scene) and Julian was the perfect alpha, possessive hero. I love how their romance progressed and as with every Emily Mcinitire book, the plot kept me on my toes! I cannot wait to see what else she adds to this story. 

Thank you #netgalley for an early read of #twisted by #emilymcinitire in exchange for my honest review
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The best Emily McIntire so far, and boy is that saying something. When I read Hooked, it became my new favorite book of all time. Every book of hers I pick up replaces the last as my favorite. Aladdin is my favorite disney movie, so to see a dark retelling of it made me excited before I even picked it up. Throw in the fact that it is a mix of my two favorite tropes (forced marriage, enemies to lovers) and I knew I was a goner. I love Yasmin and Julian both, but Julian has my heart. "my wife" *swoon* I cannot wait for the next book to see if she can top this one! (And I'm sure she can)
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I do not think I could be more attracted to a villian as I was to Julian. This book was fantastic and I love that she made it so clear that this was a referrance to Aladdin. The little details she threw in were amazing. I will go so far as saying that this one is my favorite in the series, even though they have all been great! I can not wait to read the next in the series!!
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Very fun book, with a decent amount of spice. The twist on the Disney tale of Aladdin is done well, and it definitely kept me guessing. Emily McIntire did an excellent job on this story, how the characters finally looked past their enemy to lovers relationship and allowed to be there for one another. And of course, with a good bit of drama, pain, emotional development and a good healthy dash of sex, you can't go wrong.
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I enjoyed reading the new Never After book from Emily McIntire. While it wasn't my favorite of the series, I did really enjoy Yasmin and Julian's story. I loved Julian as a character and completely understood his business motives for wanting to marrying Yasmin, but the enemies-to-lovers aspect wasn't strong enough. The slow-burn didn't hold enough tension because there wasn't enough that had happened between them prior to the start of the story .Julian's character and his arc were stronger than Yasmin's by far. It definitely read as an age gap that was more maturity based rather than age based, and at the end of the story, Yasmin still seemed too young mentally for Julian. The first half of the story was a little too slow, but the middle and ending definitely had my interest. The steam wasn't as steamy as I've come to expect with this series, but it was still good overall. I'm glad Julian and Yasmin got their HEA, but I don't think this is as strong of a showing as McIntire's other stories. I'd give this 3.75 stars.
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DNF at 70 pages.

I can’t give a full review since I only read under a hundred pages…but I will say this book was sadly not for me, I loved the first two books in this series and then the third, and this one just kinda fell downhill for me,

The main MMC in this is insufferable in the worst way, he’s sexist and annoying, he truly is an unlikeable character that you don’t want to root for,

The FMC might just be even more of an embarrassment of a character, she’s a cheater…I don’t know why we’re making this an okay trope in a romance book…it’s gross and makes me respect the character less.

I don’t have anything else to say about this book except it disappointed me, this was a book I was looking forward to, and was counting down the days for it to come out (it was even cooler since it released on my birthday) and yet…it truly was a waste of time.
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Another hit in this series! This is a great retelling. The past isn't too slow but there also isn't insta love. It's a fast paced read. I'm excited for the next book in the series.
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A dark, Aladdin-inspired dark contemporary romance set in a mafia-esque world. While the plot synopsis would suggest a thrilling read, I found myself more bored than thrilled. There were some spicy scenes, but the Julian ("Jafar") and Yasmin ("Jasmine") characters were predictable and their relationship turned more towards "instalove." The underlying plot of Julian trying to takeover her father's business took a long time to develop and was not very interesting. There's an attempt to depict Yasmin as a confident female character in control of her life, but the few moments where she speaks up for herself are overshadowed by Julian and the other men's actions.

Since it does fit a specific niche, I would recommend this title to fans of Katee Robert and the dark romance-mafia storyline.
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