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Baby Dragon's Big Sneeze

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This was super cute. My almost 9-year-old daughter enjoyed this very much. The story is adorable and the illustrations are too.

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My grandkids love dragons, so this book was a perfect fit for them. A young dragon has a cold and what happens when a dragon sneezes? Exactly, he is a fire breathing dragon after all. When he accidentally burns down the village, the people want revenge. Dragon runs off to hide in his cave, scared about what is going to happen to him. One young girl knows dragon needs a chance and a friend. She goes to his cave and asks him what happened, and why he did what he did. When dragon shares that it was an accident and that he is sick, she goes to the townsfolk to get them to help, not hurt him. What happens next shows what friendship, acceptance and care is all about.

This is a wonderful children's picture book that teaches about caring, compassion, friendship and understanding are all about. It is always important to get both sides of the story and find out the other person's point of view. When I read this to my grandkids, we talked about putting ourselves in the dragon's shoes and finding out what happened before making a decision and doing something we might regret. I absolutely loved the illustrations in this books. They are large, vibrant and show a lot of emotion. The text has a nice rhyming cadence so it is easy to read aloud. My oldest grandson loved reading this to his siblings. I recommend this story to teachers trying to teach empathy, caring and acceptance. A great addition to public, school, class and family libraries.

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Baby Dragon's Big Sneeze
A Picture Book About Empathy and Trust for Children Age 3-7
by Sheryl Bass
5 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Help kids learn to give others a chance with this sweet story for kids ages 3-7. When a young dragon accidentally burns down a village with a fiery sneeze, the townspeople are angry.
The dragon fears for his life—until a brave little girl enters his cave and learns that the poor dragon is sick. The unhappy townspeople try to figure out how to calm everyone’s anger, while helping the dragon get well.

This is a perfect addition to every home and school library.
My favorite kind of kids books are the ones that teach , have bright pictures to match the page and can keep your kids attention at the same time. This one checked all the boxes . Such a great story about love, helpfulness, bravery and forgiveness all in one story. A young dragon has a cold and when he sneezed, he accidentally burned down a village. The people got very angry and scared and only wanted revenge. However a little girl went to the dragon's cave and ask him why did he burn down everyone's house. When she finds out he has been abandoned and is very very sick she goes back to town and tells everyone he is very sick and did not mean to burn down everything. So then everyone sets out to help him. My 5 year old loved this story and the beautiful pictures . She said life would be so much better if everyone was like this instead of being angry and mean to others.

Many thanks to NetGalley ,the publisher and the author for the chance to read and review a copy of this interesting book in exchange for my honest review. I do not receive any type of compensation for reading & reviewing free books from publishers & authors. Therefore, I am under no obligation to write a positive review, only an honest one. All opinions I have expressed are my own. As always if you like the book you read please take the time to leave a review for the author in places like goodreads & Amazon. It does not have to be long. Just a few sentences saying you liked the book will do. Authors really appreciate every review they get.

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This is a very colorfully illustrated rhyming story about a young orphaned dragon who sets the village on fire when he accidentally sneezes. With the help of a courageous young girl, the village people get together to solve the problem with the dragon in a very satisfying way. The end seemed to come a bit abruptly but I recommend it for the young children in your life.

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Baby Dragon's Big Sneeze is an adorable tale that highlights second chances, empathy and how to take care when ill. My 4 year old right away said that the dragon needs to cover his sneeze! And, she was so relieved that the townspeople came together with understanding and care, to heal the dragon. The illustrations are so charming and the cadence rolls well, highly recommend!

Thank you to BooksGoSocial and NetGalley for this ARC!

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Oh my goodness, the dragon is the sweetest gentle giant!

My favorite kind of children's book is one that is engaging, keeps their attention, but also gently teaches. Baby Dragon's Big Sneeze does an exceptional job at all of those things! Bonus: it has multiple themes that kids can learn from.

Lessons for Kids:
-Second Chances Friendships
-Cover your sneeze
-Talk about your concerns instead of getting angry
-Spreading Kindness

My children (ages 7-4) absolutely loved Baby Dragon and his sweet little story.

Excellent children's book!

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My son loved the book. He liked how the baby dragon got better,and how all the town’s people helped him feel better.

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*thank you to Netgalley, Sheryl Bass and BooksGoSocial for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

4.5 stars.

Ohh wow was this close to 5 stars! So close, and I don't give those out easily. What's not to like about this book? Firstly the illustrations themselves need a round of applause because they 100% ticked all the boxes for my favourite type of Illustrations for a book. They are so bright, colourful and had that softness to them.

The story is told in rhythm and also has a couple good messages for children (and also a reminder message for all those adults who still pretend germs don't exist 🤨) The message is, if you feel a sneeze coming, cover your mouth.

I loved the friendliness of the towns people. Helping out a baby dragon when he's ill instead of taking revenge and acting out of anger. They are compassionate and try to see things from the dragons point of view. Which brings us to the second positive message this book has. Don't be quick to judge and act out on anger. I suppose you can also add, being compassionate and try to understand all sides of the story before acting. The town's people realised that their homes were not burned down as a choice, but rather as an unfortunate consequence of having a cold and not covering your mouth when you sneeze.

The baby dragon learned a lesson and they all gained a friend.

I would highly recommend this book as it's both fun to read and look at. So even if your child can't read on their own, the pictures are still great to just look at.

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Adored this!

Such a wonderful story with a great message about courage and reaching out, thinking the best of another and second chances. I really enjoyed the musicality of the text, a fun one to read aloud! Also enjoyed the imagination having full reign there! Beautiful illustrations too, including the little details. I think the only thing I might add is perhaps a missed moment to have the two images across the title and author/acknowledgments pages line up in one big landscape image. But doesn’t take away from the story of course, Would love to have this for my wee one’s shelf!

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What a charming book! This is a delightful picture book about dragons, I absolutely love books about these mythical creatures. So, when I saw the title, I knew I wanted to read it.

What happens when a dragon sneezes? Exactly what has happened here. A young dragon has a cold and when he sneezed, he accidentally burned down a village. The people wanted revenge, but one girl is brave enough (or perhaps foolish enough) to enter his cave and ask him why he did what he did. When she finds out he is ill, she tries to help him.

This is a fantastic children's book that teaches kids that there are two sides to every story and that sometimes compassion can go a long way. The illustrations in this book are stunning and perfectly complement the rhyming story and its message of empathy, kindness, and friendship.

A sweet read for younger readers and highly recommended!

* Thank you NetGalley and (publisher) for the opportunity to read this arc. All opinions are my own.

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I am a grandmother of two grandchildren that love to read. Finding good wholesome books that have a good message is not always easy these days. This is one of those books and I totally recommend it to everyone. The message show’s community, love, helpfulness, bravery and forgiveness all in one story. When a small town was burned accidentally by a sick, lonely young dragon…a small girl takes it upon herself to find the creature and give him a chance to respond as to why he would do such a thing. She reports back to the towns people and they all get together to help the dragon who just has a terrible cold and no one to help. I am sure your children will like how the story turns out and the illustrations are superb! I appreciate NetGalley allowing me an ARC copy of the book for an honest review.

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A dragon, being sick and sneezing all the time, sets a village on fire. First they want to kill him because they think he's dangerous, then they find out it was an accident and try to help him recover.
it's a beautiful book about how we should always understand what makes others do things, because it's not always what it seems.

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Such a sweet sweet book!! I loved this book because its about helping people and caring for people and/or animals. Asking for help is not an easy thing especially for children. This book helps children understand what and when all is needed and not to feel bad about asking. Perfect book for teaching. The illustrations are absolutely gorgeous.

I received a free copy of the book and voluntarily leaving a review

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This was an exceedingly sweet picture book. Beautiful illustrations and great rhyming story. My kids were in love! The sweet dragon actually looked so baby like that even my maternal heart went out to the him. It’s a great book to discuss regarding understanding each other, taking up responsibility for caring for someone, second chances and found family. Great book. Definitely recommend

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This is a cute story about a baby dragon who has a cold and accidentally causes a fire. When a young girl comes to see him he tells her he is sorry and is sick. It goes on from there on how he is treated. This is a book about caring and forgiveness. The illustrations are so cute you want to cuddle the dragon. This book is in rhyme so good for a story time or bedtime story. After reading this book you will surely smile.

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My daughter loves dragons, so naturally I thought this book would be right up her ally and I wasn’t wrong. She loves this story.

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Great book, great way to teach empathy, will be purchasing for the library for the children's section collection and use for story times

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This was such a cute story that me and my three year and I read. She laughed throughout the story and kept asking me to reread it every time it came to an end.

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Oh em gee! This book! THIS BOOK! The cutest! The most adorable book ever! The drawings are so, so, so pretty! The little dragon is a darling! The story is so, so nice! Everything about this book is just perfect! Everyone loves dragons, right? And this one is super cute. The little (big) green darling hatched all alone and got sick and sneezed. And burned down a village. He felt so sad about it, he did not mean for that to happen. He makes new friends who help him get well and he helps rebuild the village. The story is so, so, so sweet! The text reads as lovely short rhymes, and it makes a perfect bedtime story. Or a perfect story for any moment. I wish there were more, way more cute books like this one.

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This was adorable! Thank you for the e-arc!

The illustrations were super cute and fit the tone and themes well. The baby dragon and its snot were lovable and I was happy to see it get a happy ending. I never knew snot could be so cute.

I liked the focus on learning empathy, giving people (and dragons) the benefit of the doubt, helping each other, and forgiveness. I think children will get a lot out of it.

Thanks for creating this beautiful book!

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