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Baby Dragon's Big Sneeze

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I read this to a 6 year old girl, she loved the pictures and felt sorry for the lonely dragon but was glas that the villagers were kind to him. I liked the sentiment of the story, caring for everyone even though they made a mistake. Thank you netgalley for the advance copy

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A baby Dragon gets sick and accidentally burns down a village with a sneeze. He quickly writes an apology letter in hopes to mend the relationship with the townspeople.

I really enjoyed the rhyming in this story, along with the bright colored art. Children will love the silliness of a dragon having a cold and wearing a sweater.

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Oh! What a lovely story! My 5-year old was so excited for our bed time story tonight, especially because the little dragon had a cold just like him. The illustrations were both vibrant and fun, and you can't help but love our new little friend. I really liked how the villagers worked together to take care of the dragon, instead of being angry by his mistake. A great read for little ones, teaching the importance of kindness and empathy.
Also, loved that I could show him the colouring pages available on the website! He is so excited to colour them for tomorrow's activity.

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This is a cute little book...

I love how the community come together to help the Dragon with his sickness

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Thank you to Netgalley for providing a copy in exchange for an honest review.

This was so fun! I have an almost two year old who gets a huge kick out of anyone sneezing around him - real or fake. This book was a great read for us. The pictures were well drawn and the story was well thought out. The short amount of text on each page was great and the way everything rhymed was even better (since my son doesn't like anything that doesn't rhyme).

We were able to add our own sound-effects while reading this book, which just enhanced our experience. Definitely recommend this book to anyone with children!

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A great book for young children that can help them learn about empathy. The story is another rhyming one so more plus points for that!

The illustrations are bright and really bring the story to life. This would be a lovely story to share with your little one, discussing themes like kindness and feelings like anger.

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This easy to read book is filled with lovely illustrations to keep littles engaged in the story as they follow along with baby dragon as the villagers help him to get better from his cold.

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This was a fun book. We saw the whole town come together in kindness and help the orphan Baby Dragon, thanks to the brave girl. The illustrations reminded me of Gulliver.

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A sweet story about forgiveness and empathy. Beautiful illustrations and fun-to-read with its rhyming verse. It teaches valuable lessons for kids and adults. Will make a wonderful addition to any home, school, or public library.

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I was initially unable to read and review this book, as it wouldn’t show up in my NetGalley shelf app. The author reached out with a new link , and I was so glad to be able to read it!

This book is a cute story about a sick young dragon who has no one to take care of him. He accidentally burns a town down sneezing fire on it, and the townspeople are ready to fight him until they realize how ill he is. They then come together to help the young dragon feel better.

The story of friendship, compassion, and working together for a common goal is a great story for young kids to hear. My children enjoyed the rhyming story, the vibrant pictures, and the poor little sick dragon.

Thank you to NetGalley and BooksGoSocial for this fun read in exchange for my honest opinion!

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This was a cute children's book that teaches compassion, helping your community and taking care of those in need. The illustrations are excellent. This is a cute book to keep around.

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Thank you NetGalley and BooksGoSocial for making this available to read now.

Edited review!!!!!

The author, Sheryl Bass, sent an email with a PDF of the book and…

It was superb. The rhyming was perfection. I enjoyed how the baby dragon’s sneeze helped bring the community together and how they banded together to learn how to help him feel better. The dragon sweater and fire-proof tissues were such sweet thoughts. I really enjoyed this tale. Dragons are the bees knees!

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Absolutely ADORABLE!

I cannot wait to go home and read this to my 6 year old, she's going to love it!

Poor baby dragon has a cold and there isn't anyone to ask for help. Thankfully the townspeople are understanding and all pitch in to help him get well.

Thank you to NetGally and BooksGoSocial for the opportunity to read and review this book. It's definitely going to make it to our shelves soon!

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I received a copy of this book through Netgalley. This is my honest review.

This book brought out the kid in me. It is a heartwarming story about a poor, misunderstood dragon who really just wants some friends. When he catches a cold and accidentally sets the village on fire, the villagers want revenge.

When the villagers get to the dragon's cave, they are told that his actions weren't malicious at all and that he just needs someone to care for him, so they all band together to make him soup and a sweater and help him to get better.

The rhyming in this book was nearly perfect. There were a couple of lines that were a little clunky in their flow, but that was it. The illustration's are like a chef's kiss. They are adorable, bright, and descriptive for the story. I legit said, out loud to an empty car, "Oh my gosh! It's so cute!" when I opened the file to start reading it.

I would not have minded reading this book multiple times to my children when they were younger, and I'm seriously considering buying copies for nieces and nephews for Christmas. 4.9 out of 5 stars.

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Wow, this is a fantastic book, which I really loved. I loved the beautiful illustrations in the book, the easy to read, rhyming text, and the story, which had some great lessons in it.

The story is about a big dragon who sneezes, as he has a cold. However, when he sneezes, his fire goes all over the town, burning down buildings. This causes the townspeople to be angry and seek revenge. A little girl comes to see the dragon and when he tells her he is sick, she gets the townspeople to help him. They help him in a lot of sweet ways, which is just so cute and loving. Afterwards, he repays them in his own way for helping him to get well again.

I highly recommend this book, which teaches about forgiveness, teamwork, friendship and empathy. It is so beautiful and heartwarming!

Many thanks to the author, publisher and NetGalley for a copy of this book.

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I loved the cover and the summary of this book and look forward to reading it, but I could not get the file to load in Kindle or the Netgalley app. I will definitely look for it at my local library!

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Aw, this was such a cute book. I love how the bravery of one girl saved the dragon from their illness and from the retaliation of the village. I also love how the village pulls together to help the lonely baby dragon heal, once the young girl passes on the dragon's needs.

I love the illustrations in this book and the rhyming text. Highly recommend this picture book.

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Thank you so much to Author Sheryl Bass, Be Kind Publishing and Netgalley for the ebook to read and review.

Baby dragon is sick and alone, he flies around his town happily, but with one fiery sneeze destroys it all. One brave child finds him in his cave and the town group together to make him better.

Absolutely adorable and so precious, the little dragon was so unwell he was all alone and didn’t know how to stop sneezing fire everywhere. I loved that once the town knew he didn’t burn everything on purpose that they each individually found a way of doing something to help make him better and so in return he helped them.

It’s such a sweet, fun and beautiful story, the illustrations are so stunning to look at and poor Baby dragon with snot dribbling down his little nose, poor thing. I love the colour tones used within the book. All so pretty, you’ll love looking at them.

This is a great fun read, it teaches kindness and care which is important and it’s also just so adorable and fun to read. If you are wanting a cute and easy story to read with your children that they’ll really enjoy I recommend this one.

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A lovely book with colourful eye-catching illustrations. I particularly like the rhyming of the story which gives it a nice rhythm.

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This is a very fun book about a dragon who, due to a cold, sneezes and burns down a village. But, through understanding, the villagers and the dragon become best of friends and the ending is happy. The book is delightfully written and illustrated, with rich, vibrant colors and excellent rhymes. It is super cut and super wise and a lot of fun to share with the grandkids.

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