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The Blue Is Where God Lives

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This is one of the most unique books I've read this year. It is reminiscent of Toni Morrison, but it clearly has its own voice. Devastating and nonstop, it will keep you dizzy until the end. It took a few chapters to get into the rhythm, but I am so glad I gave it a chance.
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This is a speculative fiction book that focuses on the healing power of family and community across the generations, and also emphasizes social and economic ills against black generations as the battleground of angels and devils, experienced in a mildly hallucinatory rip in time at a physical location of historical importance to the generations. Things like being forced into motherhood and mental illness are framed as the consequence of demonic warfare on the souls of the family, emphasizes the generational instances in the frame of the Genesis creation story, and is overall way too heavy on the God for my personal taste. It's still on the better end of the debut novel spectrum, and worth borrowing from the library.
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I  do not know how to review this book at all. (Shocking, right?)

I can say that I am 100% blown away, baffled, intrigued, and then "BLOWN AWAY" again!!

All I can say about this book is that Washington is a "BRILLIANT" writer, and you will thoroughly enjoy reading this book.

Pay close attention to the characters, Because BLUE is Where God Lives!

Thank you, NetGalley/Sharon Sochil Washington/ABRAMS. The Overlook Press/ For this "AMAZING" eARC in advance for my honest review.  My opinions are of my own volition.
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Not my normal kind of read, but well written. I can see the author's talent on display, and I'm confident that those that pick it up will be moved in some way by it. 

I really appreciate the free ARC for review!!
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