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As we deal with the stresses of life, it’s important that we employ tools to help us cope. The breathing techniques in this book are great. I especially found the illustration helpful for the various techniques. I highly recommend this one!! Self-care is essential.

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Black People Breathe; A Mindfulness Guide to Racial Healing by Zee Clarke is a book that belongs on every shelf and is a beautiful gift for loved ones. I felt so lucky to get a copy for myself! I have shared on my goodreads, bookstagram, and booktok!

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This was triggering, maddening and depressing AF. I had to reset for a day before sharingthis. BIPOC FOLKS do so much unconciously and conciously to just exist. Several of her experiences took me way back to grade school events, teen years and present day Exixsting While Black experiences.

OMG! The supermarket scene and the aftermath of that racial profiling incident...I don't think that would have ended well for me if I were in that situation... It sure did bring up a similar experience that happen when I was shopping with a high school friend for a class trip the next day.

Being an ACODF, it never even occured to me to tell the adults in my home what happen. I totally believe in my Meditation practice (that I NEVER MISS) and THE healing benefits that YOGA provides (which I need to get back to) for my overall health. I definitely need to add a #BreathWork practice to my #sanitymaintenace kit. I highly recommend folks read/listen to this #self-care and #preventative wellness memoir and incorporate some of these techniques. I hope a video of all the holistic approaches she mentioned.

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Thank you, Net Gallery, for the advanced copy of this book.
This is a heartfelt and practical guide for both pranayama and mindfulness. The author shares specific, often racially motivated, instances of difficult situations that can create a stress response. She then pairs them with techniques that help calm and soothe that response. Nicely done.

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This amazing guide to breathwork takes a research-based approach to handling the psychological and physiological stress due to racism. Clarke notes that the book is specifically for Black people in the United States and those of similar experiences, as it is written about her experiences as a Black woman in the US and how she has used breathwork to combat systemic racism. She calls upon her white readers, like me, to educate themselves about the Black experience and to think about the role they might place to accelerate change.

Each chapter addresses a specific issue faced by Black people in the US, from witnessing police brutality and being accused of shoplifting while shopping to racism in the workplace and the mispronunciation of names. Clarke lays her heart bare, sharing story after story after story of personal experiences of overt and covert racism and what breathing techniques she used and uses to get through moments every Black person has experienced. She mentions in the very beginning that she never felt breathwork and meditation or spiritual wellness was for people like her until she attended a retreat for Black women and made a trip to India where she learned the opposite is true. Meditation, breathwork, and spiritual wellness are for everyone. Everyone. Period.

Coupled with her personal stories, Clarke backs up her claims with scientific evidence, citing multiple sources regarding the health problems associated with different types of racism and how different breathing techniques work. I am always fascinated by the research and the science of why, and was thankful this information was included. She outlines each breath technique, how she uses it, and includes pictures outlining how to perform the technique for those who struggle to visualize the process. As a visual learner myself, I appreciated the beautiful illustrations, even the ones used to highlight specifics from her stories. Furthermore, these techniques can be used anywhere to every situation you find yourself in, making them accessible and practical.

Each chapter ends with a "Key Points to Remember" and "Mindfulness Practice Toolkit" so you can easily find the breath technique you are looking for without having to read through all the stories and research. I appreciate the quick reference guide, which is also visually set apart from the rest of the chapter with a peach-colored tab. To accompany the book, Clarke offers free resources which can be found on her website and YouTube channel.

I highly recommend Black People Breathe: A Mindfulness Guide to Racial Healing by Zee Clarke not just to my readers of color, but also to my white readers as this is an opportunity to learn about the Black experience in the United States. To my white readers, I also encourage you to continue your journey toward anti-racism by following BIPOC creators and books such as White Rage, The Color of Law, Stamped From the Beginning, and An Indigenous Peoples' History of the United States.

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Thanks NetGalley for providing me with a digital ARC for an honest review.

This book is so necessary for Black people and people of color. As a yoga teacher and a meditation student, I found this book to be extremely informative and specific to the Black experience. Parts of the book felt like I could have read it while others left me saddened but not shocked by the experiences of the author.

Being Black in America is hard, but we deserve to show ourselves love whenever we can. Black People Breathe is the relatable, nurturing guide we should all reference in our self-care journey.

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This is a guide to mindfulness for blacks. Mindfulness means focusing your attention on what is happening in the present moment, with curiosity and without judgment. 35 mindfulness practiced for dealing with everyday situations, such as shopping watching TV news and getting respect at work. Self-care practices. Resources

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This is a great introduction to mindfulness and breath work. It’s specifically tailored to help black people deal with the day-to-day stress of being black in America. It’s a wonderful concept and the illustrations really compliment the vibe of the book. My favorite part was where Clarke talks about the importance of a daily routines and going through your day intentionally. I think that most black Americans feel the stress of racism at one point or another. This a great guide to navigating that stress.

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