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This book, Batcat, was absolutely adorable! Despite book being grayscale when I read it, I loved the main character Batcat. Describing him as a cute, pink mixed animal hybrid who loves video games, TV, and more, was very relatable with introverts who just wanna be left alone.  I thought the storyline was cute and well thought about considering it is a kid's story talking about non-binary themes.  It took me about 20 pages to understand what the book's theme was about discussing non-binary people to a younger audience. I thought it was very well-written to talk about with kids in way that they would understand while also still having a good storyline to follow.  I cannot wait for this book to be published and come out in color. I think it would be a great book to include for many different public and school libraries for kids that are curious.
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Batcat is a precious middle grade graphic novel about feeling like we don't fit in. As a transracial adoptee who never felt like she fit in anywhere, Batcat definitely made me tear up unexpectedly. With brightly colored illustrations, Batcatis a story about how people can assume - based on what we look like or even what they think we "are" - that we can do something. But what happens when we can't? Or when what we can do is different?
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I love this story! It is such a good story for kids that is funny, cute & has a really nice & positive message for kids. This story is able a unique character Batcat who is stuck in his ways & doesn't like change. All that changes once an unwanted guest a ghost crashes at his house. 
  The story is fun, adventurous, silly, & warm-hearted. It has a very positive message when Batcat has to deal with his identity of being both a bat & a cat..
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5 stars for a beautifully-illustrated graphic novel~

This graphic novel is gorgeous! [and terribly cute too ^^] I loved the main character and fun plotline about the adventures of Batcat. I could definitely see kiddos really enjoying Batcat as a series and seeing what other craziness they get themselves into. 

Thanks to NetGalley and ABRAMS Kids, Amulet Books for providing a digital ARC for review!
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Cute graphic novel about Batcat and their quest to get rid of the ghost haunting their house! The illustrations were fun, though not as nice in greyscale as I’m sure they are in full color. Lovely theme about accepting yourself just as you are and others as they are, too. I look forward to sharing this book with my 7 year old.
I received an advanced review copy via Netgalley, receipt of which did not impact my review.
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Batcat was the CUTEST! It was funny, sweet, the art was adorable - It was just the thing I needed to perk up a gray day.
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Background before I get started here. I have a 6 almost 7 year old who loves comics, and books, mostly anything with words and pictures. I saw this one and knew it would be right up his ally. So, of course we read it together. We have a thing where we get to read different characters so it is an interactive reading session. Though this story isn't a long one, we read it over 3 days, because we get tired and are ready to pass out. 

Littlest loved this story, I tried to interview him so it could be a review from the target audience, but alas, I got one word answers. So to sum up his view, he loved absolutely everything about the story. He thought it was funny and he loved Batcat and that Batcat went on this adventure, and he loves adventures. As soon as we finished it he wanted to start over and read it again. Which doesn't usually happen, he wants to move on to the next story. He loves the magical fun world that was presented. I think he liked the message, but I'm not sure he was aware that there was a message and that he was just saying yes to get me to stop harassing him. Mostly it was something that he hears all the time, which was it's ok to be who you are even if you aren't like everyone else. 

On a parent perspective. I loved the story too, I really like the message in the story. It was there without slapping you in your face, which is perfect for this age. I support anything that promotes self-love and understanding and gets the kids involved in reading. AND in comic form! How fun is this story! I love the art work as well, it was engaging, not too scary when we were trying to be scary. I just can't say enough good things. The language isn't too difficult, there were just a few words I had to explain, but that's why we read together right? So we can learn.

I hope Meggie writes more of these in the future! I can't wait to see what they have in store for the future for young readers.
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Beautifully illustrated graphic novel featuring a nonbinary main character.  Both my children and myself love the representation, as well as the story.

ARC from the publisher via NetGalley, but the opinions are my own.
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Batcat spends most of their time along in their treehouse, hanging out, watching tv, and playing games. When an annoying ghost steals their ice cream, they vow to get rid of their unwelcome guest. Devising a plan to visit a local witch for help, Batcat traverses Spooky Island to gather the necessary ingredients to complete the spell. Along the way, Batcat encounters both bats and cats, all asking Batcat to conform to their idea of what a bat/cat should be. Batcat is special because they are neither yet both.

The delightful, adorable illustrations and funny moments make Batcat and fun and exciting graphic novel. Emerging readers will be drawn in by its colorful illustrations and simplicity. Batcat is charming and relatable, their journey amusing and silly at times is reminiscent of a video game quest. Its theme of acceptance of self and others will make it both sought after and enlightening for parents and readers. 

I recommend this title to graphic novel lovers and folks looking to beef up their graphic novel collections for emerging readers.
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Batcat is my new favorite nonbinary icon. Part bat, part cat, all awesome -- Batcat needs to get rid of a ghost bothering them at home. On their adventure, they run into bats that tell them they aren't bat enough and cats that tell them they aren't cat enough. But never fear! Batcat remembers that they are special JUST the way that they are, and that's enough for them. Vibrant illustrations, jokes that make you guffaw, and a special main character to root for makes Batcat a perfect book. I can't wait to see kids discover Batcat!
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I thought this was such a great graphic novel. I loved how the ghost and batcat became friends at the end.
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I had a hard time getting into this story, which may have been because I was reading in black and white and not full color, hopefully readers who see the final book will be immersed in this spooky, magical world. I think some parts were a little heavy handed and so the story felt unbalanced to me. There are other, similar books for this age group that I'd recommend first. But this book is still cute and my library will definitely get it.
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I received an electronic ARC from ABRAMS Kids through NetGalley.
Batcat is exactly what he sounds like - half bat and half cat. He is happy until a ghost moves into his home and tries to interact with him. Batcat is unhappy and seeks the local witch to find a way to get rid of the ghost. She sends him on an impossible quest to find three spell ingredients. He meets bats who question whether he is a bat; cats who doubt he is a cat. Both make him question who they are. The final ingredient is a griffin's egg. While there, he listens as the griffins support being more than one thing. They celebrate being who they are. Batcat thinks about this on the way back and while with the witch. Readers see him change from not wanting the ghost around to seeing the world through the ghost's view. In the end, they decide to stay together and figure out a friendship. Love the emphasis on being yourself and ignoring those who deny who you are. Plenty of humor for upper elementary readers to enjoy.
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This was a delightful tromp through a lively story, packed up in an easily digestible and pleasing graphic novel for early readers. My 6 1/2 year old is a BIG reader and I thought I'd let her take the lead on the review for this one:

"It was SO silly, and I LOVED the way the sound effects were drawn, they were incredibly funny! I liked that the story was about BatCat maybe not feeling like they were allowed to be two different things and everyone around them wanted to teach to them how to be "full cat" or "full bat", but they just wanted to be themselves - part cat and part bat!! I did not like that the skeleton was mean to BatCat but I did like the story which I think meant that sometimes people will not be nice to you but that doesn't make them right or that you should listen to them, you should still be you!"

We do wish the ARC had waited to be distributed until the coloring was completed, especially given the early reader age range it is for, however the story was still a hit and my daughter gobbled it up in one sitting. She cannot wait for more BatCat adventures!
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Thanks so much NetGalley,  ABRAMS Kids, and Amulet Books for access to this cute arc!

We follow Batcat on their quest to banish a snack-stealing ghost from their house, facing pushback from bats and cats alike on how Batcat isn't what they think they should be. But Batcat is exactly perfect just as they are!

This was a great little arc, and I can't wait to see it and sell it in full colour in my store!
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I accessed a digital review copy of this book from the publisher.
Batcat is an adorable "spooky" graphic novel. Batcat finds that they have a problem and goes to the island witch for a spell to solve it. During their quest for ingredients, Batcat meets bats, cats, and griffins and learns from each. The biggest lesson that Batcat learns is that Batcat is the best Batcat there is, going with the message of the story: You are the best You there is, and don't let anyone else try to change you.
While the setting is spooky, the action and art are cute and sweet. This is the perfect book for younger readers, especially ones who are having trouble fitting in or being themselves.
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"Batcat", by Meggie Ramm, is a cute kids graphic novel. It appears to be the first installment in a series, that follows a round, pink creature, part bat - part cat, enjoying a solitary existence full of video games, fast food, and ice cream. This solitary existence is one day disturbed by the arrival of an annoying ghost who disrupts Batcat's routine, hogs the remote, and eats all the snacks. 

This sets Batcat on a quest for magical ingredients needed to cast a spell that will solve the ghost problem. The quest is riddled with predictable obstacles and encounters that help Batcat see that one does not only need to be one thing and everyone should be appreciated for who they are. 

The illustrations are very cute and humorous, but I felt I had a hard time truly appreciating them since the e-arc was in black and white. There was only one colored page, in addition to the cover, that showed how the final print version will look, which looks very cute, and a lot better than the black and white. 

Thank you to NetGalley and ABRAMS Kids/Amulet Books for the e-arc. "Batcat" is coming out in  March 2023.
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Warning be sure to eat before reading or you will crave tacos the entire time!! Seriously!

Is Batcat a bat or a cat?? A little bit bat and a little bit cat, Batcat is just that Batcat and perfect just as is!!
A new graphic novel series for readers that are just getting turned on to reading. This graphic novel is filled to the brim with fun and tacos!! 

The storyline was easy to follow and kept me reading to find out more. The illustrations were awesome made the reading, well like I wasn’t reading 😊Books like this are a perfect way to get your hesitant reader to learn to LOVE reading.

So glad this is a series, we just can't wait to read more adventures of Batcat and hopefully AL too!!
Apologies for the short review, I must now go get tacos and perhaps a pizza 😊

Grateful to have received a digital copy of this book from NetGalley & Abrams Kids.
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I received a copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
They're half-cat and half-bat who loves pizza, ice cream, and video games. Batcat lives in a treehouse all by themselves until, one day, a ghost arrives, wanting to haunt it. Soon, the ghost takes control over everything in the house, so Batcat visits the local witch to find a spell to get rid of the ghost. Thus, Batcat goes on a quest to find three ingredients for the witch's spell. Can Batcat find all three in time?
Have you ever felt one thing didn't define you? Batcat is like that, being part bat and part cat. A rewarding graphic novel shows readers you can be whatever you want. I enjoyed the little quests for Batcat and the different creatures they faced. I own a few cats, so I know how finicky they can be, but I sure don't own any bats, though. And that surprise ending for both Ghost and Batcat? Just wonderful. The comic wraps up nicely with touching morals and other smiles. Book 2?
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"Batcat" is a wonderful little graphic novel about a creature that is neither bat nor cat, but a batcat!  Batcat likes being all alone, but suddenly a ghost moves into their house, upsetting their accustomed solitude, hogging the controller, and eating all their ice cream.  Batcat goes to a witch to get a spell to make the ghost leave, but is told they have to gather three ingredients for the witch to make the spell.  While gathering the ingredients, Batcat meets some bats, cats, ghosts, a talking skeleton, and some griffins, who all have things to say that influence Batcat's thinking.  Once Batcat returns to the witch, they make the spell and head back home.  The ending is lovely, as is the whole book.  The book is also full of silliness, and Batcat frequently breaks the fourth wall with comical effect.  This is a sweet story about being who you are, and learning that it's okay to be more than one thing.  Highly recommended for middle grade and early graphic novel collections.
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