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Batcat (Batcat Book 1)

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Warning be sure to eat before reading or you will crave tacos the entire time!! Seriously!

Is Batcat a bat or a cat?? A little bit bat and a little bit cat, Batcat is just that Batcat and perfect just as is!!
A new graphic novel series for readers that are just getting turned on to reading. This graphic novel is filled to the brim with fun and tacos!! 

The storyline was easy to follow and kept me reading to find out more. The illustrations were awesome made the reading, well like I wasn’t reading 😊Books like this are a perfect way to get your hesitant reader to learn to LOVE reading.

So glad this is a series, we just can't wait to read more adventures of Batcat and hopefully AL too!!
Apologies for the short review, I must now go get tacos and perhaps a pizza 😊

Grateful to have received a digital copy of this book from NetGalley & Abrams Kids.
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I received a copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
They're half-cat and half-bat who loves pizza, ice cream, and video games. Batcat lives in a treehouse all by themselves until, one day, a ghost arrives, wanting to haunt it. Soon, the ghost takes control over everything in the house, so Batcat visits the local witch to find a spell to get rid of the ghost. Thus, Batcat goes on a quest to find three ingredients for the witch's spell. Can Batcat find all three in time?
Have you ever felt one thing didn't define you? Batcat is like that, being part bat and part cat. A rewarding graphic novel shows readers you can be whatever you want. I enjoyed the little quests for Batcat and the different creatures they faced. I own a few cats, so I know how finicky they can be, but I sure don't own any bats, though. And that surprise ending for both Ghost and Batcat? Just wonderful. The comic wraps up nicely with touching morals and other smiles. Book 2?
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"Batcat" is a wonderful little graphic novel about a creature that is neither bat nor cat, but a batcat!  Batcat likes being all alone, but suddenly a ghost moves into their house, upsetting their accustomed solitude, hogging the controller, and eating all their ice cream.  Batcat goes to a witch to get a spell to make the ghost leave, but is told they have to gather three ingredients for the witch to make the spell.  While gathering the ingredients, Batcat meets some bats, cats, ghosts, a talking skeleton, and some griffins, who all have things to say that influence Batcat's thinking.  Once Batcat returns to the witch, they make the spell and head back home.  The ending is lovely, as is the whole book.  The book is also full of silliness, and Batcat frequently breaks the fourth wall with comical effect.  This is a sweet story about being who you are, and learning that it's okay to be more than one thing.  Highly recommended for middle grade and early graphic novel collections.
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BatCat is a gorgeous children’s book exploring what it is like to be told you’re one thing when you know you are more. The titular BatCat is non-binary, and the metaphor used to help explain that is being not quite cat and not quite bat. We follow them going on a journey of learning that some creatures will tell you you’re not enough and that you have to be a certain way, but being your whole self is so much better, even when you don’t fit neatly into other peoples categories. I absolutely would recommend this to any parent
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I absolutely loved this graphic novel. It was fun, playful and had a great message. I look forward to sharing this graphic novel with my kids and reminding them that they can be whoever they want to be.
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This was a fantastical journey of BatCat trying to get rid of an unwanted house guest that took a turn into learning to be happy with all the different parts of yourself. The story was quick, but the characters were memorable and had unique personalities. The art was bright and fun and Batcat being pink was so adorable.
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A fun and spooky story for any kid who feels like they don't quite belong. Catbat isn't all cat or all bat, which seems to be a problem. But who needs to be only one thing?
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A super cute book! I wish there had been more to it, but it was an excellent start and the art was lovely (and will be even more so when they publish it in color!). Thanks to netgalley for providing me an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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A cute graphic novel for younger readers, this story follows Batcat - a creature that is neither bat nor cat but both combined- as he sets out to rid himself of the ghost that is haunting his house and eating his ice cream. 

The art and story are actually really cute. Batcat gets sent on a quest to find some special magical ingredients by the local witch. In return, she will concoct a spell to send away the ghost haunting Batcat's home. Batcat goes on the adventure and obtains all that is needed only to realize that the ghost might not be so bad after all. The witch still makes her "spell". Which turns out to be a "welcome to the neighborhood" cake. 

Batcat and the ghost become unlikely friends who share a home and some ice cream. 

It is really a cute story. 10/10 would recommend to those who are young readers wanting a new graphic novel and those who love cats and bats.
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Big thanks @abramsbooks @netgalley @meggietheramm
for allowing me to read and review this title. 

Cute story - You dont have to be one thing or the other,  just be you. 

When Batcat ends up with a problem, a local witch sends him on a mission for ingredients.  Throughout this mission BatCat learns he's just not 'bat' enough or 'cat' enough. Upset over this, he almost fails his mission. Until, he learns that he doesn't have to be what everyone thinks he should be.
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I first chose Batcat because bats and cats are two of my favorite things. The art style drew me in and was the cutest thing. But once i started reading and seeing Batcat struggle with not being bat enough or cat enough. The way the author uses Batcat to explain being nonbinary was brilliant. As a parent of two gender nonconforming children this book was everything my kids needed. I love this book and will be purchasing all of the copies for all of the kids in my life.

5 stars!
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The first in a new graphic novel series about Batcat. Batcat is half bat, half cat, and wakes up one day to find a ghost in their house. They're scared and determined to find a way to get the ghost out of their house. What they end up learning though is how to accept themselves. 

A cute series although I wish there had been a bit more!
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