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Herald of the Black Moon

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Delightful! I love any time I get to spend time with Seth fucking up, Fings being his superstitious self and Myla being her Myla-ey self. I'm going to be diving much deeper into Stephen Deas back catalog and I am looking forward to the next book because yes please!!!

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I fell in love with Myla, Seth and Fings when I read the Moonsteel Crown and followed their adventure in The House of Cats and Gulls.
It was hard to say goodbye because I liked these characters, I liked how they faced past and future and played their role even if they were not always willing player or wanted to accept the responsibility of their actions.
It was a long travel that made me laugh, root for the trio, and travel to magical places and meet horrors and wonderful beings.
This is the last story and it’s the satisfying, epic, and gripping end to this epic fantasy series. There’s not a moment of bore, there’s a satisfying conclusion, and it’s an action packed and fast paced story.
Even if it’s the longest book in this serie I read very fast as the plot kept me turning pages and wondering what was coming next.
I hope I will meet again Myla, Seth and Fings. In any case I will re-read this excellent series and I’m sure I will notice some new details and tricks and it will be like reading it a-new.
I strongly recommend it if you love epic fantasy and well written fantasy.
Many thanks to Angry Robots for this digital copy, all opinions are mine.

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Herald of the Black Moon, the third and final book in the Black Moon trilogy, delivers a satisfying conclusion to the story of Seth, Myla, and Fings. As the world teeters on the brink of destruction, the trio finds themselves caught up in a web of lies and secrets, struggling to uncover the truth and make the right decisions. The stakes are high, and the tension is palpable as the Wraiths raise an army of the dead, and an army of the living marches on the throne. Deas's writing is as sharp and engaging as ever, with well-developed characters, plenty of action, and unexpected twists and turns. The book is a thrilling ride from start to finish, and fans of the first two books in the series will not be disappointed. Overall, Herald of the Black Moon is a satisfying conclusion to a gripping trilogy that blends sword and sorcery with elements of horror and fantasy.

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