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Ellie Engle Saves Herself by Leah Johnson is an AMAZING book and without question deserves a 5 star rating.

I felt that Leah Johnson did an amazing job creating realistic and relatable characters. Ellie Engle is a character that readers can love from the very beginning. She’s a middle schooler that faces her fair share of struggles such as adjusting to middle school, dealing with friend drama, and navigating her first crush. When a random earthquake strikes, Ellie soon realizes that life has suddenly become more complicated because now she has a super power! As Ellie learns more about her power and what it means, she also learns more about herself and those around her.

I loved the writing and digitally highlighted so many quotes that I felt were real words of wisdom. I feel like certain parts of the story are fun (and even humorous), but there are also underlying message about empowerment and being yourself no matter what. I expected to enjoy this book, but even after finishing it I’m surprised by how much it’s staying with me! This is a book that I would happily recommend to upper elementary and middle school students.

Thank you to NetGalley and Disney Hyperion for the opportunity to review and eARC of this title.

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This book had a fun concept, and the voice of Ellie was well written. You feel her emotions with her as she deals with discovering who she really is. Her interactions with those that are in awe of her newfound ability, were amusing. It wasn't my favorite book, but it was enjoyable to read a book with a likeable protagonist.

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This is such a great look at a regular girl who wakes up after an earthquake to find she has superpowers. Oh, and she also realizes she's in love with her best friend who is a girl. Suddenly middle school is so much more complicated and Ellie Engle finds herself in the middle of a spotlight thanks to a viral video capturing her super powers.

I love that Ellie found additional friends, and that the characters were all multi-dimensional. It was great that she found new connections from old friends, and her crush wasn't the great romance she thought it would be...and that's ok too.

This will be high on my recommendations list for my tweens who struggle with new emotions and feelings and want to see themselves in a great book about using your power and believing in yourself.

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A heartwarming and sweet story of Ellie, who is quiet and happily hangs out in the shadow of her best friend Abby... until she ends up with a special super power and becomes quite popular, for better or worse, because of it. Ellie has to work hard to figure out who she is, who her true friends are, and who she wants to be. A great book with a strong message for MG readers and beyond!

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I've been eyeballing this story since it was announced, and was lucky enough to snag a Netgalley of Leah Johnson's ELLIE ENGLE SAVES HERSELF -- I'm thrilled to announce it's the charming, heartfelt, hilarious, unapologetically queer MG superhero story of my dreams.

The chapter headings alone were enough to make me laugh aloud, but beyond the pitch-perfect voice, this story just felt *sincere* in a way that's often difficult to find. It captures that awkward, magical middle school haze, drop-kicks it with a high concept premise, and (obvs) adds a perfect dash of queerness. I LOVED IT.

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I am officially obsessed with this book! The superhero realism will appeal to so many kids, and the writing style is engaging and accessible. I fell in love with Ellie and I can’t wait for this book to come out!

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I received a free eARC of this book. Thank you for the opportunity.

Ellie lives in a world of reading comic books and admiring her friend Abby, who is a talented gymnast, cheerleader, and all around attention grabber. Ellie is content to be in the shadows, especially since she has a growing crush on Abby, and a growing awareness that, as her peers become more and more boy crazy that she, well, isn’t. And that this makes her different,

Then, the earthquake happens, and when Ellie goes to flush her dead fish, he wriggles back to life. Ellie now has superpowers. Uh, oh!

This is a book which will appeal to kids who love comic books and magic, as well as kids who feel different. It is also a level of Rep that is relatively uncommon-the queer kid who is just as capable of crushing, just as capable of making mistakes and who is just as clumsy in those early relationships as any straight kid…but has the extra struggle of being queer. That’s valuable, too. The fact that Ellie is a Black girl from a family that is struggling financially is also valuable.

This book contains no content that would be inappropriate for school and classroom libraries and, conversely, will hit the right spot for many readers. I admit, I wanted to find a deeper meaning-a connection between Ellie’s Lesbian awakening and her superpowers, since such connections are not uncommon in media. In some ways, though, this is a stronger book because Ellie isn’t a magical lesbian, but a lesbian who happens to also be magical. And that offers hope and an entry for many, many more readers. Well done!

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4 stars

As an incoming fan of Johnson's, I was not surprised to find myself immediately engaged with the titular heroine of this middle grade debut. It's impossible not to root for Ellie!

Ellie Engle receives many messages from various areas of her life about how she should be quiet, hidden, and generally not noticeable, and as any reader might imagine, these messages make her feel terrible, especially when they are unwittingly presented by those closest to her. While Ellie grapples with some typical preteen drama in this way, there's something fully remarkable about her, too. After an earthquake, she mysteriously becomes a necromancer! Dying plants? Prepare to flourish! Dead animals? Welcome back! It's certainly tough to remain invisible when one possesses this kind of extraordinary power, and it's both moving and entertaining to watch Ellie navigate the standard and newer aspects of her identity throughout the novel.

While I did feel like some economizing could have been useful in a particular side plot near the end, I so enjoyed this novel overall. Ellie's intersectional identities are explored in a way that will offer many opportunities for windows and mirrors for young readers. Additionally, Ellie's struggles with her family and especially with her friendships are so relatable. There's a lot to learn from Ellie and her experiences, but it all happens in an appealing and engaging (i.e., not didactic) package.

I hope Johnson continues to produce fantastic middle grade works to complement her outstanding YA collection. I look forward to adding this one to my list of recommendations for students!

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Leah Johnson is an outstanding author! I loved this middle grade novel. Ellie lives in the shadow of her best friend, but she doesn't mind. But when an earthquake gives her super powers, she is thrust into the spotlight.
I loved how Ellie works through everything and figures out how to control her new powers and her new fame. There is a really great look at friendship here and what happens if you start having feelings for your best friend.
This is a really sweet and fun novel. Johnson knows how to talk about friendship and family and new feelings.
I think a lot of middle graders can relate to this as they go through new things like this of their own. Probably not getting super powers, but differences in friendships and having new feelings for people.

Thanks NetGalley for this ARC!

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An absolute delight from start to finish, ELLIE ENGLE belongs in all middle grade libraries!! It masterfully blends authentic young people's emotions/attitudes/voices/concerns (about identity! friendship! belonging! growing up!) WITH a surprise incredible superpower. I loved every page.

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Thank you, Disney Publishing Worldwide, for allowing me to read Ellie Engle Saves Herself early.

This book is such a pleasure! Once in a while I read MG books and am always suprised how well written most of them are. Just like this one. Loved it!

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It is such a fun book. Ellie is a delight. We have a teacher who cares about her students. We have super powers that show up overnight. There is a complicated friendship as well as showing us how to make new friends. Readers will be left wanting to be friends with Ellie and seeing what she does next.

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