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Egg by Lizzie Stark is an informative book about the history, mythology, culture and science of eggs.

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EGG is a fascinating look into, well, eggs.

It's not a cookbook - rather it's a comprehensive study of the most important foods on the planet, and the history, politics, economics and complex social factors surrounding the egg. Without eggs, there is no life.

This book is a far deeper dive into the humble egg than I ever thought possible, told with wit (and snark) . An engaging read that is part memoir, part non-fiction, and egg-sactly what it says on the cover.

~ Many thanks to NetGalley for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review~.

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The comprehensive EGG...

This is probably the most comprehensive, objective look at the egg and all that it entails. From history, scientific to food, to anedotal, it is absolutely comprehensive information on the egg.
You'll never looks at an egg the same way again.

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Yes. I am telling you to read a book about eggs.

This is not a cookbook. Instead, it’s a funny, fascinating and occasionally snarky book about one of the world’s most important foods.

The author brings us history, mythology and a little political commentary. We also have death, war and the wholesale destruction of species – all because of…eggs. It’s absolutely amazing.

(I was going to say this book is ‘eggs-alent’ but you might have killed me. Oops, I said it.)

As I was reading the book, I started reading portions aloud to whoever was around me – sorry to my kid and coworkers. Every time, people were interested, engaged, and then completely bemused that I was reading a book about eggs.

I loved this.

Seriously…get the Egg book.

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As someone who eats eggs for way to many meals this book was so insanely interesting and fascinating, Thank you to WW Norton for the advanced copy

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