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I didn’t really like this book I found it slow and tedious. The descriptions of the weather made me feel cold. The rain and the cold was very well described. This story didn’t gel with me at all. My thanks to Netgalley and the publishers for giving me the opportunity to read this book in return for an honest review.
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The setting for this book reminds me a bit of when I did my basic training for the Army Reserve, back in the day! However, the countryside under canvas, in the UK, when it is nice and cold - brrrr!

Izzy joins five others in a reality TV program. What the others don't know is exactly WHY Izzy has decided to put her life on hold in this way. Yes, she wants the money, but she has an excellent reason for it. The whys and wherefores are slowly revealed as the story goes on. 

Dax is trying to become famous for his reality TV programs. He wants to have some proof that there is something out there in the wilderness and the contestants will get big money if they can bring him that proof. As the days go on, Izzy gets to know the others in this rather odd experiment and she discovers that underneath all their clothing layers, there is something about each of them which is rather different to how they portray themselves to the outside world. Each of them has a secret, not just her.

There is nothing like living without the mod cons to bring out the best and the worst in all of them.

I really liked the premise of this story and how the contestants all interacted. I liked the story of Izzy and Mac, of course, but there was something about each of them that I liked. Ruth was very likeable too. 

I could have done with the story continuing on a little longer, it ended a little abruptly for my liking, but that might just have been me!

4.5 stars from me. 

Thank you to NetGalley and Boldwood Books.
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There are some entertaining moments in this story as Izzy and a disparate group of characters take to the Yorkshire Moors in the depths of Winter. Their task is to take part in the filming of a reality programme as they go on the hunt of a mysterious creature. None of them believe that this is anything other than a wild goose chase, but they all have a reason for wanting to be there and are willing to go along with the search. As the novel develops, you realise that they have some serious issues beneath the surface. Some are caused through family relationships. Others have relationship difficulties. 

    Izzy is the focus of the book and gets your sympathy from the start. She is at times the voice of reason and has a clear idea of what she wants to get from the programme. There are a few poignant moments but largely the emphasis is on humour. Romance is a slow burn but there nevertheless. This is an entertaining read which manages to sell the idea that this group of people would take part in the programme.

In short: romance blossoms as characters face up to what they want in the future
Thanks to the author for a copy of the book
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Thanks for letting me read this ARC! 
This is my first book by Jane Lovering, and it was really good, I enjoyed the humour and the chatter between the group selected for the Reality Show. Sitting in a soggy tent with strangers wondering what in the world they signed up for reminded me of when I was on Dartmoor Adventure Training as part of my Basic Training in the Army. We meet the hopeful reality stars Izzy, Kanga, Sebastian, Dax etc. 
They are tasked with finding a big cat, which may or may not exist in the area. If there is any lesson in this, be mindful what you sign up for, Are friendship, love and reality tv compatible? Pitch up your tent and join in the fun and don't forget the self catering camp meals for good measure.
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I enjoyed this even more than I expected to, that means for me I expected to enjoy this but I really really enjoyed it, this was such a wonderful read, but gave more than I was expecting. This isn’t just a romcom, it’s so much more, don’t worry there is plenty of humour and romance, just that it’s focused on life , what truly makes a home, family, friendships, people you love and in the classic lyrics of The Stones ‘We don’t always get what we want, but if you try sometimes, well, you might find you get what you need’

I loved the setting of the Yorkshire Moors,  the detailed and gorgeous descriptions brought it to life fully and I felt like I was back there myself, it was definitely an additional character in the story. Speaking of which, the characters are such a great mix, each one so different and definitely just like the mix of unique personalities you would see in a reality TV show (not that I watch them to be honest, I like I’m a Celeb but mainly for Ant and Dec) You have your loud , opinionated, influencer, brooding characters with secrets, mystery and lots of gossip/ reveals, just like reality TV. 

This is an addictive book to read and you have to make yourself stop at times, you know because work and bedtime are sadly required, but  ifit weren’t for that I would have happily kept on reading. Overall, just the story itself is fantastic, full of twists and turns, emotional and so heartwarming. I loved it and I think most people who have a heart will too.

Thanks to netgalley, Jane Lovering, Boldwood Books and Rachel’s Random Resources for a free e-book in return for an honest and voluntary review, all opinions are my own and freely given.

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This book had me hooked wanting to know where the writer would take the reality show angle, and I really liked that the romance was actually a subplot it made the book different and unique. 

I loved this so much and when I turned the final page, I was instantly desperate to read more about these characters' adventures. I will definately be picking up more @janelovering books in the near future.
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This is not your typical rom com and I don't think that the cover is right for the book but despite that I absolutely loved it!! It is a gameshow and the contestants have to live out in the wilderness to win lots of money but the contestants aren't expecting what they have signed up for. Will Lizzie find herself and get her life back on track? The characters are all great and I laughed alot at their squabbling and antics. An enjoyable book with humour and love about life and how we find what we most need when we least except. I was enthralled with the writing style and love this authors work it is fantastic. If you're after a rom com that is unique and written differently but still fun and intriguing then read There's no Place like Home.
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I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy this premise as I am not a fan of reality TV shows and actively avoid them unless they feature sewing or pottery.  Of course, I put my trust in Jane Lovering’s writing and was rewarded with this thought-provoking story.
Izzy is the lead character, and despite her defensive attitude, she really appealed to me.  Her vulnerability, caused by her fractured relationship with her family and tenuous personal life, really captured my imagination.  In no time at all, I was fully on her side and hoping for a positive outcome.
The setting of the story is the Yorkshire Moors and I certainly felt like they were an additional character in the book.  The stark vistas and the detailed descriptions brought a genuine feeling of being part of the action. Thankfully, despite an accidental dip in a stream, I remained dry but still shivered at the thought.
There’s an eclectic mix of characters who each add layers to this engaging story.  The loudest was certainly the glamourous socialite, Kanga.  Her attitude and Instagram lifestyle were anathema to me but are becoming the new normal in many aspects of life. Former farmer Seb was hoping to prove to his wife that he wasn’t controlling, while Ruth was looking to show that she was capable of taking charge. Their opposing yet aligned ambitions were fun to follow. I had a particular soft spot for American cameraman Junior who was hiding a mysterious secret. However, it was the darkly broody Mac that I felt drawn to.  His gentle, yet sometimes caustic, friendship with Izzy slowly gave her confidence while empowering him to share more of his own life.
This was a book that I had to force myself to put down.  I could have happily kept on reading through the night, but I had to work. The story is original and engaging, and I was fully invested in the task presented to the team. I’m not a lover of life under canvas, but I thoroughly enjoyed escaping to the moors.
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Within pages, I was hooked into Izzy’s life and the stark realities of camping in the Yorkshire moors in horrid weather, with strangers tracking down a potential mythical creature for a TV prize. Jane Lovering has a talent for world building and providing a strong sense of place. With knowledge of the locality, I can say it is an accurate depiction of the moors and its atmosphere. Even snuggled under the duvet, I found myself shivering when Izzy and company are faced with bad weather thanks to the immersive writing.

Six strangers living in close quarters with sporadic appearances of the camera crew and film staff provided a memorable cast for this original novel, plenty of drama and clashes of personalities. They all have a backstory and reasons for joining the show, including Izzy. As a protagonist, she had depth and everyone connected to her and wanted her to have a happy ever after she sought after. Sprinkled with humour, deeper themes are blended in this uplifting novel with care and realism. Despite the weather and camping trials, romance blooms and the slow burn chemistry between Izzy and Seb is just right for their story.
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I read the synopsis for ‘There’s No Place Like Home’ and it certainly sounded like the sort of book I have come to expect from Jane – a fun, uplifting and heartwarming romance. I couldn’t wait to start reading and so without further ado, I jumped straight in. ‘There’s No Place Like Home’ certainly was one heck of a read, which I thoroughly enjoyed reading but more about that in a bit.

I adored the character of Izzy and I warmed to her from the very start. In fact it didn’t take long until I felt that she had become a friend of mine and I naturally felt protective of her. At the beginning of the book it’s clear that Izzy has had her problems of late but we don’t find out exactly what those problems are. Little hints are dropped as the story progresses and eventually Izzy reveals what has happened and what prompted her to apply to join this new reality television show. Izzy is warmhearted, kind, considerate, funny, feisty, compassionate and an all round good egg.

It didn’t take me long at all to get into ‘There’s No Place Like Home’. In fact by the time I got to the end of the first page, I knew that I was in for a treat and that I would struggle to put the book down for any length of time. I was spot on on both counts. I had picked the book up only intending to read a chapter or two but I became so wrapped up in the story and in the lives of the different characters that I was still sat there reading several chapters and an hour or so later. I had my own suspicions as to what was going to happen so of course I had to keep reading to see if I was on the right track or if I had wandered in the opposite direction. I couldn’t turn the pages of the book quickly enough as I made my way through the book. In fact at one point the pages of the book were turning so quickly that it was almost as if they were turning themselves. All too quickly I reached the end of ‘There’s No Place Like Home’ and I had to say goodbye to Izzy and the rest of the characters. I found ‘There’s No Place Like Home’ to be a fun and ultimately uplifting story.

‘There’s No Place Like Home’ is extremely well written. Jane has one of those easy going writing styles that is easy to get used to and easy to get along with. In fact reading one of Jane’s books feels more like a chat between friends rather than reading an actual book. I hope that makes sense. Jane clearly cares about her characters and this shines through in the very vivid and realistic way in which she describes them. She makes her characters seem just as real as you and I. I hope that makes sense. I love the fact that the story was set somewhere which is fairly local to me. This was one of those books that made me giggle at the start and I kept chuckling away to myself throughout the rest of the story. I love the way in which Jane makes the reader feel as though they are part of the story and at the heart of the action. That’s how I felt at any rate.

In short, I thoroughly enjoyed reading ‘There’s No Place Like Home’ and I would recommend it to other readers. I will certainly be recommending this book to other readers. The score on the Ginger Book Geek board is a very well deserved 5* out of 5*.
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Favorite Quotes:

… he looked disgruntled to the point that his gruntle might be waving farewell forever. I smiled at him… He turned a look on me that was so sour I could feel my tongue dry out.

I watched Kanga stare at his muscles. They were improbably large; he looked as though someone had taken an ordinary man and inflated him with a bike pump in strategic areas.

Mutinously and showing all the team-working ability of a bunch of cats, we each set off on our allocated tasks.

How come you’ve got such unusual names? Dax and MacKinley? It sounds as though your parents thought they were having Labradors.

It had been so long since I’d had a proper wash of any parts of me that didn’t see daylight that I was beginning to think I might be eroding. If I got fully undressed, I might discover that I was nothing more than a flaky shadow and a strange smell.

I could almost feel the cash registers in our heads start to click as we all mentally spent £ 250,000, and then reality asserted itself once more. 

My Review:

This was an active and busy tale with keenly detailed scenarios and colorful descriptions that placed me in the thick of it.  Despite living in the tropics and reading under a ceiling fan, Ms. Lovering often had me feeling cold and achy along with the shivering characters who were stuck on a freezing moor in nylon tents while being filmed for a reality program.  And what an odd, uncomfortable, and annoying to be around collection of people they were.  While the storylines often had a tense edge to them with a sense of impending doom and fear of discovery, they were also amusing as well as observant, and thoughtfully contrived.
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Izzy is taking part in a survival-style reality show camped out on the Yorkshire moors in search of an elusive big cat. She needs funds, fun and friends, and she finds out which is most important as the adventure develops. With a contemporary theme but an original twist for a rom-com, the reader gets to know Izzy and her fellow adventurers. It's emotional, heartwarming and humorous, and even if, like me, reality television doesn't appeal, this character-driven story is worth reading.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher.
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I didn't read the blub before choosing this book and I am pleased that I didn't as I don't think I would have read this. I am glad that I did though as it was so different to the Jane Lovering books that are usually on the shelves. Not her usual style but I enjoyed this.  4 stars.

Thanks to Netgalley and publisher for this ARC
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An unusual storyline in a unique setting is at the heart of this book by Jane Lovering.  Reality tv, wild animals, and secrets held by the contestants and you never know what might come next.  Izzy is hoping she will make enough money to get her off the streets and get her life back on track, but the other contestants have their own ideas how the show should go.
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It should be fun, taking part in a game slash reality show,
Or so Izzy hopes when she signs up to give it a go.
After someone's lies have left Izzy without a home,
She'll now have a month on the moors to roam.

It isn't something she'd normally volunteer to do
But being paid to take part - it took no thinking through!
Being filmed for television along with the others
And paid a bonus if a beast their group discovers!

Getting to know all the others participants to start
Wondering why they'll each be taking part.
Get ready for nature to test them all, too,
With storms and blizzards to make their way through.

At least for a month she'll have somewhere to sleep and food
And not have to worry about someone else's bad mood!
But staying out on the Yorkshire Moors also has dangers
And everyone with her is a total stranger!

Can friendships develop during their stay?
Will they discover the beast one day?
So many questions and trials to endure
This certainly won't be an easy sinecure!

Getting to know each other and facing the dangers,
Helping others, even though they're strangers,
Overcoming fears, standing up for yourself, too,
Lots of things they're all going through. 

A heartwarming read of facing adversity and staying true
With poignant and laugh out loud moments as you do.
For my complementary copy, I say thank you,
As I share with you this, my honest review.
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There's No Place Like Home by Jane Lovering
Isabel, Izzy to her friends, has nothing left to lose when she makes the bravest decision of her life. 
A month living under canvas on the Yorkshire Moors with five strangers would not be her idea of a good time, even if there is prize money to be won at the end.
As nature tests them all to their limits, this disparate group come together to face the challenge. 
In her own words, Jane Lovering writes stories about "'real' people facing real problems and issues that most of us face at some point in our lives".
There's No Place Like Home is a coming together of five multiple personalities, and as nature tests them all to their limits, this random group come together to face the challenges. 
I enjoyed this story; it was well-written, engaging, and easy to read.
I want to thank publishers Boldwood Books, author Jane Lovering and Rachel's Randon Resources for a spot on the tour and a copy to read and review.
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It might just be difficult to understand why anyone would sign up to be part of a reality TV show – especially when it involves surviving life under canvas on the Yorkshire Moors in the depths of winter, in pursuit of a giant black cat that might or might not exist. But for Izzy, it’s very much about the money – the daily payment might just help her get things back on an even keel again, and a share of the big prize would really change her life. For high-maintenance posh totty Kanga, it’s the opportunity for her big showbiz break; controlling Seb (who can’t help himself stepping up as their leader) wants to try to change his ways, to show his family who he really is, and hopefully save his marriage; young Ruth, quiet and serious and a touch naive, just wants the opportunity to prove herself. Junior’s on the TV company’s payroll – gruff and muscled, he has the tracking experience, gleaned from his experience pursuing Bigfoot for one of the cable channels. And the initially grumpy Mac? Well, he’s there because his producer brother was one man short – but things are a bit more complicated than that.

I always particularly love the author’s female leads and their distinctive voices, and Izzy was certainly no exception – as the facts about her current situation and her difficult past slowly emerge, I really felt for her and took her firmly to my heart. But she’s not the only one with secrets – there’s a whole series of jaw-dropping revelations, with none of the characters quite what they appear to be. And the way the story unfolds – the development of the characters, the relationships between them, the moments of drama with the hostile environment (particularly the weather) playing its part – is quite wonderful. As always with the author’s books, there’s plenty of humour – the dialogue is superb, and some of the exchanges between the characters had me in stitches. Actually, many of the set pieces had me laughing out loud too –  I absolutely loved the episode that sees the whole group huddled together in the toilet hut. And then there’s the mention of Barnsley – I’ll gloss over its relevance, but it’s inspired, unexpected, and very funny.

There is a rather lovely developing romance too – unpromising at first, but building particularly convincingly. And then there’s the emotional content, and all the individuals’ issues and life complications, perfectly handled as always – as the end of the book approached, I really cared for them all and wanted them to get their happy endings and new beginnings. And the whole story, largely character driven, is just fantastic – full of unexpected twists and turns, quite a few really heart-in-mouth moments, others that brought a tear to my eye. And yes, of course I think it’s her best book yet – you really didn’t expect me to say anything else, did you? I really loved it – and so will everyone else.
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Izzy finds herself in miserable weather camping with five strangers all as part of a reality TV series that under normal circumstances she would never participate in, but her circumstances are currently far from normal, hence the camping. With her is earnest Sebastian who believes that he once saw something out on the moor and wants to verify while also keeping a secret as to why he is there; posh Kanga who is certain that this opportunity will lead her to greater things; church-sheltered Ruth who is very young, inexperienced and is hoping to start spreading her wings, just not too far; Junior, a tracker who might be as big as the Bigfoot he tracks in the US; and Mac, who at first is a grump but becomes a lot more. With such disparate characters, what could possibly go wrong in Jane Lovering’s There’s No Place Like Home?

As I mentioned in the introduction, one of the things that I love about Jane Lovering’s books is the total unexpectedness. In a genre that is frequented by over-used tropes, Lovering’s book are fresh, taking the reader on an adventure, which is really one of the reasons why we read, different worlds, different experiences.

Izzy’s character is multi-dimensional. She may currently be treading difficult waters but she’s supportive, kind, and level-headed, even to someone like Kanga who frequently doesn’t deserve such kindness. In fact, all of the character are multi-faceted, seeming like real people you might see on a reality TV show.

I confess to not having watched any reality TV, but I could imagine one in which groups of people are out searching for mythical or supposedly-sighted beasts and the fun of it being the meshing of different characters so I don’t think the plot is too far-fetched. It’s just a matter of time. 😉

As for the personal circumstances that Izzy and the other characters are in in their real worlds, those also rang true and endeared the characters to this reader, particularly Izzy and her situation in which she has felt embarrassment, desperation, and humiliation over an event that was not her fault but that has made her stronger and gradually more adamant.

A quick, enjoyable, and heart-felt read with good humor and some hilarious moments.

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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I enjoy reading Jane Lovering's books. This one was a very different story to her other books. It is a different concept to most romantic novels that I had read. I did like it but it's not my favourite book from this Author. I'm not a fan of reality TV shows and I think that I would definitely have enjoyed it more if I liked reality TV.
Thank you to Netgalley and Boldwood books for my ARC.
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It's an unusual plot for a rom-com: six strangers are put together for a reality TV show set in the Yorkshire Moors.
Each one of them has their reasons to take part in the show and their own secrets. Being forced to spend 10 days together, will they learn something from each other? And will they work together as a unit to find the wild cat that would grant them the money prize?
This is a pleasant story of coming of age and self discovery, a bit different from Lovering's previous books, but very nice and enjoyable.

Thank you to NetGalley and Boldwood Books for this ARC.
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