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In Deep Shift; Riding the Waves of Change to Find Peace, Fulfillment, and Freedom by Valerie Gangas was an amazing and much needed book. I am so grateful that more books written by women are coming out like this.  I felt so lucky to get a copy for myself! I have shared on my goodreads, bookstagram, and booktok!
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Sounds True works with some of my favorite teachers and authors. I requested this book based on that earned trust and was not disappointed. Thank you to the author, publisher and NetGalley for an ARC of In Deep Shift.

I am a bit stumped as to how to review this book. It was not written for me. There is a list of shifter attributes which I read to a friend and we both laughed in recognition of how little I resembled the descriptions. And yet when we were done my friend exclaimed, "But wait! I answered yes to every question." I find myself immensely grateful to the author for writing the book because it gave me a glimpse into the lives of those I love who do identify as shifters. But I felt like I was eavesdropping a lot of the time, listening in on a conversation that wasn't for me but which I still got so much out of.

First, by describing shifters so vibrantly I was able to see clearly that I am not one. And that led me to examine my own journey. What a gift! This internal discussion alone was worth the time and energy I invested in reading the book. Second, by providing such a clear vision of deep shift and concrete steps to support the process, I feel much more prepared to help those around me who are experiencing transformation in ways so very different from my own experience. Third, much of the information and advice is generally applicable whether the reader finds themselves in the midst of change or not.

Personally, I did not respond positively to the conversational tone of the book and deducted a star for the authorial voice while at the same time acknowledging this same voice might be what makes the book accessible to another reader. Fortunately there are books for all of us out there.

In Deep Shift is a personal look at radical transformation, offering support and advice for those who find themselves in the same situation. I appreciate and agree with most of the information. Many of my favorite resources were suggested, it is obvious the author and I swim in the same sea. I also greatly appreciate the author's acknowledgment that sometimes professional help is warranted. This is an easy to read book I would recommend to anyone who finds themselves in an intense season of personal growth, or if you want to support someone in such a season.
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Unfortunately, I did not finish this one. This is a guidebook for someone who has had a “deep shift” experience which feel narrowly defined. The tone and voice here didn’t work for me.
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