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I wasn't aware this was part of a series until I read some of the reviews here. Putting the other books on my TBR!

I enjoyed this sorta meet cute love story although there was a meddling grandmother involved. I always love it when there is one of those in the stories I read.

Drew and Wren make a lovely couple and definitely match as they are both easy going and very passionate about their jobs and their loved ones.

They have some mental and physical scars from things that happend in their past but it means they can relate to each other.

The only thing that was a downside for me was the names. So alike. I suck at remembering who's who when I start a new book and the names were a bit too similar for my brain. But that's on me and not on the author obviously.

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The characters are well developed and likeable. it was a really nice read and i enjoyed it. I recommend 4 stars.

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This one definitely resonates with me as a queer female nerd but it also paints a terrifying picture of over protective parents that is just so dark and well done. I cried more than once reading this and would gladly cry again if I pick it up a second time. Beautiful book and clearly part of a shared universe that I need to go back and read all of!
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Sometimes you read a book description and just come away with question marks floating around your head. This was my first impression. But I'll admit the writing won me over and in the end it was a perfectly enjoyable read.

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This is another excellent book from Lesley Davis. It is funny and sweet, with the right amount of angst and a few twists. Ms Davis is an excellent plotter and creates great characters. Drew and Wren are the main protagonists here but I loved the ancillary characters- especially gran. I loved her at the beginning but way more at the end - no spoilers here.

The story involves a chef who can sing but doesn’t and a comic book store owner who’s a bit geeky. They have the usual missed timings and obstacles to clear before the author produces a satisfying conclusion with the ends all neatly tied up.

The book is well written, the narrative flows smoothly and, as I say, all the characters are beautifully drawn. Recommended if you’re looking for a light read with a bit of depth.

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What a delightful read! 

Had no idea this was part of a series till I started reading and could tell by the amount of hints to the other characters past. Either way, didn’t feel like I was reading from outside the club so definitely can be read as a standalone as I’m presuming it was intended. 

Wren and Drew are by far one of the cutest couples I’ve read about all year! Immediate chemistry and natural conversations spill over every interaction of theirs. 

Drew owns the comic book store next to the restaurant Wren just started at, they were bound to collide.  

Interesting side characters- heart wrenching backstory- comedy- low to no angst- and short, this book was a combination of some of my favorite things.

Whole year I’ve been searching for a book to bring the warmth this one did, I’ve read the most gruesome books, the most action packed ones, the most angsty ones and the most sexual ones. 

Yet, none made me feel as immersed as this one. 

Will definitely check out the rest of this series! 

Trigger warning for parental abuse. 

Thanks NetGalley and the publishers for the ARC in return for a honest review.
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This was an unexpected nice read! Wren and Drew are nice characters and Drew's relationship with her grandma is a great one. This book brings humor and a geek universe, but it also talks about a  childhood of abuse. I will be coming back for Lesley Davis.
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Loved this story. Drew and Seen were such great main characters. I loved that they let their relationship grow naturally, they were friends first before becoming romantically involved. Drew was such a complex character, I loved how whenever she had a major moment happen that it was usually her inner voice speaking and at times that voice was too hilarious for words. Especially when she was interacting with the children of her friends who were such fascinating and diverse characters in their own right. There were some serious laugh out loud moments for me throughout this book, and please don't let me get to talking about Drew's grandma,whom had me in stitches throughout this book. Wren was such a great compliment to Drew, because she seemed more mature and caring. I could go on about this book, but then I would be giving spoilers. I highly recommend this book to all my friends and family and I look forward to what's next from this author.
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Thanks to NetGalley and Bold Strokes Books for this ARC in exchange for the review.

I loved this book so much. I could not put it down and got a few weird looks when I was sneaking a few pages at work and some absolutely adorable scenes occurred.
The story centers around self-proclaimed nerd Drew Dawes and Florencia “Wren” Banderas, a woman chasing her dream of owning her own restaurant. This entire book is filled with colorful characters and one of these, Drew’s feisty, beloved grandmother Mae, is the one that brings them together when she all but hits on Wren for her granddaughter.
Despite how different they are the two’s chemistry is instant and I loved watching them interact, seeing their worlds begin to blend together. Shared lunch breaks, becomes adorable dates, becomes a relationship that neither woman had been expecting, but both wanting to explore.
Things aren’t all roses, as both have their own obstacles. Wren has to decide who’s dream it was exactly to own a restaurant, hers or her father’s. And Drew has a childhood of abuse that she’s still struggling to put to rest. But you are rooting for these two from page one and the payoff is a beautiful one.
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5 stars
This is the fourth book in the Playing series and it's another great story with a nice tender romance and interesting plot. I found this story equally engaging and successful just as the previous three books in the series. Each book is a complete standalone with just interconnected characters and you can start from whichever you want but if you want to enjoy it to the fullest it's best to read the books in order. Recommended to all romance fans especially for those who love butch-femme relationships.
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I received an ARC copy of this book from the Publisher via Netgalley and voluntarily leaving my review.

Drew owns a comic book store she really into fantasy. She has a great relationship with her grandmother Mae who she lives with who such a delight. Wren just got hire as chef next door to the comic book store when she meets Drew she can’t help but feel drawn to her despite having a relationship isn’t in her plans at the moment. Drew and Wren grow closer threw lunches as we learn what shapes them today. Good read low on angst which was a plus because sometimes too much angst gets me out the story.
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Wren Banderas has just started as head chef at Takira's and been welcomed by the staff and their families. When she runs into Drew Dawes, the owner of the comic book store next door, she feels a connection to the shy, geeky butch. A relationship is not in her 5 year plan though and Drew lives with her Grandma, making even a casual hookup difficult but Wren can't seem to stop spending her lunch breaks at the comic book store.
This was the first book I've read by Davis and I really enjoyed it. It looks like the other characters have their own books in this series that I'll need to go back and catch up on but I felt like I wasn't missing too much having not read the others first. Wren and Drew had some good chemistry and I liked Drew's quiet demeanor. Her story unfolds a bit more slowly which seems true to her character but we see most of this in the form of her dreams and I'd have liked to see her talk a bit more with Wren about her childhood. Grandma Mae was a hoot though, I loved her enthusiasm for Drew and Wren and her meddling was hilarious. This was a very entertaining read and makes me want to pick up the first 3 books in the series to catch up with the whole cast of characters from Playing Loves Refrain. Fingers crossed that Grandma Mae shows up in a few of the earlier ones!
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I am new to the author and as I began reading I knew I was into a well knit community that includes characters from the authors previous books.  Drew Dawes is a geeky owner of her own comic book store.  She lives above the store she owns with her grandmother Mae who is delightfully meddlesome.  Wren Banderas is the new head chef at the restaurant next door.  This is a very wholesome romance.  It does get to some heat but only after daily lunches and shared desserts.  Drew is very into her fantasy universe which is new to Wren.  Drew also comes with a lot of emotional baggage that comes from a very abusive childhood.  I’m not a fan of having to to through memories of trauma inflicted on kids but it gives insight into Drew’s nature.  I love the sense of community in the neighborhood and will have to see if I can find the authors previous works.  Thank you to NetGalley and Bold Strokes Books, Inc. for an eARC in exchange for an honest review.
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I’ve read a few of Lesley Davis books and enjoyed them all. This one was definitely up to standard. I like when characters from other books are included. I especially like this story as I am a fan of Marvel and DC superheroes and Dr Who.
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I was a little confused at first about Playing Love's Refrain, mostly because I'd completely forgotten what the blurb that I read about the book said and was going on the cover. The story is about Drew, the super geeky comic shop owner and her romance with the chef next door; Wren. I just wasn't sure why the cover had a guitar on it. Things became clear as the story progressed.
I really enjoyed this romance between two women who think that they don't have time for love in their busy lives, but really really need it. They work really well together. Drew's grandmother, Mae, is also a delight.
Drew was once almost a star, apparently, she was an amazing singer, but for various reasons hasn't sung since. I say apparently, which might be a little odd in a book review, but the characters in this book also go on about how wonderful Taylor Swift is, so I'm taking it with a grain of salt. She was also a country singer and as I'd rather listen to a whole herd of cats stuck up a tree than listen to that hideous 'music' then I'm guessing that it's just not going to be to my taste. Still Drew also likes Dr Who, so she can't be all that bad.
Sorry, I'm completely digressing. This was a great story and romance and one that I really enjoyed.
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