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Very good ghost story. The story was very fast-paced. I found it to be very well-written. I also prefer the paranormal aspects in this story. Therefore, I recommend this for fans of paranormal reads!

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I love a good ghost story, so this book really piqued my interest. This book follows Maggie as she is dealing with some of the most awful experiences, poor, and alone trying to make something of her life. I loved all her dreams and her positive attitude. while I was reading I was trying to figure out if she actually saw the ghosts or if this was all in her head.

I would recommend this book to anyone who loves fairytales, rags to riches, and sweet romance with magic and ghosts.



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This book started with a bang and I could NOT put it down throughout the night until I finished it about 2am. This novel has a unique way of catching your attention. I actually felt like I was on a journey with them. And Guild era with familiar figures in that time frame?! I LOVE it! Paranormal? I’m sold!
This is a sweet love story (love at first sight) of a couple who are struggling with their family situations and trying to improve their lives. This can be described as paranormal fantasy with some elements of mystery/suspense. True rags to riches fairytale story. Need more? Please disregard synopsis and read the book. You’ll just want to dive into the pages and not come out.
Thank you Netgalley and Ink Spell Publishing for this delightful novel!

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Anika Savoy's "The Ghost in Her" is a chilling and atmospheric novel that expertly blends elements of mystery, romance, and the supernatural. Savoy introduces us to the strong-willed and resourceful protagonist who, while grappling with the aftermath of a personal tragedy, finds herself entangled in enigmatic mysteries..

As the story unfolds, the protagonist encounters a strange ghost whose presence stirs up both fear and fascination. Savoy masterfully explores themes of grief, love, and redemption as the protagonist's journey of self-discovery converges with her growing attachment to the spirit from the past. With its engaging prose and a well-crafted, suspenseful plot, "The Ghost in Her" will keep readers captivated from the first page to the last, leaving them with a profound sense of awe and a lingering curiosity for the unknown.

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I love a good ghost story and a meddling ghost story is really the best. This books follows our heroine Maggie as she is dealing with some of the most awful experiences, poor, and alone trying to make something of her self. I loved all her dreams and her positive attitude. As I was reading I was truly trying to figure out if Maggie was actually seeing magic and ghost or if it was all in her head. When we start seeing her ghost friends make sure her and her love Gershom get together it was really fun.
I love Virginia and her meddlesome ways. This was a true rags to riches, fated love fairy tale. Everything was little magical and just fun with how everything just wrapped up into a perfect happily ever after. I will be very interested to continue this series as it is a magical world and feel good stories.

My one frustration with the book was the book blurb. As I was reading I knew what was going to happen as it said it in the synopsis. I think I would have been shocked at the ending if I hadn't already read it.

I would recommend this book to those that love fairytales, rags to riches, sweet romance with magic and ghosts.

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Anika Savoy is one brilliant author. This may be the first paranormal romance novel I have read. It is indeed full of magic and Gothic horror. Maggie O' Connor's character is captivating. I didn't really know what to expect, it is enchanting and engaging. The character development is good.

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I think if you enjoy ghosts, mysteries and paranormal historical romance then this book will be the perfect choice for you.

Historical romance is not my usual but the premise of the book pulled me in and I’m on a big ghost kick right now.

I really wasn’t sure where I was going to end up rating this book as I was reading it. The story kept me just intrigued and interested enough to keep reading because I wanted to know what happened next but I also found it convoluted and a little frustrating at times.

There was a lot of different parts and sections to the story and I struggled to follow along. Maggie’s thought process was wild at times and it felt like being in the mind of someone with ADHD. It seemed like she was determined to make her life harder for herself without realising or meaning to. I did enjoy the relationship she had with Leo though. It was very sweet and precious.

The relationship between Maggie and Gershom was also very sweet which is why I was so mad when he believed the Ogresses lies and instantly fell out of love with Maggie. I shouldn’t be surprised though as he was a man in the 1800’s haha. I was very happy when he realised what an epic mistake he’d made.

I guess the things that eventually turned me around to giving it more than 3 stars is that there was a HEA in the end. I liked the way the LaFontaine’s were able to help Maggie in the asylum, how they welcomed Terrance, I enjoyed the revenge on Nurse Stoddard, and Bella was a lovely addition to the cast. It seemed a little convenient that Mr Carnegie had all the answers before he’d even officially met Gershom but it all worked out for everyone in the end.

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I enjoyed this quirky paranormal story. I actually believed the magic more than the reality so I can’t give it more than 3 stars. I will try the sequel when it comes out.

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Working in a factory to support her orphaned relative, Maggie is just trying to make ends meet. Being from a long line of Irish seers, Maggie has psychic abilities which makes living difficult at this time. After a neighbour takes the child, Maggie is sent to a Lunatic Asylum because psychic abilities mean a women is labeled as insane. Luckily, she has help from spectral visitors, will she be able to escape and save the child? This was the perfect paranormal fantasy. Every clue and twist was so carefully planned, it left me piecing together the book and holding out for more - without being able to pick the ending. I loved the blending of gothic romance and spook factor made this one of my top reads of the year so far.

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This is an interesting book, Took place in NYC 1888, from Maggie eyes she describe ghost, fairy, shapeshifting goblins, angel, witch and many creatures. Not only beauty thing the ugly too.

Maggie must learn her powers, using it and control it. Not only see creatures Maggie have other powers. Sometime heartache make her want to hex her enemy but she forbid it.

Maggie and Gershom love story was unique. Love for first sight for Gershom. But one incident shake his love for Maggie, i annoyed how easy he doubt her. Whyyy oh why Maggie forgive him so easly lol.

Many mystery in this book also many POV. I really enjoy this book because bring me to the land of supernatural creatures, not only one kind but many of them! I cant wait Bella story!

Thank you to NetGalley for provide this book, it is pleasure to review this book.

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This is a fairy tale set in early 1800s New York. We are introduced to our two main characters, a destitute young woman recently immigrated to America from Ireland and a 1st generation Jewish tailor who is smitten by her. The two are thrown together under rather extraordinary circumstances that includes a ghost or two. Following the story to its conclusion is a delight. It's a romantic fantasy intended to entertain and it does just that..

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Enjoyable book to read while relaxing and needing a break from reality. Anika does well writing so you can picture the story. It is a dark but captivating fairy tale.

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