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Ich liebe Thailand und durfte dieses wunderschöne Land schon mehrfach bereisen. Dementsprechende Gänsehaut bekam ich beim Durchblättern. Die Berge im Norden, die alten Städte des Königreiches Siam, die Strände, Streefood etc. Alles liebgewonnene Erinnerungen.

Verwundert war ich etwas über die Fotografien im Buch und musste sogar zum Impressum zurückblättern, um nach dem Erscheinungsdatum zu schauen. Tatsächlich ist das Buch erst im November 2020 erschienen. Die Fotografien wirken leider etwas veraltet. Einige Bilder, wie die bunten Dächer auf dem Talad Rot Fa Nachtmarkt in Bangkok, sind nicht mehr aktuell, da sie inzwischen weiß gestrichen sind. Schade.
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With thanks to the author, publishers Amber Books, and NetGalley for providing me with a digital ARC of this book in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

This book contains stunning images and some very interesting history and trivia about the various regions of Thailand. It is not a Lonely Planet style book and does not provide detailed information that a reader might use to plan a trip. Rather it gives a really good introduction to the different aspects of life in Thailand, from the hustle and bustle of daily life in Bangkok, to the quiet serenity of the elephant parks in Chiang Mai, to the idyllic beauty of the beaches of Koh Samui and the other islands.

Having visited there over 20 years ago and experienced many of the delights shown, the book was a wonderful reminder of some of the places I visited, brought back some long-forgotten memories, and left me with a strong desire to return there again some day!
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It was a pleasure to travel in Thailand with this book. The photos are and the places visited even greater. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to travel to Thailand and wants to prepare for the trip beforehand with ideas and images.
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Two years ago I wrote:-

A commendable pictorial primer for the kingdom of Thailand – and I mean the whole shebang, as it's certainly not focused on Bangkok and little else, as you might predict.  No, this takes us from top to tail and all across the country, showing vistas, temples galore (well they had about 29,000 to choose from), the produce in the markets, the customs, and the Jeff Koons-styled trashy but ginormous statues that the religious culture is plonking down everywhere these days.  A brief paragraph for each image really helps the intending visitor understand the place, or provides for a souvenir for those who have been, but don't expect this with its high amount of lovely sharp images to be an appropriate coffee table book – if I read correctly it's only a photo-sized little thing, and not a large volume to show the glories of the place off as you might expect.

And now the good news is the very same book is NOW in the full-sized. A4, inch-thick hardback it always deserved to be.  A strong four stars at least, then.
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Southeast Asia is a stunning area, and Thailand is one of the more travelled locales in the area. A big country that has a been influenced by multiple different cultures and religions means that different areas of Thailand can feel very different, even while being next to each other.

We have seperate chapters to focus on the different regions of Thailand. Bangkok, Northern Thailand, Southern Thailand, Western and Central Thailand, Eastern Thailand, Southern Thailand. Each chapter has numerous pictures of locations within the area, as well as a brief description about the picture and the exact location that it is at. You are shown not just landscape and cityscape photos, but local farmers markets and rural towns are also heavily highlighted. Unsurprisingly, a lot of Buddhist temples are situated around Thailand so wherever you go, plenty are to be found.

A great addition to your coffee table book collection.
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Breathtaking images, interesting texts. A great coffe table that made me wish I could visit the places.
Highly recommended.
Many thanks to the publisher for this arc, all opinions are mine
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I accessed a digital review copy of this book from the publisher.
This book is full of pictures that are full of the different regions of Thailand. The pictures are full of color and movement. They are a mix of rural/nature scenes and urban/city scenes.
The pictures are beautiful. This book is perfect for anyone who is interested in Thailand or photobooks.
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I usually give these books 5 stars for their stunning photography and the cultural enlightenment I experience. Unfortunately, I can't enjoy this one as much due to the animal cruelty. It is only shown on a few pages but it's enough that it has left a dark stain on the whole book for me.

That aside, I did very much enjoy the temple photography in particular.
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I received a free digital copy in exchange for an honest review. 

The review format wasn't the best but I imagine that this would make a very nice coffee table type book. I can't speak to the formatting of the digital copy that will be sold since the free copy was a PDF form. That being said, the book includes beautiful pictures and interesting information about Thailand. I was pleased to see many of the sights I visited during my time in Thailand and the book brought back fond memories. I wouldn't say it's detailed enough to be a guide, but if you're looking more for the beauty of the country, this seems like a good addition to any traveler's collection.
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A gorgeous book filled with beautiful photos that make me want to visit Thailand again !

I love that the book covers history, architecture, food, people and the culture
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Thank you to Netgalley, Narisa Chakrabongse, and Amber Books Ltd, Amber Books for providing me with a free copy for an honest review!

This book is perfectly balancing beautiful shots of cultural sites, daily life, bustling cities, and stunning nature. In addition, some introduction to different parts of Thailand is given, providing some depth.

I really enjoyed this book and can recommend it to any Thailand lover.
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This series by Amber Books is a splendid foray into the landscapes, cities, and passions that make each country of the world unique.  This book on Thailand is just another such masterpiece of photography and text.  Divided under headings by geographic region, each section offers a look at the history and present culture you'd be likely to encounter if traveling to Thailand.  It's a visual delight.
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Thailand: Buddhist Kingdom at the Heart of South East Asia by Narisa Chakrabongse is an excellent introduction to Thailand for those who haven't been and a great reminder of its beauty and culture for those who have.

I spent some time the past couple of days reading several coffee table books. I use them as decoration but with an eye toward being conversation starters. So while attractiveness is important, for me, the information offered is just as important. I usually want a nice mix of illustrations and either good captions or short sections of text that only refer to one or two pictures. In other words, I want to put the pictures and the information together easily, unlike, say, a history book that may have a number of illustrations but they may not even be on the same page as the part of the chapter that refers to them. So…

This book, like many of Amber Books' titles, is set up perfect for my taste. A brief introduction for each chapter about the region covered, then informative captions for each photograph telling the reader what they are looking at as well as some background. The history, culture and, especially, the juxtaposition of the modern and the ancient are captured wonderfully in the photographs and captions. Plus just seeing some of the photographs makes you feel you're there.

I would definitely recommend this for those with an interest in Thailand as well as those who simply enjoy nice photography. As for gift giving, I think coffee table books make wonderful gifts, but I usually pick books on topics I know the person likes rather than guessing whether they might be interested. I don’t want them to feel like they have to set a book out because I might be dropping by. For the right person, this would make an excellent gift.

Some of the books in the Visual Explorer Guide series are smaller (the Flexibound versions), roughly the size of the old large postcards one bought on vacation. I like those as end table, rather than coffee table, books. This one (hardcover), however, is full size, roughly the size of standard printer paper (8.5”x11”) turned landscape.

Reviewed from a copy made available by the publisher via NetGalley.
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This coffee table book takes readers around Thailand on a journey of filled with color and light. The book is organized by region and features everything from new building to, traditional temples to ancient wonders to nature to people and the food they eat. I have wanted to travel to Thailand for some time and this book only renewed my interest in visiting. The photographs are absolutely beautiful and provide a holistic approach to the beauties of the country. This book would make a wonderful gift for the traveler in your life.
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Thailand by Narisa Chakrabongse is a wonderful opportunity to travel vicariously. So many rich, vivid descriptions from everyday life, such as street scenes, open markets, expansive scenery, and beautiful art and history. Each photo provides a description or brief history of the significance. I love how the photos capture genuine moments in time. I felt welcomed and invited to explore this beautiful country and meet the people.
I received a complimentary copy from the publisher via NetGalley and all opinions expressed are solely my own, freely given.
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In a single word, "Thailand" by Narisa Chakrabongse is magnificent! 

In a coffee table format, "Thailand" brought back many memories of my previous visits to Bangkok while simultaneously providing an intense longing to revisit Thailand to experience the many locations I have not seen that are so eloquently described with both words and colorful pictures in this book. 

The 224 page book is splits Thailand into six geographical regions, with about 1/4 of the book covering Bangkok. Although I have visited Bangkok several times, many of the places were new to me. And I was quite impressed with the beauty of the pictures of places that I had visited. The lighting, angle, composition, etc of nearly every picture in this book is worthy of framing putting on display.

I also enjoyed how so many of the pictures reminded me of my visits to the neighboring countries of Vietnam and Cambodia.

I absolutely recommend this book to anyone interested in South East Asia, likes travel, or enjoys outstanding photography.

I thank the author and publisher for kindly providing an temporary electronic review copy of this excellent work.
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Wow!! The most beautiful photographs in this book allowing you to see all over Thailand and seeing just how different each area is! Stunning!!

There's a great mix of the extraordinary sights that Thailand has to offer, alongside insightful text explaining more about the local area and history and it really shows off the contrasts within Thailand, from the hustle and bustle of towns to the peaceful tranquility of the more remote areas. It shows the old alongside the new and features the astonishing engineering feats throughout, none more so than the trains running through the cramped streets.

There's a look at the mountains and markets, the houses and hotels, the wildlife and the nature, as well as the most exquisite temples. And it also shows the contrasts of day and night with more amazing photography.

This is such an extraordinary book and it transports you to Thailand through its' memorable photos and insightful text. Loved it!!
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This book is a beautiful photo tribute to the exotic country of Thailand.  Bangkok is given its own section and the rest of the country is split by compass directions.  Highlights in each section include, temples, nature, food, people, animals and coastal beauty.  The stunning photos are in color and usually include a small descriptive blurb.  There isn’t enough information for this to be a travel guide if I were going to Thailand several photos would inspire me find out if they were visitable for tourists.  This is a perfect souvenir for someone who has been to Thailand or a wish book for the arm chair traveler.  

Thank you to NetGalley and Amber Books Ltd., for a temporary eARC in exchange for a review.
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Dazzling photography of urban and rural scenes from Thailand. Amazing depictions of life in Asia. Perfect for inspiring world travellers.
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This book Thailand by Narisa Chakrabongse was beautifully illustrated from the beginning till the end and bought back some wonderful memories of my holidays with my Husband in Thailand. This book was a joy to read and review especially as its changed so much over the last few years. Thailand is so magical and a wonderful place to visit. This book captured this with its beautiful illustrations and write up on them.

Just beautiful book.
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