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I received an arc of this title from NetGalley for an honest review.  A bit too predictable for me and not as hot as some of the other hockey romance books I have read in the past. It was a good read but somewhat disappointing too.
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While Ice Storm was a good romance at times I felt it needed more focus on the couple rather than all the baggage from their past.
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ARC received for review

Hi. It's me. The person who doesn't read the first two books in the series., but it's okay. This is a stand alone, and I wasn't lost. But I am now interested in the previous couples.

Theo and Olivia start as long time friends who make a pact to help each other out. That relationship soon turns into a romantic one. Secrets to be uncovered and true love wins in the end.

My one issue with the book is her she related to Dean and Summer DeLaurentis from Elle Kennedy's series Off-Campus and Briar U.
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Quick Summary: A friends to lovers romance

My Review: Ice Storm by Tracy Goodwin was a high intensity friends to lovers romance. The romance involved a hockey hunk who had a good heart (Theo) and a former actress turned businesswoman who had a courageous spirit (Olivia).

About the Book: What started out as one friend trying to help another soon blossomed into a romance unlike any other that Theo or Olivia had ever had. 

Theo and Olivia were friends. They were friends who trusted each other. They looked out for each other. When major drama unfolded in their lives, they decided to enter into a fake relationship to save face. Before they knew it, their relationship evolved into a FWB relationship. From there, something beautiful was realized.

The new partnership that Theo and Olivia had would be tested sooner than they had planned. When challenges started coming at them from all sides, they rallied. Unfortunately, family drama, past betrayals, miscommunication, and hard choices came into the mix and an Ice Storm happened upon them.

Would this couple be able to overcome the things that were stacked against them?

My Final Say: This Ice Storm is what's up. Real talk. I loved it. Readers who enjoy the friends to lovers trope will love the fire that comes with this storm.

Rating: 4.75/5
Recommend: Yes
Audience: A
Status: R
Level: 💎
Chemistry: 💣

Thanks to the author, to the publisher, and to NetGalley, who provided access to a digital ARC of this work. The words I have shared are my own and have been voluntarily offered. 

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Ice Storm is a perfect blend of hockey, romance and friendship. I loved every minute of this heartwarming story. The plot is interesting, the characters are engaging and I never wanted this story to end. The two main characters, Theo and Olivia are easy to connect with, they share a lot of chemistry and I enjoyed reading about all of their encounters.

Theo is a professional hockey player dealing with the possibility of his hockey career ending. Olivia has been in Theo’s life for a long time and there has always been a spark simmering between them. They have always been there for each other through all the ups and downs in life. 

Theo and Olivia’s story is enchanting. They are both dealing with some important issues in their lives and help each other come to some decisions about what their future will look like. They bring out the best in each other and their story left me with a smile on my face.
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This fake dating, best friends brother romance is a sweet and charming story of two people who have known each other a long time, at a cross roads in their life and taking a chance on each other.  Tracy Goodwin’s writing is conversational and fun. Goodwin creates a charming and sweet friends to lovers story between two people who have secret hopes and attractions towards the other and it is a delightful ride of watching them circle around each other before they take the plunge. This is the third novel in the New York Nighthawks series by Goodwin, but it can definitely be read as a stand-alone, as it is the first novel that I have read by Goodwin.

I was quickly drawn into this story by our compelling heroine-Olivia, a former teenage actress turned broker. Olivia is bold and fun, independent and strong. I love that Olivia knows and goes for what she wants.  Theo, is at the end of his hockey career after a serious injury. These two enter into a fake dating relationship after a steamy kiss for mutual benefits but this relationship quickly takes the turn into something real. This book overall was fairly low angst, there were outside conflicts that always seemed a bit low stakes, and moments of hesitation are swiftly worked through. This book really charms in the moments between Olivia and Theo, they have great chemistry and learn to work together really well. I do love that both of them want the best for the other and learn to support the way they are needed. They are also good about giving the other space at times. This romance, though categorized as a sports one is very low on the actual sports, and really only briefly talked about around Theo and coming to terms with the end of his career.

Overall a delightful read for anyone who loves a friends to lovers, or Tracy Goodwin. I do look forward to exploring more of Goodwin’s works.
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I liked Ice Storm. I’d read one of Tracy Goodwin’s other novels and wasn’t a fan so I wanted to try another to see if that was just a fluke. And I gotta say again, Ice Storm was a good read. 

It is one of a series and I’ll be going back to the other two to get into the Nighthawks ice hockey world she creates. That said, this book can easily be read as a standalone.

It is a classic fake relationship tale about a bad boy Theo, a hockey player, trying to look good in front of his family and facing a new life and a good girl Olivia, a former child actor trying to acknowledge her past and just get on with her new successful life.  But it is so much more. There’s a lot of MeTo spirit around Olivia and discussion of coming terms with the end of a career and What’s Next for Theo. It’s about the difficulty of leaving a life behind, whether it was a good life or a bad one and coming out the other end, better and now filled with love. 

Their falling-in-love is sweet and oh so sexy! It is easy for the reader to fall in love with Theo and Olivia, too. They are both strong and vulnerable and fierce. It’s a great love story to fall into. It also seems that I’m silly for those sexy stories about professional sports ballers (well… puckers here). How ‘bout you?
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When two friends Theo True and Olivia DeLaurentis come up with a plan to help out both of their lives, neither of them ever excepted it to change their lives for the better! Theo is a right-winger for the New York Nighthawks ice hockey team, while Olivia was America's Sweetheart in her teenage years and now is a kick butt high end real estate broker. When Olivia suggests to Theo that they pretend date in order to help both of their images, Theo is reluctant at first but then agrees. What neither of them ever expected was that the pretending would feel way to real. The more time these two spend together, the hotter the chemistry ignites until neither of them can deny what they feel is real. Now the only problem is having to tell Damon, Theo's best friend who is also Olivia's older brother. As Olivia and Theo both face demons from their past, they realize that having each other is just what was needed in order to find their happy ending.

I really enjoyed this hockey romance story. Theo...aka...Thor was so, ripped and tattooed! Olivia really was a sweetheart and together these two just fit! Great addition to this fun series.
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I enjoyed this book. This is the third book in the New York Nighthawks series but it is the first book that I have read from the series and I thought it worked fine as a stand-alone. I picked this book up on a bit of an impulse. I was in the mood for a hockey romance and this book caught my attention so I decided to give it a try. This was my first experience with Tracy Goodwin’s work and I am happy to report that it was a good experience.

I liked Theo and Olivia and love the chemistry that they had with each other. They have been friends for a long time and never really thought about anything more. That is until they kiss and sparks fly. The fake relationship that they planned doesn’t stay fake for very long at all. My favorite parts of the book were the scenes with just Theo and Olivia. I thought that they were really good together especially when they let go of the stress that they were facing in their individual lives. I did think that most of the conflicts in the story weren’t really a big deal so it was a little hard to see why the characters were so upset.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this book to fans of contemporary romance. Like a lot of sports romances, there wasn’t a lot of the actual sport in this story but it was still an enjoyable romance between a couple of characters that were easy to fall for. I do plan to keep my eye open for more of this author’s work in the future.

I received a digital review copy of this book from Loveswept.
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Ice Storm is worth the wait!

Hockey player Theo (Thor) Ture wants to get one more endorsement deal before he retires from his knee injury but he needs to have a more family friendly image first. But first he needs to deal with his brother Hunter trying to irritate him on Twitter.

Former teen actress and now realtor Olivia (Liv) DeLaurentis needs a fake boyfriend for the reunion show for the teen drama that she was on that she is dreading so maybe they can help each other out by faking a relationship

I’ve been waiting for Ice Storm since I read the other two books in the series several years ago and it was worth the wait because Theo and Liv fit together even when they fake a relationship that turns out to be real. 

Ice Storm is a friends-to-lovers/best friends little sister with faking a relationship mixed together!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book from NetGalley. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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Loved this steamy fake dating romance!  Theo and Olivia's relationship is perfection from beginning to end.  Watching them fight their growing feelings while also trying to solve the personal problems that brought them into this fake relationship to begin with was such a treat!
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Ice Storm
By: Tracy Goodwin 


Best friends to forever?

In this sweet friendship to forever love story we are introduced to Theo and Olivia. Both are a little bit broken but have been friends for years. Her brother is his teammate so they have always stayed in the friend zone. But when the both need a buffer and she kisses him all bets are off. The author writing is flawless, and the words are so captivating, the plot had so many twists and turns and none that I was expecting, and many shockingly intimate I  have become a huge fan of this author. The author writes with so much intensity and emotion pulled from each book it’s felt page after page. Some are quick witted story lines are so perfect and lets you believe you have a front row seat. So being able to read this love story didn’t disappoint. The authors ability to have two separate individuals struggling in their everyday life and try to navigate someone else’s thoughts, needs and desires was intense and gives all the fills.

Authors Blurb: When an injured hockey legend with a PR problem and a former teen star craving an edgier public image start a fake relationship, neither expects a real challenge ignoring their fiery chemistry in this steamy friends-to-lovers romance.
Theo: They call me Thor. I’m the showman with mad skills on and off the ice until a nagging injury forces me to confront—long-term—the possibility that my career is coming to an early end. All endorsement deals hinge on my reputation, and my bad-boy persona isn’t cutting it. To keep my sponsorships, I need a major image overhaul. Enter Olivia DeLaurentis, the quintessential girl next door who’s hell-bent on shedding her good-girl charade, and what better way than to get together with a rule-breaking Avenger wannabe? So she and I strike an agreement—we pretend-date. The odds of anything real happening between us are slim, especially since we’re already friends and she’s also my best friend’s sister. One problem: She turns me on, and I learn real fast that Liv is playing by her own rules.
Olivia: I was a teenage America’s Sweetheart, but what I once thought was the opportunity of a lifetime has left me typecast as an innocent, naïve girl—and I’m sick of it. My brother’s best friend, bad-boy hockey star Theo Ture, needs some positive PR, so I offer a fake relationship. It’s not my first. The difference? This time I’m in complete control. What’s there to lose? Certainly not my heart since Theo’s already friend-zoned. Plus, the poster boy for an alpha male bold, brash, tattooed is not my type. At all. But there’s one problem: I didn’t expect the explosive chemistry between us, or the vulnerability behind his tough guy façade. Or that he has a hidden secret I’m desperate to uncover. He’s not the only one with secrets, though and as the lines of our fake relationship blur, I’m worried I’ll be the one exposed. . . .

This book has everything I love in a book. Then you add that it's beautifully written and believable. It is easily a five star read. Written in dual POV my personal favorite this story flows so incredibly well that the next thing you know your 80% into the book and loving every second of it. The believable way the characters interact is perfect. Run, Hop, Jump or use your (1 click) finger to do whatever you have to do and get this amazing book.  It'll break your heart, you'll want to scream with frustration and it'll let you discover that love just might conquer all. The chemistry is steamy and sweet and oh so romantic.

Thanks Netgally for letting me read and review.📚💕
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This is my first book by this author, and knowing that this is a stand a lone in a series makes me want to go back and read the rest of the books. 

I really enjoyed the banter of friends to lovers, which I am normally not a fan of at all, but Ms. Goodwin pulls it off in this story. I loved how strong Olivia is and how she rebuilt herself from her time in Hollywood but knows it's time to face the music, but in her own way. I felt for Theo and just wanted to hug and protect him from the world, and knee his brother where it hurts.
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