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This book is for anyone who breathes. It is simple, straight-forward and honest. Heartbreaking and healing.

Someday, someone we love will stop breathing. Quite often, when that someone is a dog, the world at large does not respect the grieving process. Or the mourner. The person who has just lost a beloved family member is told to get over it, it’s just a dog. 

This book honors both the person grieving and the one lost. 

A beautiful, important book. Definitely recommended.

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Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for providing a copy of the book.
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A fresh, moving look at grief--this story nearly had me in tears. When a young child loses his dog, Angus, he still feels Angus's presence everywhere. As the child learns to grieve and let go, he also learns that in the most important ways Angus will always be with him. This is a beautifully written story that both children and adults will enjoy.
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This picture book is perfect for kids who have lost a pet and are struggling to accept the permanence of death. The gentle illustrations and comforting story show how the child misses his dog, remembers their routines, and sometimes feels like he could turn around and find him there. The child struggles to believe that Angus is really gone and won't come back, and although this book will be too sad for kids who don't need it, it is a wonderful, reassuring choice for children who are reeling from the loss of a special family pet.
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In this story about grief, an unnamed child main character (MC) proclaims on the first page, “Angus is here. Angus is our dog.” The dog, however, is noticeably absent. The MC looks for Angus everywhere and tries to coax the dog out of hiding, while sister Molly accuses the MC of “being weird.” The MC’s parents gently remind them what death means, and suggest they take Angus’ old things to a family member with a new puppy. This sparks grief in Molly who finally drops her stoic outer shell. Together, they try to figure out a way to keep Angus from fading away.

This book takes a relatable problem (the loss of a dog) and explores quiet grief and the idea of suffering in silence. The illustrations mirror the text, presenting everything softly in muted tones with only Angus’ belongings presented in sharp green. We’re left with a sense that if those bright green objects were no longer present, much of the colour in this world would be stripped away.

Though a little long, the story keeps pulling the reader back in through heart-wrenching scenes we are never quite prepared for. Between the MC demanding for Angus to “come” and Molly suddenly appearing in tears, we are reminded that grief hits us in waves.

The characters in this story all present white, cis, straight, and able-bodied, though these characteristics are not explicitly stated.

A must-have addition to school and library shelves.

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This book perfectly describes the absence losing a pet leaves in your life. It would be a great way to teach children about grief regarding any loved one and  the importance of acknowledging it and remembering them to bring you comfort. Definitely had me crying as someone who’s gone through this recently, and I could definitely relate to the narrator when he kept expecting to see and hear Angus around the house. 

Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for allowing me to read this ARC!
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While this book deals with a difficult subject it brings up ideas like ghosts that might scare young children already dealing with loss. While the author’s ideas are lovely, the art work is more subdued matching the theme of the book.
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Thank you Annick Press for allowing me to read this book via Netgalley.

WOW! What a great book! My eyes are still wet from the tears that came down as I read this beautifully written and illustrated book! As a clinical psychologist working with kids and families, this is a book that I will use and recommend to families. It is a beautifully written story about a boy/family who loses their beloved pet. It teaches about death and grieving and done so in a way that isn't didactic. It is tender and sensitive with all the right advice I would give my patients. The illustrations are soft and so appropriate for this book. Perfect for the loss of a pet or person or any other loss a child may experience. If I could give it higher than 5 stars I would. Bravo to the author and illustrator!
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Angus is Here is a beautifully written book which helps teach children about death and grieving. In the story, a young boy deals with death, grieving, memories, and continuing on as he mourns the death of his beloved dog. Death is a difficult subject to discuss with children. This book handles it exceptionally well and would make a wonderful aide in teaching children about death and how to handle their feelings of confusion, sadness, and loss.

My thanks to Annick Press for permitting me to read an ARC of this book via NetGalley. The book is set to be published 7/11/23. All opinions expressed in this review are my own and were given freely.
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ANGUS IS HERE is a beautiful book to read. Children will learn how to talk about and work through grief. This book can guide families when a loved one passes away. The illustrations help the reader know that ANGUS IS HERE even when the main character is sad or lonely. 5 STARS, and many thanks to NetGalley & Annick Press for the early read.
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