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The World of Urban Sketching

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I can't wait until this is available for purchase! The ARC is only available as ACSM PDF or on the NetGalley Shelf, so I had to keep zooming to see the print.

But wow, what a feast of color, technique, and culture! Bower takes us on an artistic tour around the world and includes tips on style, process steps, and several examples for each artist. This is a great way to explore different styles that you might like to follow.

Thanks to NetGalley and Quarto Publishing Group – Quarry, Quarry Books for a copy for preview.

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"Sketching is powerful because its not about creating a perfect piece of art, it's about documenting an experience...In sketching, you are creating a record of your life."

A beautifully curated book that would work equally well as a reference, artistic inspiration, or a coffee table book for the non-artistically inclined who like to look at pretty art. I particularly liked the inclusion of notes from the artists on the inspirations and process, as well as tips and progress photos. Showcases a good variety of mediums and art styles alongside the varied locations, which keeps things interesting, and I appreciated the index at the end. Will definitely be checking out the Urban Sketchers online presence, and looking into their other books, which are cross-referenced throughout.

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I absolutely love this book. The World of Urban Sketching contains more than 700 images from over 150 sketchers. Very inspiring and gorgeous.

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This book provides a refreshing approach to urban sketching, which can be used as a basis for ink work, watercolor and more. I liked the interior sketch of the mall, because it opens up possibilities such as libraries and other interior architecture.

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I thoroughly enjoyed every page of this book! Filled to the brim with such incredible collections of people and their everyday art, it was inspiring, and I already have a renewed enthusiasm for taking on Urban Sketching!

You get to see the artists and their favourite pieces, their advice on technique and equipment, their insider hacks for their medium, and their sheer enjoyment for what they do. Everyone's style is so unique, and through it we get to see the places and world they come from.
And their encouragement for those starting out was so heartwarming, they share without reserve all they know and have come to learn.
Absolutely incredible, I would recommend to anyone who aspires to capture their world around them, or who simply admires the beauty and architecture of our world told through art..

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The World of Urban Sketching: Celebrating the Evolution of Drawing and Painting on Location and Around the Globe. This book is a showcase of sketchers and their art from 39 countries in a city-to-city tour around the world. It is a feast for the eyes and senses and you could spend hours just pouring over the pictures. Although there are some tips and tricks it is not a step by step book, more of an inspirational guide to wet you appetite and fire you on your own journey. Overall an excellent book suitable for all level of artist.

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The World of Urban Sketching is an excellent showcase of the works of sketchers from all over the world. Many of the artists are familiar to me and I even follow some of them on social media. I could spend hours just poring over the pages - so so much to look at and admire!

Though some tips, special subject focus and short step-by-step artist techniques are presented, this is not quite a how-to instructional book.. It will definitely come in handy when inspiration is needed or when you want to see the possibilities when rendering a certain setting. A terrific title to have if you want to level up your sketches as we can learn by examining and observing.

5 stars from me. A keeper to pull from the shelf to delight in again and again.

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