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Thank you to the author and NetGalley for this ARC. I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

I was approved for this ARC the day before it was archived (which I missed) and was not able to download in time, which means I can't access it now. I have purchased it for my Kindle, so when I eventually get to reading it and I enjoy it I will put a full review on my socials. For now I can only give it 1 star.
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Sandie has never suspected her parents of keeping secrets from her until her husband is suddenly abducted, and she learns that her mother used to belong to the Fae court. As family secrets and curses come to light, so do magical powers, and Sandie learns that she must enter a portal into the Fae realm to rescue James before it’s too late. 

I loved the idea of this work and was interested to see how the author would choose to depict the Fae realm and its many inhabitants. But it seems like the author got too excited about including tropes and creatures without taking the time to really explore any of them. The worldbuilding started off strong, with interesting details and explanations included, then it dramatically increased and never stopped. New characters and ideas were dumped on readers constantly to the point where nothing was ever explored in any kind of meaningful depth. And the worldbuilding wouldn’t be neatly incorporated, it would interrupt the narrative in the form of two+ massive paragraphs explaining the parameters of something that was tangential to the plot. 

A similar thing happened with the plot. Sandie’s husband was abducted at the very beginning of the book, which starts the whole ball rolling. But then a plethora of subplots are introduced (some related to the primary plot, most not), everything is bogged down in unnecessary details/worldbuilding, and the primary plot isn’t even mentioned until over halfway through the book. 

In all honesty, this felt like a poorly written fanfiction involving Harry Potter, Supernatural, and ACOTAR, and I can’t recommend this work. My thanks to NetGalley and BooksGoSocial for allowing me to read this work. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this review are my own.
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This book have good premise. It has a lot tropes that people love. But i think that's where the problem starts, too much tropes mixed in together. By the time i read half of the book, i wonder where is this story gonna go? Aside from the main plot, there are a lot of subplot i barely grasp. It's amazing from a paranormal fantasy book, i get Harry Potter vibes (complete with quidditch thing) and Mean Girls vibes at the same time. Not to mention tons of characters in here.
The good thing is, the story doesn't feel dragged. And this is an easy read without heart wrenching drama. So, if you want romance fantasy with fae and other things to wind up before bed, this book is for you. Maybe you're going to like it.
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I’m unfortunately unable to review this book as it won’t download and I’m unable to try again.
I love the sound of this book and I’ll definitely read in the future.
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Not able to submit feedback as item would not download to kindle or to Shelf unfortunately as it looks great and the description is enticing.
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The Blood of All Monsters has me feeling very mixed things. The story opens with Sandie, whose boyfriend is kidnapped and taken to a fantastical world she never knew existed. It is revealed that her parents know of this world and kept her apart from it for her own safety, but she decides to take a chance and travel there to save her James. To start with, I enjoy the fact that the characters are British/speak with British dialect terms, which is something that stands out in the very Americanised genre as of late. Also, the fact that Sadie is a monster but isn’t sexualised or turned into a villain is great, and the descriptions of her wings and powers are beautiful!

However, the pacing of this book is slightly strange, with the narrative arc set up in the first few pages behind essentially abandoned until more than halfway through in favour of introducing a fairy school as well as way too many characters. The world-building is established in big, descriptive paragraphs that take you away from the scene completely just to establish basic facts about the world, and then also a not-so-thinly-veiled racist metaphor of a society - a royal family fiercely against so-called half-breeds. The pacing is my main issue with the book, especially since it opens with such a dramatic inciting incident, with a clear way forward, and then simply drops all the tension created with casual living-in-a-fairy-town scenes more reminiscent of YA contemporary narratives.

Nevertheless, the romance is sweet, and I love the fact that after James’ memory was wiped he fell in love with Sandie again, and fell into old habits with her despite everything. 3 stars
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So good. I enjoyed every moment of this book. It was the perfect read for a rainy day to curl up to and get lost in. 
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Thank you to NetGalley for the E-ARC in exchange for my review. 

I really wanted to like the book - the premise was very intriguing: the main character having to save her husband and make him fall in love with her again…with fae & magic in the mix. 

But…I was unable to get even a 1/4 of the way through. The writing style for me was erratic…some other reviews said it was both overwhelming and underwhelming. I fall more towards the latter. I could not get into the story no matter how excited I was for it. The writing style was not my favorite.
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Thank you to BooksGoSocial and NetGalley for this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

In all honesty, this was both under whelming and over whelming at the same time.Too many plot holes led to jumps in the story with a very ‘fanfic’ writing style that I has grown out of reading many years ago. I didn’t find enough character development within the story and the main character honestly annoyed me with the “I’m the main character so what I say goes” attitude. I just felt there was too much going on to keep me cantered in the overall story.
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2 stars

Think of Harry Potter, ACOTAR and Supernatural coming together. That's this book. If I was asked for a word to describe this book, it'd be overwhelming.

Reading it makes me feel like I'm reading a Wattpad book. The writing style is raw, with some plotholes here and there, not a lot of character development or build-ups, an FMC with a too big main character energy, fleeting scenes with the MC going through a whiplash of emotions seamlessly, lacking descriptions and more. But what makes such stories great is their EPIC plot. Unfortunately, I didn't have the patience to deal with so many twists and turns without any context.

Thank you Netgalley and BookGoSocial for an eARC in exchange for an honest review.
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Verdict: Pass

Blood of all Monsters follows Sandie as she sets off on a mission to rescue her husband from a magical world. Throughout her quest, Sandie must grapple with who she really is and her family’s complicated past. 

I loved the premise for this book and really enjoyed that it started right in the middle of the action. It was also a fun twist to have the main characters be married already and have to fall in love again, with our leading lady the heroine. Unfortunately the pacing lags a bit after the kickoff and the book ultimately suffers from too much “telling” and not enough “showing.”
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A great story! It dark, it’s adventure packed, it’s everything I would want in a book! The cover initially drew me in, but the story kept me until the very end. It gave me ACOTAR vibes, but geared more towards a younger audience.
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I loved the use of the Fae and the other fantasy elements going on, it was what I was hoping for from the description and enjoyed everything going on with this. The romance elements was what I was hoping for and did such a good job feeling like a real romance. L.H.Rooney has a great writing style and I'm so glad I was able to read this.

"That’s a nice way of putting it.” Mazen said, sliding a pastry laden platter onto the smooth wood. “He’s a complete fuckwit. And that Menae…Lydia always called her a Menae-ce.” He snorted, as he re-called the joke between he and his best friend. I wondered how things were going on that front."
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