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The British Are Coming (Young Readers Edition)

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It took a little while to get going, but Rick Atkinson's The British are Coming provides a comprehensive overview of the first years of the American Revolution, focusing not only on the dates and locations but on the emotional stakes and near-losses that made the war anything but a sure-win. This book hits the sweet spot that makes it both accessible for young readers and intriguing for adults.
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This is a such a great informative and educational history story for young adults.   I listened to the audiobook and the narrator did an amazing job of keeping the story exciting and fun to listen to.   The writing style gives factual accounts of the American Revolution without making it too text bookish.   Such a great book!
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I love the way the history was brought out in this book.  It isn't childish but yet it is put in a way that children can understand what happen in history.   So many history things are boring to read as they are either hard core or put in such a way that you lose interest and end up zoning out.    I will purchase this book for my grandchildren to read and learn about  part of Americas history.
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