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What I liked about this book: I liked that each chapter focused on a different character. I liked that each chapter started with the time (and that it starts at the change of the Millennium,,,,, I thought that was a unique time for the story). I also liked that this is a British book. I also love a good British mystery/suspense novel. 

What I really liked: All of these women are tied to one man, and he died. And no one knows who killed him, so you slowly learn more and more information as the book unfolds. And they also learn who killed him too. 

Such a good book!
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Jamie Spellman was a despicable man who had traumatized women throughout his short life.  Now seven of these women have banded together in hopes that the authorities will finally believe them.  When they discover his severed head at their secret meeting place, they must determine who among them brought Jamie to his final justice.  It was challenging to keep all the characters and their individual back stories straight, but I found this debut thriller to be a compelling story overall.  Thanks to NetGalley, St. Martin's Press and the author for a copy to read and review.
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I thought this was such a creative take with a modern retelling. I enjoyed the cover the description and the character development. I thought the Book was propulsive, and I enjoyed reading it.
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What happened to Jamie Spellman? Seven women gather one night after an anonymous text message to meet at “the usual place” - where they find out that Jamie was murdered. 

What follows is the story of how each of the women crossed paths with Jamie at various times in their lives, and never in a good way. Was he born evil? Raised to be evil? Somewhere in between?

I always like when we get the perspective of different characters, and this book did not disappoint!

Thank you to @netgalley for providing a copy in exchange for an honest review. 

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So this was a different type of book for me. I went in blind and I honestly thought it was a horror novel by the title and the cover of the book but boy was I wrong and I'm so glad that I was wrong! It was so good! 
This is a story of seven broken women that are all linked by one man and while they are all linked one of these women is a murderer. I enjoyed all of the multiple POV however, following all of them were confusing at times. I did like how the author pieced all the pieces of the puzzle together to form the picture, that is a first for me! Great author and definitely looking forward to more works by this author! Now, the only problem I had with the book was I didn't feel like there was closure. The book was pieced together beautifully like a Christmas present just without the bow. If you are looking for an intriguing book with a different way that it's written and something twisted this should be your next read! 
Thank You Netgalley and St. Martin's Press for the opportunity to read and review this one!
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Ok, this is a tough one to rate. I found this to be very entertaining throughout. But once I finished, I was left wondering where the value was in this book. 

This is about a horrible human of a man, and seven women he wronged in different, devastating ways. Did he deserve to die for his actions? Maybe not. But it’s a book, so we’re allowed to root for any one of them to have been the one to kill him. 

There’s not really any twists or turns here. No character development, necessarily. It’s just each person’s story and then at the end you find out how it all finally ended. And I guess you get to sit with that. 

 Again, it was intriguing. The writing is well done and the audiobook is good. I just wasn’t sure about it all by the end.
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There are people who will like this novel but I found the premise predictable and the writing to be grabbing for the low hanging fruit. An Agatha Christie type whodunit with added gore and ick, there will be readers who gobble this up. Alas that isn't me. I couldn't finish it.
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Fast-paced and entertaining. A recommended purchase for collections where crime and thrillers are popular.
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Lots of different character POV's in this creepy thriller, but once I was able to keep them straight, I really got into the story.    Great revenge story!
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Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for providing an advance copy in exchange for honest feedback. An excellent thriller/mystery.
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A book with black crows on the cover? Sign me up! Yes, I am really that easily intrigued. 🤷🏻‍♀️ What happens when just the head of a deceased man is found in a hotel room? This book is told from multi-POV. You know I love multiple POV! It paints a complete picture or makes a well-rounded story for me. As the book progresses, each woman describes Jamie a bit differently (never positively), and I felt like I knew exactly who he was at his core. 

Another book that I really enjoyed! This was an ARC that I listened to and read. I enjoyed both versions and recommend either one!

This reminded me of The Last Invitation by Darby Kane. If you read that book, you'd like this book as well!
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All of them have been wronged by him in some way or another but they don’t know which one of them finally snapped and beheaded him. Seven women and all had motive to kill him but it’s up to Detective Inspector Nova Stokoe to find out the truth and the secrets they are hiding. 

I liked all the different POVs and how each women had a different story to tell and how they dealt with the trauma. No doubt about it he was an awful human being who constantly skirted the system and got away with everything it seemed so he had it coming and I don’t feel sorry for him. I feel sorry for the women who weren’t believed and the others who were manipulated and abused by someone who claims to love them. 

This book is on the shorter side and reads quickly with all the different POVs throughout telling the story of what happened. 

Thank you @minotaur_books and @netgalley for this eARC in exchange for my honest feedback.
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The beginning of the story was a little confusing but as I read on, I managed to sort out all of the characters in my head. Once I knew who was who, I became invested in the story. The unexpected twists kept coming - and I loved how the book ended. This one is definitely worth reading!
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This book admittedly took me a bit of time to get sucked into, but I ended up overall really enjoying it. Some things I liked about it were the multiple POVs, the non linear timeline, the feminist themes, the overall mystery, and the syntax and prose. I truly had no idea who committed the murder throughout the entire book, and when I got closer to the end I found myself cheering on the guilty party. Although I did enjoy the POVs, it felt like there were a few too many. I don’t think it’s entirely necessary to have at least 2 of the POVs. It was a little confusing at first, and it was only around 50% in that I stopped going “wait, who is this?” Although I did still find myself confused at certain points about whether I simply forgot part of people’s stories for the same reason. I did also feel like I wanted a little more from the ending but it did feel tied together, just a little lackluster. Definitely one I would still recommend though, and I’ll definitely check out more from this author as well.
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This was a truly unique thriller - I was sucked in from the very first chapter (my mouth actually dropped a few times)! I love a good revenge story, and this one didn't disappoint. The cast of characters was interesting and went well together. I listened to this one on audio, and the narration was fantastic.

I definitely recommend this one.

Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for this gifted copy.
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This book would have had a higher rating, but unfortunately the cast of characters was too big. I really had trouble following along and differentiating between the characters. I like the idea of women getting revenge on the man who wronged them all, but unfortunately this one fell a little flat.
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Thanks to Netgalley and St. Martins Press for providing this ARC in exchange for an honest review. 

Seven women gather in a hotel room to find the severed head of a man they all had a relationship of some kind with. It seems they all had reason to hate him and the group had planned revenge but murder wasn’t the plan and so no one is quite sure who the murderer is.

I accepted the offer from the publisher to read this and was a little nervous that I wouldn’t like it after reading some of the reviews, but I read it quickly and overall enjoyed it. I usually don’t like books with a lot of characters because I can’t keep them straight but I didn’t have that issue here due to the fact that they all had their own chapters so I learned each backstory separately. I was interested in figuring out who did it and also why they all had motive. Overall it was a good read.
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I love a good whodunnit story, and SPEAK OF THE DEVIL was a fun read, that begins with seven suspects.

I paired the book with the audio format and loved the narration!

*many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for the gifted copy for review
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It was just ok for me. I found a lot of the characters unbelievable and unlikable. Would not recommend.
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When a book begins with 7 women in a hotel room with a severed head on the floor with no knowledge of how it got there....or does someone? 
This was one wild mystery that made for quite a gripping read.
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