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Classic Supreme Court Cases

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Well-organized and well-curated selection of Supreme Court decisions. A great resource for courses that may delve into legal considerations without that being the main purpose of the class.

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Informative, easy to understand, and succinct. Everything I want in a political nonfiction book.

I will definitely be recommending this book to others

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Classic Supreme Court Cases by Corey Brettschneider is a great resource to learn more in depth about some of the most important moments in Supreme Court and U.S. history. This book makes incredibly complex cases more understandable and manageable for readers to understand. I recommended it to my students as they learned about the court system and will continue to do so in the future.

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As an AP Government and Politics teacher, this book will be so useful for my upper level students. It is straight forward and to the point, and provides enough of the holdings in the cases that students can delve into the legal arguments but also not feel overwhelmed by their breadth and depth.
The court cases here are no-brainers; nothing obscure and nothing that would make me say "oh, the author must just really like this particular case" Organized around basic constitutional law concepts, the book can be used as a case study or analysis of larger issues.

Furthermore, there isn't a lot of commentary here, which I am grateful for. There is always interpretation in the law, and I respect the decision to let the law stand on its own merits, rather than being viewed through someone else's lens. Brevity, in this case, is more.

My only suggestion is it would be nice to really see the dissenting views, even if just a couple paragraphs. I think those are often overlooked documents (akin to the Anti-Federalists papers) that can still provide some useful insights. Perhaps a second volume?

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