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Beyond Disruption

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This book explans the concept of nondisruptive creation in a clear and comprehensive way. Supported by facts and business stories, the book provides an outstanding guide on how companies can be successfully creative without  provoking opposition from anyone.
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I got a digital galley copy of this book and here is my review:

What I really liked about the book: 

- Just like their previous books, this is an easy book to read, with stories and case studies and simple but profound models. 
- The book is a logical extension to their previous work around Blue ocean strategy. 
- The book shines a spotlight on a very important and crucial fact that we need to think more about, which is about non-disruptive innovation, which like Antifragility, helps societies and businesses get better because of the innovation instead of leaving a trail of disruption and destruction in their wake. By doing this, and because of who they are, I am sure that they will have started a ripple effect that will reverberate across the world and we start seeing established businesses and startups looking to deploy the alternate way that they recommend to grow their businesses. 

What could have been better: 
- I think that their preamble in the early chapters could have been shorter and more crisper. I think they tried too hard to set up the importance and relevance of the concept of non-disruptive innovation, which they need not have taken so much time and space for.
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Disruption via innovation and growth - the how to book for companies to grow and succeed. I find "Blue Ocean Strategy" book extremely useful and the same authors suggest a new research about the field of innovation. You may find the difference between disruptive and non-disruptive innovation, ideas on using creativity for growth. There some good ideas and pathways revealed as well as growth innovation model presented.
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