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This Art Is for the Birds

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Pigeon, museum and art. An interesting collaboration. The pictures are really cute, and I like the idea that art is for everyone , including 🐦🐦 birds 💙
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A hoarding kind of pigeon makes something that other pigeons think would improve on human modern art, and so they smuggle it into the local museum.  The end.  Yes, that's the limit of this – and the way the pigeons both narrate the story and interrupt the flow on every page with their irrelevant speech bubbles was actually quite annoying.  Not dreadful, but nowhere near an essential purchase – two and a half stars.
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This was a fun, light hearted, and cute little story. It’s about a pigeon who makes hanging sculptures in the trees and his friends who work to get the sculptures on display at a museum. 

This definitely put a smile on my face - it’s charming with light humor. The pigeons wear jewelry that their friend made and they watch as their friend makes mobiles of odd things hanging from tree branches. 

There are also a few helpful questions at the end to encourage reflection for young readers. I was glad to see this because there are some nice lessons here but I think the questions are helpful to focus the story.
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I want to buy this book for every elementary school art teacher because it shares an important message to young beginning artists. This is an adorable story that brings together a group of friends that while art is not their thing, they are extremely supportive of their artist friend. Such a great book that shows it is ok to like different things than your friends, and you can still be great friends. And that supporting each other, even in our different hobbies is easy to do.
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This is a delightful book, not only does it celebrate art and pigeons, but also being quirky and standing out from your friends

We should all strive for a group of friends as supportive as these birds! 

Some lovely humour here, and explanations of art terms cleverly snuck in

Highly recommended 

I received an advance copy for free from NetGalley, on the expectation that I would provide an honest review.
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I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are my own.

I'll start by saying I laughed out loud to the pigeons little conversations. Eddy (my name for the food lover) may be my soul mate.

This Art is for the Birds is an adorable book about a bird so inspired by visiting the art museum it made its own. Its friends, being awesome supporters, decide to bring the art to the museum. 

I too love pigeons and art so this book is right up my alley
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A unique, whimsical book about pigeons with personality. 

Kudos for originality. Kudos for great illustrations with a pleasing color pallete. 

The plot: one enterprising pigeon collects stuff, creating his own modern art. His pigeon friends think his work is museum-worthy. Unable to gain entry to the museum to showcase their friend's creation, the pigeons come up with an alternative plan. And it works. Cute.
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This charming, beautifully illustrated book with flowing watercolours tells the story of Alex, a pigeon artist and his friends, who help him install his art in a museum. In just a few short pages, the author managed to give distinct personalities to each character and allowed a story about the support of friendship to flourish. 

A lovely debut from author-illustrator Susan Bednarski! 

Thank you to NetGalley and Kind World Publishing for the ARC.
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This was a cute book about a pigeon that likes to create art, and his friends who help him move his art to a museum. The illustrations are great.
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This Art Is for the Birds by Susan Bednarski is a delightful and charming picture book that celebrates the joy of art and the power of persistence. The story follows Alex the Crow, an artist whose work his pigeon friends believe belongs in a museum. With the help of his feathered friends, Alex sets out to make his dream a reality, and their creative problem-solving skills and unwavering belief that anything is possible to make for a heartwarming and inspiring read.

One of the standout features of This Art Is for the Birds is Bednarski's gorgeous traditional watercolor illustrations. Each page is filled with vibrant colors and intricate details that bring the story to life, and readers will delight in spotting famous artworks and landmarks as the pigeons pursue their bird-brained schemes to share Alex's art with the world.

But what really sets this picture book apart is its message about the power of persistence and the importance of believing in oneself. Through the innocent enthusiasm of the characters, Bednarski shows readers that with hard work and determination, anything is possible. This makes the book not only a great story time read aloud but also a useful tool for teaching a growth mindset in a classroom or library setting.

Overall, This Art Is for the Birds is a charming and uplifting picture book that is sure to delight both children and adults alike. Bednarski's debut as an author-illustrator is an impressive one, and I can't wait to see what she comes up with next. Highly recommended for anyone who loves art, birds, or stories about following your dreams.
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Cute and funny book. The drawings of the book really helped this book be a fun read. I loved the message of encouraging and supporting your friends.

Thank you, Netgalley and Kind World Publishing, for the ARC. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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What a wonderfully delightful silly sweet book! This bird making art shows depicts how an artist can come from anywhere and that it’s always important to have friends who are supportive of you.
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Alex creates mobile sculptures from found art. They're beautiful and fascinating, and should really be hanging in a museum. The fact that Alex is a bird shouldn't keep his works from being displayed . . . should it?

This is a fun tale of one bird's burning desire to create, and how his friends help his creations to be appreciated by all. With lovely watercolors by the author.

I only wish there had be a paragraph or two about Alexander Calder, who I assume was the inspiration for Alex, and maybe a brief lesson in creating your own mobile.
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Susan Bednarski’s This Art Is for the Birds is a lovely, funny, and unique picture book about determination, innovation, and the power of friendship. The birds are an absolute hoot and the watercolour art is wonderful!

Alex the Crow is a talented artist who loves going to art museums and creating interesting art. He constantly gives artsy gifts to his four pigeon friends who all adore him and his presents. One day, they decide that Alex’s work belongs in a museum. With courage, perseverance, and a lot of creativity, these pigeon friends set out to help Alex achieve his dream!

This is such a unique and charming book! Bednarski’s writing is simple, easy-to-read, and so funny. The book is filled with short sentences and dialogue that are approachable and kid-friendly. I also appreciate that the book gently encourages perseverance, individuality, creativity, friendship, and supporting the arts. Both adults and kids can definitely learn from these morals and values. Although this book is fairly short, I admire how Bednarski still manages to effectively represent so many things without being preachy or pushy.

These smart and funny pigeons are an absolute riot! I would read an entire series about their adventures! The interesting friendship between the four pigeons and a very different crow is sweet and nicely written. I love the pigeons’ devotion to Alex. But, I do wish that the pigeons had names because I did get tired of calling them ‘the pigeons’. However, I really enjoyed the end of the book where the author encourages us to reflect on the story and think about things like what we would name the pigeons and what inspires us. This is a great way to encourage active readers. I also love that Bednarski briefly tells us what inspired her to write the book and her creative process which can really appeal to the creative spirit in readers.

I love the beautiful and soft full-colour watercolour illustrations! The lovely art really makes this book memorable for me. The four pigeons are fluffy, distinct, and colourful with great and funny facial expressions. I can definitely relate to the pigeon who is always looking for food! I particularly love when they wear their cute gifts from Alex: the bottle cap hat and button necklace are adorable! Art lovers will also have a fun time finding the famous art Easter eggs in the pages.

🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊️ out of 5 birds!
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Susan Bednarski's book This Art Is For The Birds Is an adorable story about a group of pigeon friends trying to support one of their friends, Alex the bird. I loved this story so much. The art was cute, and the way the pigeons supported Alex even when they didn't understand what Alex was doing was very heartwarming to me. I reviewed it on goodreads but am unable to link it, for some reason.
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Thank you to NetGalley and Kind World Publishing for the e-ARC to read and review. I love pigeons, and art museums, so the two themes combined was definitely a treat. It's also quintessential "city" for pigeons to be part of the artistic landscape. :) I thought the story was fun - I didn't really like the thought bubble style dialogue between the pigeons as it felt a little bit distracting from what I was reading in the narrator-style text, but I read with a 9-year-old who loves any time a story feels more like a comic book or interactive conversation like that.
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This book was super cute! There was a good mix of humor for adults and humor for kids. The overall morals were there, and the art was well done. There were also some cute easter eggs for art lovers (like Brancusi's The Bird). I enjoyed this book, but more importantly, so did my niece.
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This Art Is for the Birds, by Susan Bednarski, is a sweet picture books that families will enjoy reading together. The pigeons support their creative artist friend and help put his art in the museum.  Each page moves the story along and the birds are given little speech bubbles that are cute and funny.  Very enjoyable!
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Alex the Crow is not your ordinary feathered friend. For one thing, he hangs out with pigeons. For another, he's an artist. Finding ways to turn ordinary things into extraordinary art, Alex longs to have his work displayed in an art museum.

Alex's pigeon friends narrate this story, telling the reader all about their friend. They are matter-of-fact in describing what makes Alex different from themselves. Alex's feathered friends model encouragement and a genuine acceptance of his quirks. They feel very strongly that Alex's art belongs in the art museum and they intend to help him get it there. How they accomplish this task will delight children of all ages. I loved the birds' dialogue shown through speech bubbles throughout the book.

I love that the author offered some discussion questions at the end for reflection. She also explained her creative process in writing the book. One fun part of the book is that the front and endpapers have small pictures that are scenes from the book. Children will have fun hunting down where each image came from inside the story. And just to make it interesting, one of the images has been reversed. 

I think it would be interesting for young readers to follow this example and write a story about themselves narrated by their friends and family. Thinking about what others might share about what makes them unique. They could even choose the type of animal that would represent them. Sometimes stepping outside the human world, we can examine and process a message more easily. I think this book has a beautiful message that we all have worth and it's our uniqueness that brings a necessary beauty and variety to the world. I highly recommend this book for any home or school classroom.

Disclaimer: I received a free digital copy of This Art is for the Birds from NetGalley for the purpose of review. No other compensation was received.
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"This Art is for the Birds" is a cute little story for very little ones about birds who want to get their friend's art on display in museum, so they "hatch" a clever plan! The story itself is very simplistic and punny, and the character asides are chuckle-inducing. The illustrations are what make this title, though--what a great way to get kids acquainted with art! There are little easter eggs in the form of various art objects scattered throughout, and I can imagine kids who love this book would get exciting seeing the real works in person! Love that Alex made a little Calder-esque mobile! Could definitely see this ending up in a lot of family spaces in museums.
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