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I accessed a digital review copy of this book from the publisher.
This book includes everything a person needs to know to create and read natal astrology charts. It breaks down everything the reader needs to know about each phase and how to put everything together.
While I found the book to be dense, it was very informative. If you are interested in the topic, it is not too much information. 
This is a good book for anyone who is interested in astrology.
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This was really fun to look through and easy to understand. I enjoyed the layout and the information was presented neatly while also being thorough. I definitely would recommend this to those who want to learn more about astrology.
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I'm a super beginner when it comes to astrology and feel quite overwhelmed with some books and all the info they try to cram into you, so reading this very concise book was really nice!! It's written in an easy to understand way, I'm definitely ordering thus for my store, and I think for myself too, a hard copy would be so handy!

Also, an example chart she used was Ursula K Le Guin?! Extra bonus points!
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Decoding the Stars is an in-depth guide to discovering what makes Even though the book isn't as lengthy as some on the subject of astrology, Allison Scott packs a lot of information into 240 pages.

The reading is quick, especially because Scott has a conversational tone to her writing, so the reading is more like having a conversation with a knowledgable friend. However, the self-reflection isn't as quick or as easy, and in all honesty, it shouldn't be, which is one aspect of Decoding the Stars I especially liked. I've read plenty of astrology books that tell you how to interpret a birth chart, but not so many that have encouraged true self-reflection or given the option to work with what resonates and then leave other aspects alone. 

Many of the books I've read have given an "all or nothing" presentation to the zodiac and the aspects of each sign--meaning, either accept everything about a sign even if it doesn't truly fit you as an individual or continue to feel as though something is missing. Scott doesn't offer a hardline black and white view but rather shades of gray. For example, as someone who has a Sagittarius Sun Sign, Capricorn Moon Sign, and Aquarius Rising Sign, I haven't always felt 100% in line with everything surrounding my Sun Sign. Thanks to Decoding the Stars, I now have a better understanding of why I've felt this way as well as a better understanding of not only who I am as an individual but why I'm drawn to some of the interests and hobbies I've had. 

Overall, Allison Scott has produced a solid and unique book for anyone interested in astrology, especially from a personal point of view. The charts are detailed and make for easy reference. The illustrations compliment the writing. Decoding the Stars is a great addition to the growing field of astrology books available today.
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Recently I've become quite interested in Astrology but have been confused by how to work out my full astrological chart. 

This book made it all so easy! It was well written, comprehensive and it made the process so much smoother. Someone who knew nothing about astrology can rely on this book to provide them with the basics and to create their full chart. 

Thank you again for the opportunity to read and review this great book ahead of the publication on 3rd of January 2023!
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This book is great! As an astrologist, I find this book to be more comprehensive than some famous modern astrology books that only talk about Sun, Moon and Rising! This book focuses not only your sign but its rulers as well as on your 2nd, 6th and 10th houses. This book is practical and easy to understand so if you're a beginner, I'll absolutely recommend this
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As always, I want to say I was given access to a copy of this book to review on netgalley by Quatro Publishing Group – Wellfleet Press. My reviews are always a 100% honest and contain my own opinions. #NetGalley #BookReview #DecodingTheStars #AllisonScott #WellFleetPress #QuatroPublishingGroup
I am definitely one of those who loves astrology. I am not so attached to the ideals that I would burn bridges or stop friendships but I do love to consider how the stars may affect certain aspects of our life just as the ancient civilisations did. Decoding the Stars is a gem of a book that not only looks visually stunning with gorgeous illustrations throughout but offers an easily accessible stepping stone into the vast hobby and study of the stars.
Laid out in four easy parts each containing detailed chapters it is the perfect source book to keep close by when wanting to learn a little more. Even as someone who is interested in the topic and has done some research into it I found this book useful and learned a few new things. It’s definitely one I would recommend not only to a beginner but even someone seasoned with astrology. I will definitely be getting a physical copy because not only is the information worth it, well presented and researched it looks stunning as well and will look perfect on your shelf.
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was an instering book to read and had alot of good information 
5 star book and i think ill be planning on rereading this book
not sure if i know someone that would read this but im sure i can figure that out
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This book has me down to a tee ♓ It goes step by step decoding your birth chart - which you can discover with free online calculators. Can you also get all this exact info on that free site? Yes, you can.. but this book is so pretty ✨ I found it easy to follow and I love, love the black and gold.
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Great Book

Allison Scott discusses astrology in regard to our birth chart stating that before we jump right into decoding our birth chart, we first need to familiarize ourself with the language and symbols of astrology. I'm not all that keen on astrology, but I do agrre with the author that astrology is a bit complex, and for that reason she focuses on a few essential elements that will help us to unpack our life’s purpose.

The author explains four important aspects of one’s birth chart. They are:
1. What a birth charts and how to pull it
2. What the planets, luminaries, and points mean in astrology and how to identify them in our chart
3. The meanings of the houses in astrology, and
4. The signs of the zodiac in our chart.

The author provides a sample birth chart, and explains that it is broken up into twelve segments called houses. She states that each house signifies several topics of life, and each house contains the whole 30 degrees of a single zodiacal sign. She decodes the sample birth chart and states that in order for one to make use of this book, a copy of their birth chart need to be acquired first. This can be gotten from various websites that allow you to download your birth chart for free. She provides suggestions on her favorite website, and some sample worksheets to use in decoding your personal birth chart.

This is, by far, the easiest book I've read when it comes to dealing with your birth chart on all aspects. With the sample worksheet, I feel anyone can easily map their life.

Many thanks to the author. Love it.
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I really liked this book. It explains the concepts of astrology in easy-to-understand terms. This book can be helpful for beginners and intermediate students of astrology.
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*I received this e-book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

I need to get a print copy of this book ASAP. I have dabbled in astrology for decades since I was a kid, and this is the first that I have seen such a complete and accurate working manual. Even the suggested site where we can obtain our natal charts is great and well-detailed given that it was free. The self-reflection/notes portion of the book makes it easy to keep track of the information, and helps the reader to understand how everything fits. I tested not just my natal chart but that of others I know and the information was just as accurate for them as it was for me! If you are beginner, or even someone well versed in astrology, this book will be of great value to you. And I do highly recommend it for anyone who still gets confused with interpreting natal charts. I just wish the ARC was in a kindle format to make it easier to highlight notes as I read through it.
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I'm definitely not an astrology pro by any means, but I felt that the way this book was organized made an already complicated system more confusing. There were definitely some interesting insights throughout, but I found myself struggling to follow based on the order content was introduced.
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I’m about halfway through this book and really enjoying it! As a beginner astrology enthusiast, I appreciate the way this book guides you through what all the different components of your birth chart means. I also love that the author provided a free resource for generating my birth chart, as it made interacting with the book much easier. Can’t wait to finish the rest of it. Highly recommend to anyone looking to better understand their birth chart and how it influences personality!
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Decoding the stars: A Modern Astrology Guide to Discover your life's purpose
By Allison Scott

Thanks for netgalley for giving me a copy for a honest review.

🌙 ♊What's it about: 

Find harmony between your self and the cosmos. In Decoding the Stars, examine the details of your birth chart and discover your soul’s true purpose through astrology.

With this book, you will awaken self-knowledge and awareness of your larger spiritual planetary influences. The more self-aware you become, the greater your possibility of finding inner peace and happiness. With a walk through your birth chart, reflective questions, and writing prompts

My thoughts:
This book was really interesting, and very easy for a beginners to understand. 

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
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I have read a lot of books on this topic so this is a topic I know fairly well.
This book was really interesting, and laid out all the information in a super user-friendly way. 
The colour palette was really aesthetically pleasing, and made the book feel 'grand'

There wasn't anything new in here that I wasn't already aware of, but think this is a good book for beginners. It's a good layout for reference and dipping in and out of.
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A comprehensive guide to using and interpreting your birth chart.

I struggle hugely with understanding Astrology and my chart, I have done courses and watched endless YouTube videos.

I found this book not only easy to understand but simple to follow, it's broken down into basics and the different aspects and planets.

It's a book that will stay on my shelf and be used as a reference book, it's that helpful.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publishers for the chance to read this book.
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You will be surprised. And fall in love with the pages!

Thank you, Quarto Publishing Group-Wellfleet Press, for the advance reading copy.

I love the presentation so much! The information given on each star sign is amazing. And you will learn more about your sign!

The black and the golden world vibes. I am here for it.
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Wonderfully detailed insight into birth charts and their meanings. I've struggled with finding a source of uncomplicated material to explain what it all means. I've been interested in astrology for ages but constantly boggled with interpretation. 
This book lays it out in simple stages, easy to understand explanations at every step, and lays out space for you to write down what you know. I have a better scope of my own chart and again baffled by accuracy! Noone can tell me astrology isn't real! I really enjoyed the calibration section although most rang true already!
The only downfall is the lack of explanation around 'no house placememt' whilst there's inklings around the rising sign (I have no house here) and around houses of substance (I have none and no MH) which leads me to guess there's a reason but no evidence if that here.
I thoroughly enjoyed working through this book and hope to see following extensions for other houses in the future, will likely be recommending this every time the topic comes up!
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