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2.5 ⭐️ 

This was a rough one to get through at times.

The MC, Gigi, owns a romance book store and is obsessed with romance and HEAs. She goes on a bus tour of England, gifted to her by friends, and discovers that an audiobook narrator she loves is the tour guide. 

I listen to audiobooks, I get it, some people are really good at it. But this particular narrator (Zane) has only narrated one book and the reason she’s obsessed with it is because it’s the book that brought her parents together. 

Her parents passed away a few years before this so she re-listens to that book constantly and she dreams about Zane saying the words in the book to her. 

Joining the bus tour, she realises that Zane isn’t there, he’s had a family emergency and will be joining late. 

The group is then with another tour director, Angus, and the driver, Taj. 

Gigi develops a report with Taj, but once Zane joins the group, a few days in, she goes full in with Zane. 

Only to realize that Zane is boring. 

Sparks flicker (again) with Taj, but before they can do anything other than kiss, Zane tells Taj that Gigi came on the tour to see him (Zane). 

Zane’s family owns the tour company so he fires Taj and Gigi realizes she’s screwed up. 

She gets off the bus and finds her own way back to London, where she does eventually find Taj. 

Gigi eventually has to return home and she wonders if she’ll be able to keep seeing Taj. But alas, Taj shows up at her book store! Love has saved the day. 

That’s a really abridged overview, there’s some really interesting side characters (a man who has early onset dementia so he keeps a voice recorder on him to record moments form the trip, a makeup/true crime YouTuber, etc) and they may keep you reading if Gigi causes you to roll your eyes one too many times.
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This was a fun and romantic read featuring an eclectic cast of characters who all brought something different to the story. I loved the concept of taking a bus tour in a foreign country to find love and the author did a great job of using the different locations to help advance the story. I’ll definitely pick up this author’s work in the future.
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Thank you Chantel Guertin, Penguin Random House Canada and NetGalley for the eArc!   This book is the perfect summer romance pick!  It has international travel, changed plans, sticky situations, humour, romance and lots of books!  Gigi follows her heart, with the support of her friends, and learns a lot about herself along the way.  Pack your travel bag and bring this book with you on your next adventure!  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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I was really looking forward to this one. Unfortunately, I was unable to read it due to format incompatibility.
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3.5 stars. Gigi, the main protagonist, owns a bookstore in Ann Arbor, MIichigan. She came about owning the store after her parents were tragically killed and she took it over. She is thirty years old and is coming off a breakup of a long term relationship. Her friends band together and send her off on bus tour in England. Gigi has been fantasizing about this tour ever since she listened to the audiobook narration of the book that started her parent’s romance. The narrator has a voice that has comforted and sustained Gigi through lots of heartache. Upon researching the narrator, she discovers that his family runs a bus tour company in England, and he leads the tours.   

This is a great summer read! If you like armchair travelling, and an inside view of what a group tour would be like with various personalities., With some self-discovery and romance sprinkled in, this book was very enjoyable. 

Thank you to Penguin Random House Canada and Netgalley for the electronic ARC in exchange for my honest review.
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Thank you for the advance reading copy.  I read along with others in our Nextdoor Book Nook Book Club.  I loved that the main character owned a book store and did not like to take chances.  Then her friends gifted her a chance to take a bus tour hoping she would find love.  Along the way, Gigi needs to learn to trust in others, open her mind and her heart.  Love isn't always where or how you expect to find it but if you don't close the door, you just might find it.  Great story!  And, bonus, a Canadian author!
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*4.5 stars*

A perfect summer read….

Who wouldn’t want to hit the road in a quest for true love? Gigi was going to do just that with the help of her best friends (wow, are they ever!) and a sweet memory that reminds her of beloved parents now gone. Their story became her story – or she wanted it to – and so it began…

The trip of a lifetime had so many bumps – funny, quirky, cranky – that I couldn’t help but fall right into her quest. And embrace it as my own. Were the twists predictable? Not always, and even for those that were, they were well written and felt just right. Gigi’s fellow travelers were so much fun. Eclectic and full of life, they each had their own story to tell and the telling melded to make an unforgettable tale…

Did love win out? It did and in the best possible way…
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Two for the Road was an average woman's fiction novel. The premise of the book was interesting but the execution could have been better. I kept waiting for something to happen or grab my attention but it never happened.
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One of the best parts of this book for me was the cast of characters on the bus tour. The author did a great job of giving each character their own background story, and it was interesting to see how they all fit into the collective group as a whole. 

I’m also a sucker for a good enemies to lovers trope. Not sure if that would even be the right term for the trope in this book, but whatever it was, I was into it! I was very invested in Gigi and Taj’s story, and loved watching it unfold during the 10 day bus tour. 

I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to read a good closed door, kind of a slow burn romance. Also, this book is great for anyone who wants to escape to England through the pages of a book!
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This one was quite cheesy and predictable, but fun all the same. The romance bookstore setting was quite fun but nothing original out of a hallmark movie. I will certainly recommend this for my senior’s book clubs this season.
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This is a light and easy to read romance with a happy ending! I can see the appeal of the setting (an organised bus tour of the U.K.) but as I’m from the U.K. it didn’t quite have the same impact for me. I absolutely loved the host of other characters that the main character was travelling and it’s always good when one of your favourite books is mentioned in the book you’re reading!
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Book was enjoyable and easy to read. 
Gigi is a romantic at heart who owns a bookstore and whose parents have the type of meet cute people dream of, including Gigi. A trip across the pond, her own meet cute and the slowest of slow burns. 
Side characters were great. Gigi was not my favourite FMC of all times. Found her a bit mean and unappreciative of things. 
All in all, a good read
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I enjoyed Two for the Road so much! It is a perfect summer vacation read. Through the novel we travel by bus to the countryside and shores of England enjoying tourist stops along the way. But it's so much more than that, it gave me all the feels, I even lol'd. 
Gigi's friends send her on the trip so she can follow her destiny, to meet Zane the narrator of an audiobook that's very close to her heart. But, it doesn't go exactly to plan. 
Do we really have a preplanned destiny? Or is our destiny what we make it? Travel along with Gigi on this ride full of fun, romance, sightseeing, and mishaps. 
Excellent for fans of Sophie Kinsella, or Clare Pooley's Iona Iverson's Rules for Commuting. 
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There were so many pieces of this book that I loved. The MC owning a bookstore and all the book related references were so much fun. I loved the sibling relationship and how Gigi and her brother were able to grow and move forward from their tragedy. I love the idea of the English bus tour and now desire to take the route mentioned. The side characters that Gigi shares the bus trip with made it even more memorable and special. Such a fun quirky bunch. The writing was fun and made for a quick read. A very book that can easily be binged.
Now I loved Gigi for the most part, but good golly, the way that girl chased were 'celebrity crush' to the extent that she did was a little annoying and unrealistic. To believe that someone is your soulmate based on a weird coincidence was just too far fetched for me, especially for a rom-com where everything else felt more realistic. It seems like a big thing, because it's the whole entire premise of the book. Many of the good things I mentioned though helped to level out and compensate. All in all I enjoyed it, but I do wish the girly crush stuff had been toned down a bit. I would pick up more of Chantel's books and check them out though.

Thank you to Penguin Random House for the eArc. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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If you can't afford to go to Europe on your summer vacation (like me) then give this book a read instead. This was a fun, flirty, summer romance that sweeps you off to Europe. Highly recommend.
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Thank you to Netgalley for providing an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

If you read closed door romance, this is definitely one you should think of picking up. Two for the Road follows Gigi who owns a bookstore and is looking for her own happily ever after. When she listens to an audiobook, she falls in love with the voice on the other end of her headphones and starts her journey to find him.

This book has no spice (so don't expect any) but it is hecking cute and it takes place all over England which I love! England is a bucket list destination for me, so whenever I read about it I get really jazzed. Also, the side characters in this book were very entertaining and it was just a fun, light, read. I think this book is called something different in the US? Not entirely sure, but you should still check it out either way!
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I am not sure if it was because this read was so thematic for my time in London, but I loved this book! A great travel rom-com with a single, bookshop owner trying to find the HEA that mimics her parents own meet-cute. Her obsession is a bit irritating, but just ignore it. 
Look, we figure this out rather quickly. We know how it’s going to end. But I loved it anyways. 
This book was sweet, not spicy, but it didn’t matter. 
The highlight of this book for me were the side characters. They had such great stories and personalities, and I loved them all! (These characters alone are worth the read.) 
A quick read, and perfect for any vacation or road trip (especially an adventure to the UK 😊)
Thank you to NetGalley and Penguin Random for the ARC copy in exchange for my review. 
This book is out now and available for purchase.
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The sweetest romance that was perfect for welcoming the summer months. No spice, but it was just so sweet 🩷 and so real: the “perfect” love interest isn’t perfect, there’s rose coloured glasses, and the characters grow along the way. I loved every second of it and of getting to join GiGi on all the dreamy touristy adventures!!
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I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a light, meaningful, and breezy read that sweeps you away to Europe!
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I loved how cute Two for the Road was! This book was a light read, which is perfect for the beginning of summer. I really enjoyed how witty the writing was and how relatable the characters felt. I'm excited to read more by Chantel Guertin!
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