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Girl Juice is a perfectly fun graphic novel. Outstandingly colorful pages, silly characters and goofy antics combine to make a wonderful story.
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Girl Juice is a fun collection of twenty-something girls' stories as they live together and share the experience of growing up. From sex and relationship to job hunts the book basically covers it all

Quite fun and entertaining, not the style of drawing I am usually drawn to but still I enjoyed it very muc!
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Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the advance copy in exchange for an honest review.

Girl Juice is a very silly and raunchy slice-of-life comedy following the lives of four twenty-something-year-old roommates. Bunny - a ditzy sex-loving Christian - is clearly the main focus of the girls (along with her beloved dog, Britney), although Nana (artist and aspiring clown), part-time streamer Tula, and responsible Sadie (who is dating Tula) get their moments to shine as well.

Generally the gags are contained to a page of panels, though there are several mini-arcs of stories that will progress over several pages as well (the girls go on a camping trip, Bunny's horrible mother comes to visit, etc.). There are also some running gags that also help establish the characters and some sort of continuity. 

The art is cute and colorful and definitely a huge part of the book's appeal in addition to the fun and vibrant characters and their strange, dysfunctional roomie/kind-of-sort-of-friend situation. 

Overall, I enjoyed Benji Nate's work  - I would recommend it if you like comedic slice-of-life graphic novels.
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3.5 Girl Juice is fun lil snippets of four twenty-something girls (bunny, nana, sadie, and tula) living together and being bonkers. A lot of the shenanigans surround sex and relationships thanks to Miss Bunny being a hypersexual faithful christian who loves boys and has no boundaries, but theres also camping, job hunts, seances, and other such girly things to look forward to. 

The girls are wonderfully characterized across the comics each with their own distinct personalities and the art style was expressive and fun, I especially loved seeing all the outfits (particularly nanas clown chic lmao). 

Thanks to NetGalley for the arc!
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Didnt vibe with the artstyle or story of this one. Everything felt really choppy so i couldn’t get invested.
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Thanks to NetGalley for an ARC! (character spoilers below)

I loved this!! The art style is SO cute and fun and the colors are fantastic. Each of the four girls has a distinct personality and unique relationships with each other. Bunny a self absorbed slut from a religious background who is also still religious but living her best life. I love her and relate to her. Nana is an artist who is obsessed with the clown aesthetic. A little less relatable for me, but I still love her. Tula is a queer youtuber and I love her and that's relatable. Sadie is a queer punk with minor mom vibes and pink hair--relatable and I love her. Britney is a dog. Not super relatable but I love her.

 Not only was the art wonderful, it was very funny and relatable. I want to buy a copy for my old roommate because, even though we weren't as cool as the girl juice gals, it's still a good vibe. I wish my life was more like girl juice. 

Halfway through reading this I followed the author on instagram because obviously I want to see more stuff from her and tell my friends all about it so this is 100% 5 stars from me!
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